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When you think about skin care, what are your first thoughts? Is skin care a priority when it comes to your shaving routine? I think skin care is becoming more important to men especially when it comes to shaving and how their skin feels afterwards. I also think that there is a percentage of men that want to focus more on skin care but don’t want to put the extra time and money into extra products and using them on a consistent basis. That’s why switching to shaving products that use more natural ingredients is always a good option. It takes a lot of the time and hard work out of the equation by combining good skin care and shaving together into one. Natural ingredients such as Coconut, Olive, Almond, Jojoba and Castor Oil are just a few natural oils you might find in natural shaving products as well as Shea and Kokum Butter. Some products even use Bentonite and Kaolin Clay along with oils and butters. When you start researching the benefits of these ingredients for your skin the use of natural shaving products may make more sense to you.

What if I told you that you could shave while focusing on skin care at the same time with products that are shipped right to your front door with Avitas natural shaving products? Avitas Grooming Club was founded with the mission of creating shaving products made with natural ingredients free of harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients. The Avitas products are also vegan and biodegradable offering men with all skin types the right grooming tools to take control of their skin. A large percentage of men suffer from razor bumps caused by poor grooming habits starting with products that contains chemicals that clog the pores and irritate your skin. Cartridge razors use pressure from the blade to raise the skin up and pulling your hair out. Once the razor passes over the so called shaved area your skin returns to its resting level and the left over hair that was pulled out sinks below the skin leading to razor bumps due to irritation. A safety razor uses one blade at a different angle that cuts he hair off at skin level with minimal pressure needed decreasing the risk of razor bumps.

One of the main problems of using natural shaving products and switching from cartridge to safety razors is the availability of both are limited. Most of the time you have to order these products online unless you live in an area that has a wet shaving shop. Avitas will ship their natural shaving products including a safety razor right to your door all you have to do is visit their website right in the comfort of your own home and pick which grooming box best suites your needs, Oh yes it’s just that simple! If you have not visited Avitas website yet or you are just reading about Avitas right now please follow this link to their website and start experiencing a shaving routine that is much better for your skin! Trust me you’re gonna love their products!

When the ‘Image Maker’ Avitas grooming box arrived on my door step I opened it right away and this is what I saw. A box full of shaving products made out of natural ingredients. It was a full shaving routine in a box and I was just itching to get started. This was not my first experience in this area but what really excited me was all of the products are from Avitas and I wanted to see how these products complimented each other and how my skin felt after using these products as a whole. The contents of the box consisted of a (1.7 oz.) bottle of shaving solution, (2 oz.) bottle of Cool Mist Aftershave, (2 oz.) bottle of Pre-Shave Oil, A five pack of Dorco Platinum DE blades along with a chrome safety razor, A trial size facial moisturizer, Trial size soap of the month and a shaving brush. The pre-shave oil and shaving solution came in the ‘Peppermint’ scent and the bottle of Cool Mist Aftershave in the ‘Spanish Moss’ scent.

I started my nightly shave off first with the ‘Peppermint’ pre-shave oil that has several natural ingredients such as Mint-Olive-Hemp Seed-Almond-Jojoba-Castor and blended essential oils. These oils promote healthy living through increased moisturization, soothing dry and itchy skin, helping to decrease sebum production reducing oily skin as well. These natural oils have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that also fight off infections and kill bacteria keeping your skin looking soft and supple. These oils have a lot of positive attributes for your shaving routine and skin care regimen. I only needed a few drops of the ‘Peppermint’ pre-shave oil to thinly coat my head and face adding an extra slickness for the safety razor to glide across my skin. The ‘peppermint’ shave oil has a nice thickness that doesn’t clog the pores of my skin or razor, and there was no greasy residue left over. I really like the peppermint shave oil, it’s exactly what I look for in a pre-shave oil.

After massaging the pre-shave oil to my skin I waited a few minutes to let it soak in letting all the natural ingredients do their job. I then applied the Avitas 3-in-1 Peppermint Shaving Solution over the top of the pre-shave oil. The 3-in-1 formula can be used as a facial cleanser, beard wash or shaving solution. Since I don’t sport a beard I used it as both a shaving solution and facial cleanser. This 3-in-1 shaving solution comes in a bottle with a pump style lid which is nice because it doesn’t get all over your hands. This also means that the soap comes out of the bottle in a foam. I know there are a percentage of shavers that refuse to use a foam soap because it doesn’t lather well but this is not the case with the shaving solution. I pumped 2-3 pumps of the shaving solution into my shave bowl and started the process of building a shave ready lather through rotations of my brush. I’m happy to report that in a short period of time the shaving solution went from foam to a thick and creamy lather that felt great on my skin. The lather that was once foam also had a lot slickness and cushion that added comfort to each shave. There was virtually no irritation left over and the post shave feel was tremendous.

I have always felt that a good post shave feel adds a lot of value to the shaving soap or cream. If the amount of slickness that your soap provides during your shave increases on your skin after washing the soap off then you know you have a great soap worth using again. A good post shave feel means less irritation and more comfort adding value to your shaving ritual every time. The 3-in-1 shaving solution contains several natural ingredients such as Glycerin, Olive-Hemp Seed-Coconut and Castor Oil along with a blend of essential oils. This vitamin and nutrient rich combination helps moisturize and rehydrate dry and cracked skin, rejuvenate cells fighting the signs of aging, sooth irritated skin from shaving, sunburn, bug bites and stings. These natural ingredients also help keep your skin feeling soft and supple. The ‘Butter Beer’ and ‘Papaya’ shave soaps were samples that came in a small chunks with the ‘Image Maker’ grooming kit from Avitas.

I decided to bloom both soap samples to create a thick and creamy lather right away. I put the sample in my shave bowl and soaked it with hot water before using it. Once the soap sample was nice and soft I drained the water into another container and set it off to the side for later use. I rotated my shave brush over the top of the sample soap that was very soft after blooming it. The lather started to form in a thick and creamy manner right away. It still needed a little water so I added a few drops from what I saved after blooming the soap. When blooming, the soap starts to soften releasing and infusing some of the natural ingredients and the water together. Using this mixture to rehydrate your soap increases the creaminess, slickness and cushion of the lather during shaving. The ‘Butter Beer’ and ‘Papaya’ soap provided a great shave from start to finish. After I was finished I left the soap and left over lather in the bowl over night. The left over lather dried back into the soap sample until repeating the same process the following night. I was really impressed with the ‘Butter Beer’ and ‘Papaya’ soap and hope to use both again in the future.

After my nightly shave was done I followed it up with the ‘Spanish Moss’ cool mist Aftershave. It also comes in a bottle with a pump style lid. Instead of rubbing it in by hand you spray it on your skin and it only takes a few minutes to dry it is also bio-degradable and does not use any harsh chemicals so it wont irritate your skin. This aftershave does contain Witch Hazel, Glycerin, Tea Tree and Peppermint Oil, Green Tea, Aloe Vera and an Essential Oil blend that helps tone and tighten your skin and keeping it free from bacteria and irritation. I held the bottle a couple of inches away from my skin and in a sweeping motion pumped 2-3 pumps creating a mist that saturated my skin. The ‘Mint’ Oils used to make this aftershave give your skin a slight tingle feeling calm and cooling. I personally like the slight tingle, it makes my skin feel cleaner. Last but not least I applied the sample moisturizer giving my head and face that final soft touch.

The ‘Image Maker’ grooming kit from Avitas also came with a chrome safety razor, shave brush and a 5 pack of Dorco Platinum double edge razor blades. The chrome safety razor is mildly aggressive and would be perfect for a beginner as an introduction into the world of wet shaving. The Dorco Platinum blades compliment the chrome safety razor with the same level of aggressiveness. I know that there are some other shavers out there that are not fans of the Dorco Platinum razor blades. I personally like them and think they do a great job. The hair on my head and face is more fine than coarse and this could be why they work well for me. You should try them for yourself before forming an opinion on how they work for you. The shave brush that came with this kit has quickly turned into one of my favorite shaving brushes. This brush started off with soft bristles but a stiffer backbone. The more I use this brush the more the bristles split increasing the density and making the backbone even stiffer. If you like shave brushes with soft bristles and a stiff backbone than you’re gonna love this shave brush I guarantee it.

So what are my final thoughts on the ‘Image Maker’ grooming kit from Avitas? A great shaving kit that offers a more natural approach to shaving. Avitas makes shaving products that are more natural and not filled with a bunch of artificial ingredients that leaves your skin inflamed and irritated. From the pre-shave oil to the cool mist aftershave Avitas offers an all natural shave that you and your skin will appreciate every time. The pre-shave oil has a nice consistency that’s thick but does not clog up your pores or your  razor. The 3-in-1 shaving solution offers a foamy mixture that easily turns into a rich and creamy shave ready lather that offers a lot of slickness and cushion for a comfortable shave. Don’t want to use a shave bowl? no problem, the 3-in-1 shave solution is primarily a foam so no bowl is needed and you will still get all the benefits of the increased slickness and cushion with each shave as well as the great post shave feel.

The 3-in-1 shave solution can also be used as a facial cleanser or beard soap so you can still use this product even if you decide to use a different shave soap for the night. The ‘Butter Beer’ and ‘Papaya’ soap samples that came with the grooming kit produced a thick lather that made each shave pleasurable especially after blooming them. The Cool Mist Aftershave leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated, healthy and smooth free from bacteria and inflammation. The Cool Mist Aftershave helps to tone and tighten your skin fighting the signs of aging. The sample moisturizer massaged into the skin quickly leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth. The mildly aggressive chrome safety razor that was included with this grooming kit is a perfect start for someone who is just beginning their journey into wet shaving but would also be a fine addition to any wet shavers collection. The five pack of Dorco Platinum double edge razor blades compliment the safety razor both in aggressiveness and functional ability. Together they make a great combination. The shave brush has soft bristles and a rigid spine making this brush one of my all time favorite brushes that I use every day.

The natural ingredients found in all of the shaving products from Avitas help keep your skin healthy and free from bacteria and inflammation. With shaving products such as these why would you not want to try the shaving products from Avitas. The ‘Image Maker’ Grooming Kit from Avitas is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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