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A perfect razor for a perfect shave!


Wet shaving has been a time-honored tradition for a long time. Wet shaving is practiced on the weekends by some and every day to the hard-core wet shavers. No matter how often you practice the art of wet shaving one thing is for sure, you’re going to need some shaving gear. is a newer company to the wet shaving scene. They are a company based out of Okmulgee Oklahoma that sells more than just razors. Their site on sells shave brushes, shave kits and razor handles. They even sell Mach 3 razors and T-Shirts as well. Green Country Razors have a lot to choose from that will suite the needs of any wet shaver no matter how much experience they have. If you haven’t checked out their site yet I suggest you do so. You might just find something you like. I found Green Country Razors on a popular social media website a while back and started talking with them regarding shaving. Their customer service and friendliness are top-notch making them very approachable. There are a multitude of websites you can pick from that sell shaving product but Green Country Razors is one website I think that is going to flourish in the near future.

The fine gentlemen sent me one of their safety razors for a review but with a little surprise. When I opened the package my new safety razor from Green Country Razors came in, I saw that my name had been etched in the side of the razor handle! What a personable touch that is. It’s actually laser printed so It will last longer. When the handle of the razor gets wet the name will get lighter in color but once the handle dries the name will darken again. The handle is made out of aircraft grade aluminum in a tactical but modern look. The black anodized handle from Green Country Razors is very light weight but feels sturdy while holding it in the palm of your hand.

The head of the razor is nickel-plated and unscrews from the handle. Once the head is unscrewed from the handle it separates into two pieces making it easy to thoroughly clean and change the blade whenever needed. Some safety razors have a well located on the bottom of the head of the razor. The purpose for a well is to keep the razor from gunking up by providing an area for the used shaving cream or soap and hair to go until you rinse of your razor in between strokes. Some razors don’t have a well the bottom of the razor head is flat. I have both kinds of safety razors and honestly well or no well both styles work just fine. The head of this safety razor from Green Country Razors may have no well located on the bottom, but it does have nice size blade gap making it easier to keep clean. The unwanted hair rinses out from underneath the razor blade with ease making the next stroke of your razor smoother and more comfortable.

The larger blade gap exposes more of the blade against your skin. This larger blade gap makes deciding what style of DE blade you are going to use more of a crucial decision. Should you use a milder blade or a more aggressive blade for your nightly shave. In my experience, if you use a more aggressive blade in a razor with a larger blade gap the chances of cuts, nicks and razor burn are more likely to happen unless you are really careful and you have the angle of the razor dialed in. A mildly aggressive blade might give you a smoother shave in a razor with a larger blade gap. It all depends on the person and what their shave style is.

I like aggressive blades so I decided on the Feather blade. Feather is a very sharp DE razor blade that’s very unforgiving. You can get a close shave with a Feather DE blade but have to be really careful not to seriously cut your self. The head shave with the safety razor from Green Country Razors was smooth and comfortable. One pass against the grain (ATG) on the top of my Dome. Two-three passes on both sides of my Dome with the grain (WTG) and (ATG). Three passes on the back of my Dome with the first pass (WTG) and the other two passes (ATG). On the back and sides of my Dome the first pass is always with a thick lather and the last two passes the lather is thinner each pass. I found out that this method gives me a smoother and more comfortable shave with less irritation. This method also makes it easier to achieve the baby butt smooth (BBS) feeling every time.

The safety razor from Green Country Razors is well-balanced and provided fluid strokes without skipping across the skin on my Dome and face. The lightweight handle was the perfect length for maneuvering the razor around the hard to shave areas on my Dome. One of the hardest areas for me to shave is back behind the ears especially when I shave (ATG). If I’m not careful I cut my self every time. The long-handled safety razor made this area a breeze to shave. The face shave with the safety razor from Green Country Razors was just as pleasant and comfortable. Two passes is all it took to get that baby but smooth (BBS) feeling I want every shave. I’ve used this safety razor several times and I’m impressed with its performance every time. Green Country Razors make a quality razor that gives you a quality shave. I’m looking forward to trying more of their safety razors in the future.

What are my final thoughts on the safety razor from Green Country Razors? Quality, quality and more quality is what I say. The fine folks over at Green Country Razors are doing it right! The handle on this safety razor made from aircraft grade aluminum is both light weight and feels sturdy in the palm of your hand. The black Anodized finish gives the handle a tactical yet modern look. The nickel-plated head of this safety razor has a larger blade gap providing you with a smoother and closer shave every time. the length of the handle makes maneuvering a breeze especially in those hard to reach areas. This well-balanced razor provides fluid strokes making the chances of razor burn, cuts and nicks less and less more likely each time you shave with this razor. My name laser etched on the side of this handle is a nice and humbling touch and I give the them a big thank you for the sentiment! This safety razor from Green Country Razors is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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