The Colonel Conk Shave Kit

Colonel Conk’s shave kit comes with everything needed for a fantastic shave!


A while back I reviewed some shaving product from Colonel Conk which if you have not read it and you wish to do so you can follow this link to the review I’ve used Colonel Conk’s pre shave oil and after shave balm for a while now with multiple shaves and the one word that comes to mind is fantastic. The pre shave oil Coates your skin nicely without leaving a greasy residue and the after shave balm soaks into your skin quickly leaving it feeling soft and smooth. My first safety razor was and still is a Colonel Conk #718 that was gifted to me by Sondre Loberg of Colonel Conk. I’ve had many discussions with Sondre and I consider him to be a friend of mine. I can honestly say he’s a stand up guy with a good head on his shoulders. Colonel Conk is lucky to have him on their team. He told me that I was going to love Head shaving with a safety razor and boy was he right. I can’t say enough kind words about Sondre and the Colonel Conk products that I’ve used so far. So when it came time to review shave kits Colonel Conk was at the top of my list.

Along with the shave kit from Colonel Conk I also received a couple of bottles of their after shave balm and pre shave oil from their new natural line of shaving products. I was pretty excited about this. Natural is always a better choice because its better for your skin. There is a myth that if a soap product does not contain tallow that it will be a bad shave every time. I’m here to tell you that I’ve had my fair share of bad shaves from products that contain tallow and products that don’t. In my opinion you can get just as good as a shave if not better from the natural products. The choice is yours. If you haven’t tried the natural products from Colonel Conk I suggest you do so.

The Colonel Conk shave kit is a quality product that delivers a quality shave!


The shaving kit that I received in the mail consisted of one porcelain apothecary shave mug. I like the apothecary style mugs. I know there is some talk about the correct way to use one. let’s set the record straight. The correct way is the way you decide to use it. The traditional use of this style mug is to place your shave soap puck in the bottom of the mug and build your lather on top of it. Some shavers don’t like to go this route because the lather turns out to thick every time because your constantly adding soap to your lather. I would agree, your lather is always thick. You can fix this by loading your brush with a thick lather and then run your lather filled brush under a steady stream of water to water it down a little bit.

The other potential downfall if you want to call it that is your soap puck gets stuck in the bottom of the mug so if you plan on putting your soap in the bottom of your apothecary mug then you might want to plan on leaving it there. Don’t worry about the extra lather left over, it will dry back into the soap over a period of time. The other way is simply build your pre shave lather in a different mug and then transfer it into your apothecary style mug and continue to build it into a shave ready lather. This is a better solution especially if you use a different soap every day. What I do like about apothecary mugs is that they are made out of porcelain to help hold the heat in with your lather. The apothecary style mug also has a handle that is positioned on the side of the mug so you can hold it in place while you’re preparing your lather for your nightly or daily shave.

The apothecary mug that comes standard with the #295 6PC. DE shave kit fits this description to a tee. The black porcelain apothecary mug comes with a handle on the side for control during your lather building stage of your shave routine. This mug even comes branded with the Colonel Conk name right on the side in white letters making it easy to read. The mug is on the smaller size which is perfect for me especially since I like to keep my lather warm by submerging the porcelain apothecary shave mug half way in a hot bowl of water. The hot water heats the porcelain up keeping your lather warm from the start of your nightly shave to the end. If you plan on keeping your lather warm you might want to start with the lather a little on the thick side, The heat will change the consistency of the lather. If your lather is to thin then the heat will thin it out even more.

The black stand that comes with this shave set has a round weighted base for sturdiness. The post that sticks up from the base is long and has a prong on each side at the top of the post. These prongs are meant to hang your shave brush upside down to dry until its time to shave once again. The other prong is where you can hang your safety razor. What I like most about this stand is that you can hang your safety razor upside down or right side up. The mixed badger hair shave brush that comes standard with this shave kit has soft bristles that feels luxurious on your Dome and face. The black plastic handle of this shave brush is solid and feels very substantial while holding it in the palm of your hand. The end of the handle flares out making it easier to hold onto. whether you are building or applying your lather to your Dome and face. The Badger mixed hair shave brush from Colonel Conk is definitely a contender for the only shave brush you will ever need again. After soaking the shave brush from Colonel Conk in hot water the bristles become very soft. The soft bristles of this shave brush soak up the lather and generously apply it to your Dome and face. The more I use this shave brush the more I like it. After hanging upside down to dry over night the bristles bloom out like a flower. The more I use this brush the more the bristles bloom every day. I think a shave brush is a pivotal piece of shaving gear. You have to know which shave brush to use and which brush is more appropriate for the more harder shave soaps compared to the shave soaps on the softer side. Sometimes a hard bristled shave brush works best with the harder soaps to create a creamy and robust lather. The softer bristled shave brush works better with the softer soap. Of course this is just my opinion. The easiest way to find out for your self is to experiment with different brushes and see what works best for you.

You can’t go wrong with a Merkur HD 34C!



One of my favorite features of this shave kit from Colonel Conk is that it comes standard with a Merkur HD 34C safety razor. In fact Colonel Conk has specific shave kits that come standard with Merkur safety razors. I love Merkur safety razors they are well-balanced and provide a smooth shave with fluid strokes. The Merkur HD 34C safety razor may have a shorter handle but it’s still well-balanced. The head of the razor is a standard full size head giving this razor a beefed up look, this razor has some heft to it. What’s nice about hefty safety razors is that you let the weight of the razor do most of the work for you. The heftiness of the Merkur HD 34C means less pressure needed during your nightly or daily shave. Less pressure means less chances of razor burn, cuts and nicks. Using less pressure means less damage done to the skin and face during shaving.

The head shave with the Merkur HD 34C was and still is fantastic. Although that should be no surprise since after all we are talking about the Merkur brand razor. Each shave was the same as the last smooth and comforting with minimal irritation. I shave my head in two to three passes WTG and ATG. I’ve been doing a lot of exploring with different angles and consistencies of lather. I always start each head shave off on the top of my head ATG that starting point works well for me. The Merkur HD 34C started off smooth shaving right away with fluid strokes that were both even and consistent. The razor seemed to dig into the hair on the top of my head right away. it took two passes to get the baby but smooth feel on the top of my head.

After I finish the top of my head I then move onto the side of my head and start shaving from the top to the bottom. The second pass is a little different. I start from back behind the ear with my razor turned upside down and shave in an upward angle dragging the razor across my skin with minimal pressure. I use some pressure because if not the razor will skip. The third pass is always the hardest, I shave from the bottom up with my razor upside down again with minimal pressure. No matter what angle I used while shaving the sides of my dome, the Merkur HD 34C delivered a great shave every time with no irritation cuts or nicks. Then I moved on to the back of my head to tackle the biggest area. The back of your head has a lot of real estate to cover. I start from the top and shave downward WTG, I then turn my razor upside down and shave upward ATG. The third pass is to clean up any missed spots. Sometimes I have many and sometimes I achieve the baby butt smooth feeling right away. I had a few spots that I had to go back and clean up after shaving the back of my head with the Merkur HD 34C. The spots were small and easy to fix. I always try and stay in between a 25-35 degree angle for maximum comfort. Having your razor at the right angle plays a big role on the outcome of each shave. The wrong angle could mean a lot of cuts and nicks or maybe even worse. The right angle can produce a great shave every time. A pack of Merkur brand DE razor blades also comes standard with this shave kit. I enjoyed the shave with the Merkur brand DE blades they provide a smooth shave. I’ve tried several other brands of DE blades with the Merkur HD 34C and each shave was memorable. You just can’t go wrong with a Merkur safety razor.

The glycerin shave soap and natural shave cream provide a fantastic shave with a nice glide!


I’ve used the Colonel Conk pre-shave oil for sometime now and it’s a product I plan on still using for a long time. The pre-shave oil from Colonel Conk contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Oil that helps treat the skin for sunburn and Acne. These ingredients also fight the aging process, lessens the visibility of stretch marks, heals external wounds and bug bites, lightens blemishes, helps preserve the water content found in the skin, last but not least Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Oil helps moisturize all skin types. The consistency of the pre-shave oil is on the thicker side which I like. I like thick shave oil, I think it adds a lot of value to my shaving routine through lessening the chances of cuts and nicks. Five to ten drops is all I need to generously coat my Dome and face aiding my razor in gliding effortlessly across my skin without irritation. If you are looking for a great pre-shave oil you should try the Colonel Conk shave oil and judge it for yourself.

What’s the use of a great shaving kit without great shaving soap and cream to go along with it? Before we go any further I want to add that the shaving cream does not come standard with this Colonel Conk shave kit, it was added. I’m going to talk about the natural shaving cream as well because I think it’s a great product. This particular shave kit does come with a puck of Glycerin based shave soap. If you are looking for a shave soap or cream that provides an overabundance of lather with a great cushion and a lot of slickness for a comfortable shave then the shave soap and natural shave cream from Colonel Conk has you covered.

The natural shaving cream from Colonel Conk has no artificial colors, dyes or synthetic fragrances. A natural product for a natural shave that doesn’t irritate or dry your skin. The natural shaving cream also does not contain Parabens, Formaldehyde, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Petrolateum, Cocamide Diethanolamine (DEA) and Dyes. Colonel Conk also does not participate in Animal Testing. The natural shaving cream from Colonel Conk is also cruelty free and wheat free, nut free and gluten-free as well. I’ve tried both the Santa Fe Cedar and High Desert Breeze shaving cream from Colonel Conk and they both produce a creamy and robust lather with minimal product needed. The soft and creamy lather clings to your shave brush and applies evenly across your Dome and face. It’s very noticeable right away that the cushion and slickness are there providing a great shave and an even better post shave feel. The only difference between the two shave soaps are the aromas that the Colonel Conk shave creams produce. The Santa Fe Sedar natural shave cream has a very robust Cedar and Rosemary scent that’s very masculine but pleasant to smell. The High Desert Breeze Colonel Conk shave cream contains undertones of Tea Tree and Eucalyptus that once again is faint but pleasant. The only reason why the natural shaving is not all natural is because their shaving cream contains less than one percent of preservatives to keep your product fresh so you can enjoy a great shave from Colonel Conk on an every day basis if you wish.

The Bay Rum Colonel Conk glycerin based shave soap contains several ingredients that are good for your skin and add value to your shaving routine every time. Avocado Oil and Vitamin E Oil enhances the skin’s ability to generate collagen. Collagen helps the skin stay firm, smooth and rejuvenated. The Avocado Oil and Vitamin E oil also moisturize the skin and help treat certain skin Diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. The Avocado Oil and Vitamin E oil also help aid the skin with healing wounds and burns. Avocado Oil and Vitamin E Oil also help heals scars and lighten dark spots under your eyes. The natural ingredients have a lot of positive attributes for your skin. The other ingredient found in the Bay Rum Colonel Conk glycerin based soap is yep you guessed it, glycerin. Glycerin has many benefits such as healing dry and cracked skin, maintaining the deep water content found in your skin, protecting and cleansing your skin as well as nourishing and enhancing your skins appearance while moisturizing to increase your skin suppleness level decreasing the chances of razor burn, cuts and nicks. The natural shaving cream and glycerin based shave soap definitely add value and positive attributes to your shaving routine and skin care regimen. I think the hardest decision you will have to make is which one to use first.

Don’t forget the after shave balm



Along with the shave kit came some additional after shave balm from Colonel Conk. The High Desert Breeze, Rio Grande Lavender and Santa Fe Cedar are all after shave balms found in the natural line of shaving products from Colonel Conk. One of the natural ingredients found in these after shave balms is Coconut Oil. Some of the benefits that Coconut Oil has for your skin consist of softening the skin while protecting hydration. Coconut Oil also helps your skin fight Acne, eczema and psoriasis. Coconut Oil has so many skin healing properties it would be hard not to start using only products that contain Coconut Oil. If this is something you have thought about doing you can add Colonel Conk to your list of approved shaving products because the natural line of after shave balms contain Coconut Oil.

The after shave balms from Colonel Conk are thick in consistency and apply smoothly across your Dome and face. Once applied it doesn’t take long to soak into your skin leaving behind a soft and smooth finish. I received the High Desert Breeze Tea Tree and Eucalyptus, Rio Grande Lavender a bold lavender blend, and the Santa Fe Cedar with a Robust Cedar and Rosemary scent. Just like the shaving creams, all three after shave balms from Colonel Conk performed in the same manner of function and had the same outcome as well. The only difference was the aroma. All of the other attributes were the same. The natural after shave balms from Colonel Conk are products I could definitely use every day.

Final Thoughts


So what are my thoughts on the Colonel Conk shave kit #295? A complete shave kit that delivers a quality shave. From top to bottom this Colonel Conk shave kit has you covered with every piece of equipment needed for a quality shave every time. The black porcelain apothecary style shave mug is just the right size to build a perfect shave ready lather for a perfect shave. The bristles of the mixed badger hair shave brush feels soft and luxurious on you skin. The Merkur HD 34C safety razor that comes standard with this shave kit has some heft to it and is also well-balanced delivering steady fluid strokes while shaving all that unwanted hair away. Don’t let the small size full you. The Merkur HG 34C is a powerhouse that will leave you smiling shave after shave. The weighted black stand that comes along with this shave set is very sturdy and a perfect place to hang your shave brush and Merkur safety razor to dry over night for the next day of shaving. The Colonel Conk natural line shaving creams and after shave balms provide a great shave with an even better post shave feel that leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated until the next day when it’s time once again for shaving. When you think of Colonel Conk you think of quality shaving products at a quality price that provide a quality shave. Once you try the #295 shave set from Colonel Conk I’m sure you will agree. The #295 DE shave set with Merkur HD 34C safety razor is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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