The HeadBlade MOTO

Head Shaving just got even better!


Let’s talk about one of my all time favorite subjects, let’s talk about head shaving. It should be no secret by now that I’m a big fan and I love every aspect of head shaving. From the reviews that I write to the product or products I use on a daily basis I can’t see myself ever going back to having hair. The older I get the more I love the Bald lifestyle and the simplicity it brings to my life. First of all I don’t have to worry about having a bad hair day ever again, your hair can’t get messy if you don’t have any, and it looks the same no matter what I’m doing. It’s easy to manage. I shave on a daily basis and it takes me 10-15 minutes to shave with and against the grain. How long do you think it takes to wash, dry and comb your hair? There are also reasons why being Bald is not the greatest but I’m not going to talk about those reasons because I just don’t care! Bald is fantastic and that’s just the way it is. I will say that I’m Bald by choice and my choice to live the Bald lifestyle every day is of my own free will. I’m also a pretty compassionate guy that understands how going Bald against your will can be devastating. I will always support the Bald Life style and yet be understanding to why some others don’t share the same enthusiasm.

I have been Bald by choice #BBC since 1996 and I’ve used a lot of products and even more over the past couple of years since I started reviewing shaving products. The one product that has and always will be my go to is HeadBlade. Todd Greene, the founder of HeadBlade revolutionized the head shaving industry with the introduction of the first HeadBlade razor in 1999-2000. Up until that time we had razors for shaving but were not the best option for speed combined with comfort. The only razor that was some what fast was a cartridge razor.

The Mach 3 razor which is a three blade cartridge razor was introduced in 1998. The problem with cartridge razors are they put a lot of pressure on your skin creating a lot of irritation. Once the HeadBlade classic was introduced it changed shaving routines every where and what once was a lot of work and effort soon became fast and comfortable with less irritation. I’m a big fan of HeadBlade and how it has improved my shaving routine. If you have not tried the HeadBlade razors or any of their other product I suggest you do so you can follow this link or visit HeadBlade.Com

HeadBlade revolutionized head shaving!


Since the beginning HeadBlade has always been about taking your shave to the next level. If you compare each razor that has been introduced by HeadBlade you will quickly see that they have done that with style and finesse. Starting with the ‘Classic’ to the ‘MOTO’ each razor has had significant changes improving form and function. The ‘MOTO’ uses the pulling method for shaving compared to some of the early model razors that used the pushing method. I like the pulling method making it a more comfortable shave since I’m use to that direction. The suspension of the ‘MOTO’ is greatly improved as well, the body of the razor pivots and rotates from the right to the left allowing the razor to contour the shape of your head more easily. This also allows better direction for the ‘MOTO’ to transition from shaving the side of your head to the back of the ear without the cartridge loosing contact with your skin. The constant contact with the skin greatly cuts the risk of irritation, cuts and nicks down for a smooth and closer shave.

One of the biggest differences with the ‘MOTO’ is the uni-ball located on the front end of the razor. The uni-ball sits up inside of the razor following the streamline design of the narrow front end that reminds me of a torpedo. This roller ball allows the ‘MOTO’ to be multidirectional and more user friendly. The ‘MOTO’ does use a cartridge just like a normal razor does but what sets it apart is the lack of pressure needed to get a close and comfortable shave. Keeping both ends of the razor in contact with the skin changes the angle of the blades requiring less pressure needed for shaving. The ‘MOTO’ is also very lightweight and has less drag secondary to the multi directional ball on the front of the razor.

The one aspect of all the HeadBlade razors past and present is the rubber loop located on the top that fastens the razor to your index finger with a small graded platform that sits behind the loop for added finger placement increasing stabilization while using the razor. The ‘MOTO’ comes standard with the HB4 cartridge blades but can also use the HB6 with the special adaptor used from the package. The ‘MOTO’ is also compatible with the new HeadBlade razor case which is a hard plastic shell that protects your razor from getting damaged during traveling keeping it in pristine condition. The ‘MOTO’ is user friendly for the first time users and seasoned HeadBladers alike. HeadBlade has once again taken your shave to the next level!

So what are my final thoughts on the HeadBlade MOTO? The MOTO is HeadBlades newest razor that has several dramatic changes in form and function when compared to the past HeadBlade models. One of the biggest changes is the roller ball located in the front end of the razor. This multi directional ball allows the MOTO to maneuver around your head in all directions. The first time I shaved my head with the MOTO I was able to transition the razor around the back of my ears without cuts or nicks. In fact there was no irritation at all which is a huge plus to me since back behind my ears is a normal area that I cut my self.

The improved suspension is other major change made that you will find on the HeadBlade MOTO. The back half of the body that houses the cartridge razor rotates to the right and left helping to contour around all the bumps and crevices found on your bald head. Pulling the MOTO across your skin for shaving is different compared to the past models that used the pushing method. Pulling the razor across my skin felt more comfortable since this is the way I used to shave my head with a cartridge razor. The MOTO offers a smooth and comfortable shave right out of the box without any experience needed of past models. HeadBlade really hit the mark with the MOTO offering a user friendly razor with no experience needed. HeadBlade continues to impress me with each razor introduced to the head shaving community. I cant wait to see what comes next. The HeadBlade MOTO is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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