Shaveology Safety Razor

The Griffin safety razor and shave oil


I’ve tried my fair share of safety razors. I’ve tried safety razors that are light weight and non aggressive to safety razors that have a lot of heft and very aggressive. In my opinion every safety razor has something to add to your nightly shave. What can any safety razor add to your nightly shave? how about experience in a number of ways. Experience with learning different angles especially in those hard to reach areas is important especially to decrease the chances of razor burn, cuts and nicks. I also think gaining experience with learning how much pressure to use can also add value to your shaving routine. All safety razors are different. Some are light weight some are hefty. Some safety razors have long and short handles and deciding which DE blade to match with theses safety razors can be a task within itself as well. The more mixing and matching of DE blade and razor means the more pressure will vary.

Does this sound like a daunting task? Sure it does but if you are a wet shaving enthusiast, daunting turns into fun every time. Whenever I’m expecting a new safety razor in the mail I can’t help to get excited. The thought of learning the pros and cons with any new safety razor is fun to me. The first shave of a new safety razor is always my favorite shave. You can learn a lot from a safety razor from its first shave. The first shave with the Griffin safety razor from told me right away that this would be a fantastic shave. Shaveology was founded on two passions producing fantastic shave products and supporting the Soldier’s Angels program. The Soldier’s Angels is a non-profit organization that provides aid and comfort to our growing number of veterans every day. Shaveology has joined their quest with providing care and comfort to the veterans and their family’s that need help and support. These efforts made by Shaveology automatically make me a huge fan of theirs because they are working for the greater good. I have a lot of respect for people who put other people’s needs before them. That’s what it’s all about, being helpful to others especially in their time of need.

A quality shave from a quality product


I contacted Shaveology and we talked about the art of shaving. I noticed right away through our conversation that they were big into shaving and they want to stake their claim at the wet shaving table through providing a quality product to every wet shaver whether He/She is a fanatic or just a weekend warrior. No matter how much experience you have, the first thing you will notice about the “Griffin” safety razor from Shaveology is the quality of the razor.

After receiving my package in the mail from Shaveology, I opened the branded Shaveology box the “Griffin” safety razor came in and this nice insert with lots of information was laying on the very top. This insert has a lot of useful information ranging from contact information for the company, how to load the blade into your new safety razor safely, the quality of the razor and there’s even a 90 day money back guarantee so if you’re not satisfied with your “Griffin” safety razor and the shave it provides. You can send it back for a full refund. There was also a polishing cloth that came with the razor so you can polish the chrome finish of the razor after every shave if you wish to. The box also included a package of five Bali DE blades and a leather cover that slips over the head of the safety razor when storing it in your cupboard between shaves. The leather cover is a nice added touch. I also received a bottle of the Shaveology pre shave oil to add to my daily shave with my new safety razor.

A money back guarantee is always nice, however once you use the “Griffin” series safety razor from Shaveology you won’t want to return it. The whole razor has a chrome finish for a truly luxurious look. The weighted handle of the razor makes each stroke fluid and steady. The handle is also larger in circumference with a deep knurling giving the razor a no slip grip even if you get the handle of the razor wet rest assured it wont impact the performance of your shave. I think a razor handle that has a no slip grip adds trust to the product. If you trust a product you will use it more often than other products.

The chrome finished head of the “Griffin” safety razor from Shaveology is closed comb and provides a comfortable shave. The head of the razor screws on and off of the handle and separates into two pieces for blade exchange. The blade gap of the razor is mildly aggressive making each shave close and comfortable. I tried several brands of DE blades with the “Griffin” safety razor including the Bali blades that performed well. I tried aggressive and non aggressive blades and each shave had pretty much the same outcome, close and comfortable. The head shave was luxurious and pleasurable. To me a luxurious shave consist of a product that you know and trust that provides you with a comfortable shave every time. A luxurious shave comes from a product that no matter how many time you use it, there’s no worries of severe razor burn, cuts and nicks. Some imperfections are just inevitable. You can’t say you will never get minor cuts and nicks because that’s just a part of shaving, it’s bound to happen. How often that happens and the severity of these cuts and nicks is what by far makes a difference in my opinion.

I shaved my dome with the grain and against the grain in two to three passes. The long weighted razor handle made maneuvering around my dome effortlessly especially in those hard to reach areas like behind my ears. The heftiness of the razor made each small stroke fluid preventing skipping across my skin. If the safety razor that I’m using for my nightly shave starts skipping across my dome and face it starts to concern me because it can turn into disaster quickly. Sometimes It’s just a matter of changing the angle of my razor to get the skipping to stop. If that doesn’t do it, I then have to re-evaluate the soap or pre-shave oil that I’m using or look at how many times I’ve used the same blade. Sometimes I have to switch razors mid shave because a razor that starts skipping also is a razor that cuts your skin. I’ve used the “Griffin” safety razor for several weeks with different soaps/creams and oils and not once did I have a problem with skipping. Like I said a Luxurious shave from start to finish every time.

The closeness of shave that the “Griffin” safety razor provided on my Dome was the same every time. The blade gap is larger than most razors but not what I consider to be an overly aggressive safety razor. I think the blade gap is perfect size for beginners and seasoned wet shavers alike. No matter what angle I used during each head shave the “Griffin” it provided a true closeness with out irritation. I really enjoyed each head shave with the “Griffin” safety razor and would recommend it to any wet shaver. Shaveology has really put a lot of class into their products. If you have never tired any of the Shaveology products I suggest you do so, You’re gonna love them!

I also received this bottle of Lubricating Pre-Shave oil from Shaveology along with the “Griffen” safety razor. I think shave oil is always a definite must to any shave. Having just stated that I will also say that shave oil should not make up for any short comings of your shave soap or cream. Pre shave oil should just be an additive to your shave to add more glide for extra comfort. The lubricating pre shave oil from Shaveology accomplishes that and more. With natural ingredients such as Safflower Oil, Avocado Oil, Walnut Oil, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil the pre shave oil from Shaveology not only lubricates your Dome and face for an increased comfortable shave, it also re hydrates and moisturizes your skin at the same time.

The natural ingredients found in the lubricating pre shave oil also help the skin fight conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, helps relieve bug bites and stings, helps fight rashes and burns while nourishing dry and scaly skin. The natural ingredients found in this lubricating pre shave oil also helps increase the collagen found within the skin and helps protect the deep water content as well increasing your skins suppleness level decreasing the chances of razor burn, cuts and nicks. The lubricating pre-shave oil from Shaveology adds value to your shaving routine and skin care regimen. I’ve used the lubricating shave oil several times now and each time I use it I find another reason I like it and why I should use it more often.

Final thoughts


What are my final thoughts on the “Griffin” safety razor and the lubricating shave oil from Shaveology? A classy shave hands down! After the first shave with the “Griffin” you are going to know right away why Shaveology is a classy shave hands down. The long weighted handle makes each stroke of this safety razor fluid and smooth. The knurling on the handle gives this razor a non slip grip that adds trust to every shave. The chrome finish on the head and handle gives this safety razor a shiny finish that is easy to maintain with the polishing cloth that comes along with this razor. The lubricating pre shave oil not only adds extra slick to your shave allowing your razor to glide across your Dome and face with an effortless glide. It also adds value to each shave by the natural ingredients found in this lubricating pre shave oil helping your skin to heal itself against ailments of the skin. The “Griffin” safety razor and lubricating pre-shave oil from Shaveology are products that are definitely worth adding to your shaving regimen every night. The “Griffin” and lubricating pre-shave oil from Shaveology are approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day.


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