The Leaf Razor

Wet Shaving Meets Cartridge Shaving


I remember the first time I shaved my head. The year was 1996 and I had hair down to my waist all one length. At that time I thought that a hair cut was one of the worst decisions you could ever make. I put a lot of time into growing my hair long and had a lot of pride in my lifestyle that I lived at that time. Even though I had a lot of pride with my long hair in the back of my mind I was getting tired of all of the work it took everyday to get ready. I finally decided enough was enough but didn’t want a short hair style that I had to put a lot of work into as well. I always admired the Bald lifestyle. For one, no more bad hair days and that really appealed to me. I wasn’t worried about looking different because I already had long hair and was use to looking different in some aspects.

I think individuality is the spice of life. Being an individual helps spark creativity and understanding with constructive criticism. There are many ways to practice individuality and you don’t have to look different to be marked as an individual just follow your own path and be a leader not a follower. Creating something new from something not so new is ingenuity at its best. Creating a concept and adding that ingenuity to create a new product or service takes a lot of imagination and good old fashioned hard work and don’t forget about the positive attitude that goes along with that as well. That’s exactly what happened here when the Leaf Razor was created. The Leaf Razor is a project that started and is still on Kickstarter and ready for pre-order. The Leaf Razor project is the baby of two engineers that believe in a good shave and getting a good shave with a great razor. They decided to take the art of wet shaving along with cartridge shaving combine them together into a new concept, and along with this new concept of shaving you also need a new breed of razor and that’s when the Leaf Razor was born. I had the chance of trying this razor for myself and I’m pretty impressed with it and you would be as well if you tried it for your self.

A new breed of razor for a new way of shaving!



I received in the mail a package containing one Leaf Razor and a package of 5 Leaf branded DE blades. The Leaf Razor is a new breed merging the safety and cartridge razor into one. At first glance the Leaf Razor does resemble a cartridge razor but after closer look you will see that it is very different. The Leaf Razor doesn’t even come close to resembling a safety razor but uses single edge razor blades. The body of the Leaf Razor follows the same basic design as a cartridge razor does with a long handle that widens more at the top of the razor housing. When picking it up for the first time you will notice right away how light it is. The body is made out of a strong and lightweight metal. The handle is contoured with striations located on the bottom to help maintain your grip during shaving especially as it gets saturated with water. A bluish tactile leaf accent is located on the bottom front of the handle that compliments the razor perfectly.

The head of the razor is were all of the magic happens. Unlike cartridge razors the Leaf Razor gives you the option of using 1-3 blades for shaving. You determine how many blades you want and load the blades into the head of the razor yourself. The Leaf Razor doesn’t just use any blades. It uses single edge razor blades or you can always use your favorite double edge razor blades by break them in half to get the single edge razor blade. This option is exciting to me. I can choose my favorite double edge razor blade to use in the Leaf Razor. A package of five DE blades could load your Leaf Razor multiple times depending on how many blades you use for shaving. How many blades at one time will you use? How aggressive of a shave do you want? How often will you shave? These are all questions you may ask yourself when using the Leaf Razor and they can addresses some of these questions on their website. Loading the head of the razor with one blade at the top of the razor head is the less aggressive shave. The more blades you load the more aggressive of shave you will get. If you have very fine and soft hair than a less aggressive shave may be what you want. If your hair is very coarse or curly then the more aggressive setting may be right up your alley.

Lets talk about the difference between cutting and pulling hair. With a cartridge razor you have 1-5 blades on the head of the razor with one blade guard located at the bottom of the head. This blade guard usually has some kind of a moisturizing agent like Aloe Vera. With only one blade guard at the bottom of the razor head there’s not much protection for your skin against the razor blades themselves. These blades have equal pressure against your skin during shaving causing the razor to pull and tug your hair out instead of cutting it off at the skin level. Tugging or pulling your hair out of your skin can lead to ingrown hair and razor bumps. The Leaf Razor uses a Tapered Exposure System simply meaning tapering of the blades aggressiveness and this is what really sets the Leaf Razor apart from other razors and into the category of hibred razor. With the Leaf Razor each blade has its own blade guard that tapers the blade off to your desired aggressiveness. Position one which is the blade located at the bottom of the razor head is the most aggressive with more of the blade against your skin. Position two is less aggressive with a blade guard that allows less blade exposure on the skin and position three located at the top of the head has a blade guard allowing very little blade exposure.

Three blade settings with their own blade guards means less pressure while cutting the hair off at skin level instead of tugging and pulling the hair out like cartridge razors. Loading the head of the Leaf Razor is easy and painless. First choose your favorite blade. If your favorite blade is already single edge then your half way there already. If your favorite blade is a double edge razor blade just break it in half turning it into a single blade razor blade. Either way works fine. Unlock the head of the razor by unscrewing it. The screw is captive so you can’t lose it. Once the head is loosened it opens up and you have your choice of position 1, 2 or 3. Each position has its own platform with an alignment feature to load your blade correctly. Each positioning platform also has its own little magnets built into the platform to help hold the blade in place during the loading process. I really like how this whole process works because it makes loading and unloading your very sharp blades very easy and safe. Once the blades are all loaded simply close the razor head and tighten the screw and your ready to start shaving. The guys over at Leaf Razor really put a lot of time and effort into making a great razor that provides a great shave and also made safety a priority as well. Easy, safe and fantastic! Yep that’s Leaf Razor!

A Great Shave for all Shavers!


I also received along with the Leaf Razor a package of 5 Leaf branded double edge razor blades to turn into single edge blades. I decided to make the first position my very first shave with the Leaf Razor. The first position was a very mild shave and worked well for my face shave. The hair on my face is pretty fine but to mild for my head shave. It took several passes on position one to get the baby butt smooth feel I love after each shave. The second shave I decided to try the second position making this shave closer but still more milder. The face shave was still close and comfortable with minor irritation but no scrapes, cuts or nicks. The head shave with the second position was more aggressive and took less passes but still more milder than I wanted it to be, so on to the third position which is the most aggressive setting on the Leaf Razor. I loaded the blade into the third position on the razor and know all three platforms are filled with blades. What a difference there was between the second and third position. The face and head shave was smoother and still just as comfortable as the last two positions. I knew right away that the third position was the level of aggressiveness that I was looking for.

Know that all three positions were filled with blades it was time to get down to the business of shaving and see what the Leaf Razor can do. I shaved both my head and face for seven days straight with the Leaf Razor using the Leaf branded razor blades as my primary choice for each shave. I shaved my head in the same fashion with multiple angles every day. On the top of my head I shave against he grain starting at the front and working my way to the back. On the sides of my head I always start shaving at the top and work my way down. I then switch angles to sideways and start shaving back to front dragging my razor instead of pulling it. For the third angle I turn the razor upside down and shave from bottom to the top. After the top and sides were done I focused all of my attention to the back of my head. Whenever I’m reviewing a new razor the back of my head is always a good challenge because there’s more real-estate to cover. If the razor shaves the back of my head well then I know I have a great razor. I first shave from top of the back of my head to bottom and then turn the razor upside down and shave from the bottom up. The Leaf Razor shaved the back of my head like a true champion. Very impressive and fast as well.

The feel of the shave with the Leaf Razor does resemble the feel of a cartridge razor shave but at the same time it doesn’t. It felt more like I was cutting the hair on my head and face and not pulling it from my skin like a cartridge razor does. The head of the razor pivots in a 90 degree angle during shaving helping to prevent too much pressure applied across the skin decreasing the risk of razor burn, cuts, nicks and scrapes. The long and lightweight handle of the Leaf Razor made it easy to maneuver around and in between the tight places on my head and face during my nightly shave. The striations located on the back of the handle made gripping and holding onto the handle easier with no slippage. Even after the handle of the razor was saturated with water it stayed in the palm of my hand. Each shave with the Leaf Razor was smooth and comfortable. The Leaf Razor handles like a cartridge razor but shaves like a safety razor providing a quality shave with great skin care benefits.

The Leaf Branded razor blades are robust and long lasting. I loaded the Leaf Razor with three blades and they lasted for 6 head and face shaves before reloading the razor again. This is a pretty big savings for me once I did the math. A package of 5 double edge razor blades breaks down into 10 single edge razor blades. That’s 3 loads for the Leaf Razor. Shaving every day I get 6 shaves per load so all together 18 shaves a month with the Leaf Razor on the most aggressive setting. That’s with a daily head and face shave. If I skipped one day of head shaving then I could squeeze an extra day out of each load or if I really pushed it I could get 7 days of shaving out of one razor load. There are many ways I could actually get one month of shaving with one package of blades. A package of 5 double edge razor blades cost an average of $1-$5. Before I started wet shaving I shaved with cartridge razors and would spend $20-$25 a month on razors. Once you do the math you will see the huge savings the Leaf Razor will bring to your pocket without sacrificing the quality of shave at the same time.

Final Thoughts


So what are my final thoughts on the Leaf Razor and Leaf branded double edge razor blades? A great shave for a wet shaver or cartridge shaver and all of those in between. I really think the Leaf Razor will do well in both the wet shaving and cartridge shaving category. Some shavers want to break away from cartridge shaving into wet shaving but are not sure were to start. I think the Leaf Razor could be an introductory into the use of double edge razor blades and the beginning of wet shaving. For shavers that already have experience with wet shaving such as myself, what attracts me to this razor is that if I want a fast shave while still using my favorite double edge razor blades I can accomplish and still get a quality shave that’s good for my skin at the same time.

The tapered exposure with each positions blade guard provides more of a wet shaving experience since the blade guard prevents too much pressure against your skin. These blade guards as well as the tapered exposure decreases the risk of razor burn, cuts or nicks. The Leaf Razor is a great razor for everyone and it blurs the boundaries between wet shaving and cartridge shaving into a new category for everyone to enjoy. This is not a cartridge razor or a safety razor, the Leaf Razor is a hybrid razor by Leaf shaving and its a fantastic shave and way to start your day. The Leaf Razor and Leaf double edge razor blades are approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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