Timeless Razor

A timeless shave to pass on to the next generation


Wet shaving is a time honored tradition that has been passed down from father to son for generation after generation. It’s quality time with your son teaching him how to shave properly avoiding razor burn, cuts and nicks as much as possible. More men every year throw away their cartridge razors and gravitate towards wet shaving for different reasons. Maybe because their dad and dad’s dad practiced this form of shaving every day, or maybe they have done the research and decided to try a different way of shaving that’s better for their skin. Some men practice wet shaving as a hobby and then decide to make it their primary way of shaving. For what ever reason it is more and more men switch to wet shaving, Wet shaving is better for your skin and much cheaper for your pocket.

So why is wet shaving better for your skin and for your pocket? First off cartridge razors have multiple blades that pull the hair from your skin instead of cutting it. The blades are at more of a slanted angle that can contribute to ingrown hair and razor bumps. Razor bumps look like little pimples that can spoil your clean-shaven look and if these razor bumps continue can turn into scar tissue. Now lets look at the advantages of using a double edge razor blade. First let’s make sure we are all on the same page. A double edge razor blade is what every double edge safety razor uses. Both sides of the razor blade has a sharp edge for shaving. The angle of the safety razor is similar to the angle of the cartridge razor during shaving however a safety razor uses one blade instead of multiple blades found in cartridge razors. A double edge razor blade cuts the hair off at the skin level instead of pulling it out creating a smooth and comfortable shave.

Double edge razor blades are also a lot cheaper than cartridge razors as well. A package of five count double edge razor blades cost one to five dollars compared to a package of cartridge razors that cost any were from twenty to twenty-five dollars. Depending on how often you shave depends on how long one double edge razor blade will last. For me one blade will last five to seven days with a daily shave of my head and face. Over all in the end deciding between wet shaving and cartridge shaving is a personal choice. It all depends on what you are looking for and what kind of shaving routine you are looking for. If deciding between wet shaving or cartridge shaving is a difficult decision you can always do both and get the best of both worlds although I think you will see that wet shaving is the better of the two shaving modes. Timeless Razor was started by a family of machinist who want to provide a high-end quality product that will last a life time. Not only do they want your razor to last for the rest of your life. They also want the same razor to last your children the rest of their life and Timeless razor offers a brand of razor that can achieve just that. A quality razor that can last a lifetime. Timeless Razor uses high quality materials with precision machining methods to achieve the high-end safety razors with a life time of value. I had the honor and privilege of trying one of their safety razors for a time less shave.

A time less shave from a razor that will last a lifetime!


After talking with the fine folks over at Timelessrazor.com about shaving my package soon arrived on my door step ready to be opened. I was so excited to open my package and see just what I was waiting for. I had some preconceived thoughts of what I might find and my thoughts were right. I was impressed right away with what Timeless Razor sent. This is the box my razor and accessories came in. A nice box with the Timeless Razor logo right on top in big letters. The contents of the box are as followed. One safety razor, one safety razor stand, a polishing cloth and some literature on your safety razor and how to keep it clean. The inside of the box was padded with a thick spongy insert to help protect your razor and the stand during its transportation to its final destination. The safety razor and stand were also individually packaged in a thick plastic package for extra protection. The packaging of a product should not make up for its short comings if there are any and you should never buy a product just because you like the packaging. Sometimes brands will put a lot of money and resources into an above average packaging to try and hide the lack of quality their product holds. This is not the case with Timeless Razor. The quality of their packaging says we love our products and you will too. Their quality of packaging shows that they have thought of it all. Why make a great product and then advertise it in cheap packaging? That doesn’t make sense to me. Timeless Razor got it right in the very beginning. Their great product packaging matches their high-end quality razors.

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty shall we? Lets talk about shaving! The razor I received from Timeless Razor was the TRH2 stainless steel handle with a fluted neck. The handle has a pineapple design knurling that provides a nice grip. The handle is 14mm in diameter with a length of 100mm and weights 94 grams that is machined to precision. The handle is well-balanced and has a nice weight to it. The heavier the handle the more your razor glides across your skin with fluid strokes with less pressure needed during shaving. You can let the razor and gravity do a lot of the work for you leading to less irritation, razor burn, cuts and nicks. I prefer a heavier razor compared to a lighter razor that needs more pressure applied to accomplish the same goal.

The head of the razor that came with the handle had a scalloped head and base. The head of this razor has a 0.95MM gap making it medium aggressive there is also a 0.68 option that is more on the milder side. I chose the more aggressive blade gap since I like a more aggressive razor for head shaving. Don’t mistaken the scalloped head and base for an open comb concept. The razor head that I received has a safety bar. The scallop design has grooves that run across the top and align with the grooves on the safety bar. This adds a little flair to the razor and helps the razor glide through your shaving soap or cream decreasing irritation after your shave is complete. The head of the razor screws on and off of the handle. The head separates into two pieces for easy blade removal. The Timeless Razors accept all of your favorite standard DE blades. The one thing you will notice right away when looking at the head of the razor is the extra-large gully that runs beneath the blade on both sides of the head. If you look on the bottom of the plate you will also seed extra long and wide openings as well. I can honestly say that I have not seen this with any other safety razor and has proven to be very useful. The wide gully is were all of the hair and shaving cream collects during shaving. This wide gully makes it very easy to clean all of the unwanted hair and soap out of the razor. Just turn the razor on its side under running water and watch all of the unwanted hair and soap come out of the other end and down the drain. If for some reason it’s just not coming out the other option is to turn the razor upside down and run water through the extra-large opening on the bottom of the head. There’s more ways than one to keep your razor clean. I absolutely love this feature and it is one of the many reasons why I use this razor more and more every week.

The TRH2 is a great razor to use for head shaving. I got a smooth shave with the grain and against the grain in one to two passes every time with very little to no irritation after every shave. I used this razor every day for one week with the same multiple angles each time. I always start each head shave on the top of my head shaving against the grain from front to back always paying extra attention to my hair-line. After I have finished with the top of my head I move on to the sides where I shave back to front pulling the razor across my skin and then from the bottom to the top. For this angle I turn the razor upside down but still keep it at a thirty degree angle and shave against the grain. After I’ve finished with the sides, the last area I tackle is the back of my head which takes the longest and the most attention because of the real estate I have to cover. I start with shaving from top to bottom, then bottom to top and sometimes finish off with side to side all at a thirty degree angle. I tried several different DE blades with this safety razor and every shave had the same close and comfortable outcome. Even the DE blades that were more on the dull side provided a smooth shave.

Another difference with the Timeless Razor is the shape of the safety bar on the front of the razor. The safety bar is more rounded were some safety razors have a more pointed safety bar. A pointed safety bar digs into you skin more compared to a rounded safety bar that glides across your skin. The face shave was just as comfortable as the head shave was. I also received a stainless steel stand that held my razor firmly in an upright position. The stand itself weights 152 grams making it a solid and heavy stand. I love the way the TRH2 razor looks when its sitting upright in its stand. The whole outfit looks very classy, it just looks like a razor that would and could last a lifetime. Last but not least the TRH2 razor and stand are also stamped on the bottom with the Timeless Razor logo. A nice touch that just adds more class to this already classy razor. I’ve enjoyed my week with the TRH2 safety razor from Timelessrazor.com it truly is a high-end razor machined with quality precision. Don’t just take my word for it. Try one for yourself. If you don’t your just missing out on what could be the best shave of your life!

Final Thoughts


So what do I think of the TRH2 safety razor from TimelessRazor.com? A timeless shave from a timeless razor. The TRH2 safety razor is made of stainless steel weighing in at 94 grams giving the well-balanced handle a hefty weight providing a level of fluidness with each stroke. The handle of the TRH2 has a pineapple design knurling giving this already long and hefty handle even more of a grip. The 146 gram stand is a solid base that holds your razor upright until the next time you want it. The handle of the TRH2 safety razor and the bottom of the stand are both stamped with the TimelessRazor.Com logo. The Scalloped head and base of the razor head has a blade gap of 0.95mm giving it a medium aggressive shave. The scalloped head and base adds precision along with smoothness and a comfort level at the end of each shave that only the TRH2 safety razor from Timeless Razors can provide. The TRH2 safety razor from Timeless Razors is a solid razor that’s built to last machined to precision. All of the Timeless razors are made right here in the USA, this is a razor that you can pass down to the next generation of wet shavers. The TRH2 stands tried and true as a titan of razors. The TRH2 safety razor from TimelessRazor.Com is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day


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