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A fantastic shaving kit for a fantastic shave!

One of the many aspects of wet shaving that I like is putting a shaving routine together. I like choosing all of my shaving products to use for my nightly shave. I think if all possible you should pick items that compliment each other rather than products that just work well together. Products that work well together give you a shave that is just ok, but products that compliment each other gives you a shave that makes you say OH YEA!!! when you are finished. I have always been a fan of shaving kits. It’s just something about kits that gets me excited. I think it’s probably from the anticipation of trying different products to see if they work well together or compliment each other. A shaving kit can consist of many options and items it all just depends on your needs and wants. You have the monthly subscription kit that you can sign up for that allows you to try new products every month. There are small shaving kits of soap and shave oil or after shave splash and some times balms. There are also kits that give you several different kinds of soap at one time. The size and contents of shaving kits can change a lot.

I like shaving kits of all sizes but my all time favorite are kits that contain a safety razor, soap, brush and extra blades. These kits are pretty much a whole shaving routine in a box or bag depending on were the kit comes from. These types of kits are shave ready and chances are you already have the extras it doesn’t come with. Do you absolutely need oils, after shaves and moisturizers? No you don’t, however, all the extras are better for your skin and your shaving routine in the long run. This size kit is the meat and potatoes of your shaving routine and always fun to buy or receive. If you’re into shaving then getting or receiving a kit like this from KC Shave co. will make your mouth water with anticipation.

KC Shave co. sells a multitude of shaving related products from safety razors to straight razors, brushes and bowls along with shave soap and all of your other shaving needs. I’ve seen KC Shave Co. products around on social media and have always thought they look interesting so I decided that I wanted to try their shaving products for myself. I contacted KC Shave Co. and they were quick and friendly with their response and their customer service is great. I think customer service is a key factor to running a successful business no matter what it is. People remember how they are treated and they want to be treated fair and properly. Your customer wants to feel like they are the only one that matters during their interactions with you. KC Shave Co. accomplishes that and so much more. If you have not been to the KC Shave Co. website yet I suggest you do so and have a look around. I’m sure you will find something there that you like or want.

A Classy Shaving Kit For A Classy Shave!


I received in the mail The Wyatt shave kit which is KC Shaves signature shave kit. First off lets talk about the packaging. Each shave kit has a box option to choose from. You can have your kit shipped in a standard box or wooden cigar box the choice is up to you. I like shave kits that comes in boxes because the box is reusable. I now use the box that my shave kit came in to hold all of my DE blades for future use. The box was filled with paper shredding to keep all of its contents safe and sound during its travel from point A to B. The Wyatt shave kit contains a black handled butterfly safety razor, an Omega board bristle brush, KC Shave Co. Shave Soap of (Polished Mahogany), a package of 5 Derby double edge safety razors and an informational resert. The Wyatt shave kit is perfect for someone just beginning to learn how to wet shave or even someone that has wet shaving experience. This kit has everything to get you started.

The KC Shave Co. signature (Polished Mahogany) shave soap comes in a 4.4 oz round tin. If you don’t have a bowl available there is a small amount of room left in the tin for building a small lather. I decided to use my shave bowl for testing the soaps lathering capabilities. I soaked the soft bristles of the Omega board bristle brush that came with the kit for 15 minutes to open them up. After the 15 minutes was over with the bristles were ready to soak up some lather. I performed a 2 minute rotation that started a pre-lather that I transferred into my shave bowl. I then proceeded to rotate my brush turning the pre-lather into a shave ready lather. It didn’t take long for the lather to turn creamy and smooth. The bristles of my new Omega shave brush was already loaded and ready to go with the robust lather that applied evenly with a thick consistency across my Dome and face. The (Polished Mahogany)shave soap contains two of my favorite natural ingredients. Coconut Oil and Glycerin have a lot of the same skin care benefits. Both ingredients offer soothing for dry and irritated skin through moisturization, can help the skin treat psoriasis and eczema, can help treat acne and clear up blackheads. Both ingredients can clean, tighten and tone the skin. Last but not least these natural ingredients can help fight the signs of aging. Now it was time for shaving.

In case you haven’t noticed let me be the first to tell you that I’m a big fan of safety razors. I’ve had my eye on Parker safety razors for quite some time now and was very excited when I found out that I was finally going to get to try a Parker safety razor for myself. The Parker 96R butterfly open safety razor has a long black handle with a graded knurling that feels comfortable in the palm of your hand. It’s not hefty but well balanced allowing nice fluid strokes of the razor across your skin. The Parker 96R is a butterfly open razor meaning the top of the head separates down the middle and both sides open at the same time by turning a dial located on the handle. You then insert the blade into the razor and close the doors locking them in place. The Wyatt kit came with a package of 5 Derby double edge razor blades so that’s the blade I used with the razor during this review.

The Derby razor blades are loved by some and not so loved by others. I think it’s because the Derby blades are more on the milder side of aggressiveness so if you have very tough and coarse facial hair you really have to use a lot of pressure during shaving to get a closer shave. The more pressure you use the more chances of razor burn, cuts and nicks there will be. If your hair is more soft and fine the Derby blades more than likely will serve you well. The hair on my head and face is soft and fine so the Derby blades work well for me. The head shave with the Parker 96R was very comfortable. It has a milder blade gap so it took a couple of passes WTG/ATG with some touch up areas to get the baby butt smooth (BBS) end feel I love. Since the Parker 96R is more milder it required more pressure against my skin but did not result in any razor burn, cuts or nicks. The face shave was better since the hair on my face is finer. The Parker 96R did a marvelous job when shaving my face and I even did it in one pass. I really enjoyed reviewing the Wyatt shave kit from KC Shave Co. and you will to once you decide to try it for yourself.

Final Thoughts

What are my final thoughts on the Wyatt shave kit from KC Shave Co.? A classic shave with classy products. The (Polished Mahogany) shave soap provides a nice creamy lather with a great cushion that provides extra comfort during each shave. The bristles of the Omega brush soaked up the robust lather and applied it evenly on my skin. The Parker 96R butterfly open safety razor is more on the light weight side but with a well balanced handle providing nice fluid strokes across the surface of my skin. The Derby DE blades that come standard with this kit are mildly aggressive providing a smooth shave. The Wyatt shave kit from KC Shave Co. is a kit that provides you with all the necessary items for a great shave. Try it for yourself, you’re going to love it! The Wyatt shave kit from KC Shave Co. is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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