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A Month With Green Country Razors



If you’re familiar with wet shaving then you’re familiar with safety razors. Wet shaving has always been an art form that takes time and effort to master. There are many aspects of wet shaving that I enjoy. The equipment, the soaps and creams as well as the pre and post prep products that add quality to your shaving routine. I also enjoy the comradery between wet shavers alike. No matter were you come from or what level your social status is, all shavers can share stories and discuss what their favorite shaving products are and what product they love the most. One of my favorite pieces of shaving equipment is the safety razor.

I love safety razors in all different makes and models. I can’t get enough of them. It’s the thrill of the shave that I look forward to. The first shave of a new safety razor is always the best shave. I also enjoy testing new safety razors with multiple DE blades to see how each one holds up in my new safety razor. Aggressiveness, heft and length of handle play a role in how each DE blade performs in any safety razor. I guess you can say that I’m hooked on safety razors and that’s just fine by me. I still look forward to that first shave with every new safety razor that I try and always will.

A while back I wrote a review for safety razor from Green Country Razors. If you would like to read it you can follow this link to read the review here. I liked the razor so much that I decided to go one step further and do a monthly razor review with a couple more of their safety razors. Green Country Razors are proudly established operating in Oklahoma were all of their razor handles and stands are made. Green Country Razors makes a quality razor that provides a quality shave every time. I was looking forward to a month with Green Country razors and everything their razors bring to the wet shaving table and to my Dome and face.

A Month Of Fantastic Shaving!


I received two extra safety razors from Green Country Razors in the mail. I now have three including the safety razor I previously reviewed. The first week of the monthly razor project with Green Country Razors was with their new entry-level safety razor. You should expect to see some big things coming from Green Country Razors that will include this entry-level razor. The nickel-plated handle is well-balanced and has some heft to it adding fluidness to each stroke from this razor. The nickel-plated handle is lengthy for ease of maneuverability and easy to reach those hard to shave areas with a knurling that is both gripping and comfortable meaning no slippage during your shave even if the handle gets wet. The bottom of the handle is slightly flared containing two knuckles positioned one on top of the other for decoration. There is another roundish knuckle located at the top of the handle for decoration as well.

The head of the razor is branded with the GCR logo and has a smaller blade gap that is non aggressive but still provides a smooth shave. The head screws on and off separating in the middle into two pieces for easy blade removal. The head of the razor is standard fitting all of your favorite standard DE blades. I tried multiple blades with this entry-level razor to see what kind of shave I got. What I found out was that each blade I used whether it was aggressive or non aggressive provided a nice smooth shave with minor to no irritation at all. The handle of the razor was long and wider in circumference that made maneuvering around those hard to shave areas easier with more comfort. The smaller blade gap and longer, heftier handle supports a comfortable and close shave with an even more aggressive blade, and just as comfortable with a non aggressive blade. No matter if I was pushing, pulling or dragging the razor across my Dome and face each shave felt close.

The second razor from Green Country Razors that I had the luxury of reviewing was one of their open comb razors. This was my first time with an open comb razor and I have to say it was a fantastic experience. I’ve always read that an open comb razor gives you more of a closer shave than a closed comb. I’m not sure how true this is since this was my first time with an open comb razor. I would think that the closeness varies just like it does with a closed comb razor. Some safety razors are more aggressive than others. So I can not answer that question. What I can say is this, the open comb razor from Green Country Razors was a close shave. It took two passes on my Dome and face to get a close shave with minor irritation that was gone before the night was over. The nickel-plated handle of this safety razor is on the longer side and lighter in weight. The handle is made out of aircraft grade aluminum and has a nice knurling on the handle and allows minimal to no slippage during shaving.

The head of the open comb razor also screws on and off of the handle and separates into two pieces for easy blade exchange. The head of this open comb razor is also standard size fitting all of your favorite standard size DE blades. When it comes to closeness this razor from Green Country Razors has got you covered. Open comb means no bar across the front only little teeth. You have to be more careful with this razor as not to break any of the little teeth off. The blade comes into closer contact with your skin giving you a closer shave. If you have sensitive skin you may want to try a not so aggressive blade with this razor to cut down on potential skin irritation and razor burn. I also shaved with the open comb razor for a week with several different DE blades at different levels of aggressiveness. Each shave no matter what blade I was using for my nightly shave provided an extra close shave. I just had to pay extra attention to what I was doing. Over all my first experience with an open comb razor was great and I’m looking forward to more positive experiences with the Green Country Razors.

All of their razors have interchangeable parts. The razor heads will fit different handles and vice versa so you can mix and match to create new razors. The last safety razor I used for a week was one I previously reviewed so instead of doing it again I interchanged the razor heads with the black handled safety razor. I particularly liked the open comb razor head on the black handle. The black handle is a little smaller than the nickel-plated handle that came with the razor itself. The open comb razor head is also a little heavier so the shave was a little different but still with the same great results.

Final Thoughts


So what are my final thoughts on the Green Country safety razors? A month full of fantastic shaves. All three safety razors from Green Country Razors provided a close and comfortable shave no matter what level of aggressiveness of blade you use. The entry-level safety razor has a hefty and well-balanced handle that is both long and wider in circumference with a no slip grip that adds safety and comfort to each shave. The head of the razor is branded with the GCR logo and will be featured in a shave kit available in the future on the Green Country Razor website. For an entry-level safety razor you just can’t go wrong. The open comb razor also has a longer nickel-plated handle made from aircraft grade aluminum that has a knurling that is both comfortable and functional when shaving. The open comb allows your DE blade of choice to come into close contact with your skin providing a very close shave. The black handled safety razor also made out of aircraft grade aluminum is interchangeable with the other standard razor heads.

All the safety razors whether open or closed comb on the Green Country Razors website are standard so you can use your favorite standard DE blades with each razor for each and every shave. I’m impressed with Green Country Razors and I look forward to adding their razors to my shaving routine in the future. The Green Country Razors are approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day.


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