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I think we can all agree that shaving is an expensive part of your daily routine no matter what style of shaving you practice. With Cartridge shaving you have the price of razors. With wet shaving you have the initial cost of a safety razor and brush with bowl as well. No matter what style of shaving you choose you also have the added cost of a shaving cream, gel or soap. Lets face it shaving is expensive. Once you start buying all the extras that can go along with your daily or nightly shave or anytime you shave it can break the bank quickly. Over the past couple of years there has been an increase in monthly shave box subscription services pop up all over the internet. The Razor Company is one of those shave box subscription services. Their goal is to provide you with great shaving products at a lower price that still give a quality shave.

On the Razor Company website there is also the option to either buy single products or choose a shave plan to fit your need. Depending on which options you choose depends on when you receive your products in the mail. There is more than one option to choose from and the choice is always yours to just buy the products you want or purchase a shave plan while you are on their website. One of the biggest benefits of having a subscription shave plan is that you don’t have to buy shave products from the store or order them online because you are getting them on a monthly basis.

The Razor Company is different compared to most shave box subscription services in a couple of ways. The Razor company offers quality razors to 24048041881_2bba439877_oboth men and woman. For men they also offer a safety razor subscription service for those who want to still practice the art of wet shaving. There are two types of razors when it comes to the cartridge razor option of the shave plan. For men the options are the Triple blade and the Five-O cartridge razors along with the safety razor. For woman the choices are the Five-O for woman and the Smoothie.

This box has quality products that provide a quality shave!


The shave box I received from the Razor Company had shaving products from both sides of the spectrum to fulfill all of my shaving needs. The box contained one Five-O cartridge razor with six refills, a safety razor with a package of five Astra DE blades an a black badger hair brush with somewhat stiff bristles that will work with either a hard bodied or softer soap. All of these product came nicely packaged in a box. After opening the box there is a glossy letter congratulating you on eliminating the need to visit the shave isle in the store, What a nice touch! I decided to try the DE safety razor that came with the shave box from the Razor Company first. I shaved with the DE safety razor for one week with the Astra blades that also came standard in the shave box. The Rco. DE safety razor is a classic three-piece safety razor that’s chrome plated. The razor handle is on the longer side which I like because it gives me more room to handle and maneuver the razor around the harder parts of my face and Dome. The handle has a nice knurling on it that gives the handle a nice grip. Even when the handle gets wet there was no slip sliding around in my hand which means least likely to cut or nick my face and Dome. Less slipping and sliding in my hand also means less likely to get razor burn because I can be more precise with the razor. All together the razor is 3.2″ long and weights 102 grams. This is a solid DE razor with heft making each stroke on my Dome and face feel trustworthy and comfortable. Each shave with the Rco. DE safety razor was pleasurable and smooth. My Dome and face felt good after each shave and I felt like I got a very close shave every time. The blade exchange was pretty easy with the head of the safety razor separating in the middle after unscrewing it from the handle. You have to be very careful with changing the blade in a DE safety razor. It’s always best to pick the DE blades up with a finger on both ends so you don’t cut your self. The Astra DE blades that came standard with the shave box from the Razor Company did a fantastic job. The Astra DE blades are a mid aggressive blade. I shaved my Dome and face both everyday for seven days with one blade. The shaves seemed to get better the duller the blade got. The Astra blades provided an even smoother shave by the end of day seven.

After seven days with the Rco. DE safety razor it was time to move on to the Five-O cartridge razor. The Five-O cartridge razor is lightweight and has 5 blades on it with a trimmer blade located at the top of the razor and comes in the colors of both green and black. The whole razor has a rubber feel to it and on the bottom of the handle on the back side It’s reimbursed with what looks like little rubber nubs. The little rubber nubs gives the handle more of a grip. Just like the Rco. DE safety razor the Five-O cartridge razor has a nice grip to it. There was also no slippage when the handle got wet. The cartridge razor sits on a hinge that allows the razor to contour to the shape of your Dome and face. The hinge allows the razor to reach an almost ninety degree angle giving the razor more autonomy for every shave. I did have to use more pressure on my Dome and face because of the lightness of the razor. This extra pressure did not pose any concerns or result in cuts/nicks or razor burn. The cartridge was easy to replace by sliding the big black slider 24130740635_d3373db441_olocated on the top of the razor forward releasing the old cartridge razor replacing it with the new razor. I got five to six decent shaves with the Five-O cartridge razor. Just to make sure I didn’t run out of razors for a while my shave box from the Razor Company came with six refills for the Five-O cartridge razor.

Last but not least there was one more item that came in the shave box from the Razor Company that I have grown to love. The Black Badger Hair Shave Brush. The Black Badger Hair Shave Brush is a cross between a hard bristled and soft bristled brush that would work well with either a hard or soft-bodied shave soap. The Black Badger hair brush comes with a jet black handle that has a big silver Rco. brand right on the front of it. The bristles of the brush feels great on your skin and after soaking the brush in hot water for a while the bristles bloom like a flower to soak up all that lather you have sitting in your bowl ready for the nightly shave. The Black Badger Hair Brush from the Razor Company is quickly becoming a favorite of mine for my nightly shave.

Final Thoughts


So what are my final thoughts on the shaving products from the Razor Company? Quality shaving products on a monthly basis that provide a quality shave no matter which method of shaving you prefer. The Rco. DE safety razor has a good heft about it and a longer handle making it a good contender for a quality shave. The knurling is deep giving the long-handled razor a good grip even when soaking wet. The heft makes each stroke substantial and smooth with no worries of skipping across your Dome and face causing disasters24048036561_2e605358ef_o along the way. The Astra DE blades and mid level aggressiveness that gives a better shave the older the blade gets. The Five-O cartridge razor even though lightweight and takes a little more pressure for shaving, gives a great shave for your face and Dome as well. You definitely can’t go wrong with shaving your Dome and face with the Five-O cartridge razor from the Razor Company. The Black Hair Badger Brush is a nice compliment to a fantastic Rco. DE safety razor. The brushes bristles bloom soaking up the lather and exploding it on your Dome and face with every application. The extra refills for the Five-O is just one way the Razor Company says I know your going to love our razors so here are some extra refills to keep on shaving. I’m thoroughly impressed with the quality of the products from the Razor Company and I can’t wait to see what’s in my next shave box. The Razor Company shave products and box are approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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