Kramperts Finest

Krampert’s Finest makes fine shaving soap!


In today’s society social media plays a role in helping us decide what products to buy. If you are running a business especially a small business then you should be using social media as an advertising tool. Believe me your competitors are. I used to think that if you didn’t utilize social media for advertising your business then you are already dead in the water. That’s really not true any more. There is such a thing called word of mouth that works just as well. Wait………am I saying it works just as well as social media? The answer is yes! Word of mouth can help spread the word of your business and products just the same as social media can. It may not work as fast but it’s a lot cheaper than paying for advertising on social media.

The cost is a lot of hard work and determination. There are many businesses out there that don’t or didn’t utilize social media to get to were they are today. They built their business by word of mouth and keep their business thriving by providing quality products and good customer service. This is the case for they are big on quality products and big on quality customer service. I actually found Krampert’s Finest by accident on social media through a shave of the day post. I had never seen or heard of Krampert’s before so after I saw them on social media I decided to look a little more and liked what I found so I looked up their website and decided to contact them. I was looking forward to reviewing the products from Krampert’s Finest and couldn’t wait to get started. Now all I had to do was just sit and wait for my package to come and sometimes that’s a very hard thing to do.

Bay Rum and Frostbite Make a Great Combination!


Once I received my much anticipated package of shaving products from Krampert’s Finest I couldn’t wait to open it up and get started. My package contained a 6 oz. plastic tub of Bay Rum Acadian Spice shaving Soap along with the matching aftershave splash in a 4 oz. plastic bottle. I also received a 6 oz. tub of their Frostbite shaving soap kramperts_30360659685_oalong with the matching aftershave splash that also came in a 4 oz. plastic bottle. Now that my package was here and unpacked I could get down to the business of shaving and see exactly how these shaving products from perform. I was really excited because while I waited for my package to arrive I read a lot of positive reviews that made me want to try their soaps and aftershave even more.

In terms of functionality when talking about type, consistency and amount of lather produced by both the Frostbite and Bay Rum shave soap from Krampert’s finest kramperts_29730190454_othey perform in the same manner. I decided to make the ‘Frostbite’ my first choice to try since I love mentholated shave soap and the cooling sensation it has on my skin during my nightly shave. The 6 oz. tub had plenty of room to build a shave ready lather. I soaked my shave brush in warm water before using it to soften and open up the bristles before filling them with the lather produced by the frostbite shave soap. After about 15 minutes of soaking the bristles my brush was now ready to use. I started to rotate the bristles across the surface of the soap. The Frostbite is still a hardened shave soapkramperts_29730186684_o but also has a softer consistency that makes lathering easier and faster.

The Frostbite soap produced a shave ready lather in less than two minutes. The robust and creamy lather filled the bristles of my shave brush blooming it like a flower and applied evenly across the skin on my dome and face. The lather felt luxurious while resting on my skin and the menthol produced a cooling sensation that increased the longer the lather rested on my skin and inside the same container it was made in. The next night I tried the Bay Rum Acadian Spice shaving Soap and had the same results. The plastic tub the Bay Rum  soap came in was also big enough to build a robust shave ready lather that felt smoothkramperts_29730182684_o and creamy on the skin. The Bay Rum was a hardened shave soap that had a softer consistency perfect for creating a lather very quickly. The Bay Rum soap doesn’t contain menthol so it doesn’t provide the cooling sensation but still has the same luxurious and calming feeling as the FrostBite soap does.

Both the Frostbite and Bay Rum soap from Krampert’s Finest provide a lather with an overabundance of cushion and slickness that aides your razor in gliding across your skin with nice fluid strokes. Fluid strokes with your razor means less chances of razor burn, cuts or nicks. Less irritation after shaving also means healthier skin. The healthier you skinkramperts_30360656595_o feels the happier you will be after each shave. I followed up with the matching after shave scent. The after shave splash from Krampert’s Finest is a little different. Krampert’s uses a lot of natural oils as ingredients that are good for your skin. These oils rise to the top of the bottle and you will see them floating  on top of the aftershave. Before applying it to your skin you have to shake it up to remix it. The directions on the bottle also state that your skin needs to be completely dry before applying it. Once you apply it you let it soak into your skin instead of rubbing it in.

The Frostbite aftershave contains Menthol, Frankincense, Witch Hazel, alcohols (isopropyl, ethyl and propoxylated) and vegetable glycerine. The natural scent and color comes from spices. The cooling sensation from the frostbite is very strong and lasts throughout the night. The Bay Rum Acadian Spice aftershave follows in the same suite as far as ingredients go, Witch Hazel, alcohols (isopropyl, ethyl and propoxylated) and vegetable glycerine are also found in the Bay Rum aftershave and the natural scent is made from spices, essential oils and some other plant extracts instead of from certain chemicals reacting in a way to make a Bay Rum scent. The Bay Rum and Frostbite aftershave both contain ingredients that help to tone and tighten the skin, increase and contain moisture content keeping the skin looking soft and supple, and helps the skin fight certain skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis. These are just a few examples of the qualities and positive attributes the after shave splash from Krampert’s Finest can provide your skin care regimen and shaving routine. Whether you choose the Frostbite or the Bay Rum Acadian Spice shaving Soap along with the matching after shave splashes you are definitely getting a great shave from Krampert’s Finest.

Final Thoughts


What are my final thoughts on the Krampert’s Finest Frostbite and Bay Rum Acadian Spice shaving soap along with the matching aftershave splashes? A fine shave from Krampert’s Finest. The Frostbite and Bay Rum Acadian Spice shaving soap comes in a 6 oz. plastic tub with enough room to build a creamy and robust shave ready lather. Both soaps are hard but with a softer consistency perfect for creating a smooth lather in half the time needed. Both the Frostbite and Bay Rum soap provide an overabundance of slickness and cushion that aides your razor in gliding across the surface of your skin with fluid strokes. These fluid strokes greatly decrease inflammation caused by razor burn, cuts and nicks. The Frostbite shave soap has a great cooling sensation that increases the longer the lather rests on you skin and inside the same container that it was made in and the Bay Rum soap feels luxurious on your skin. Krampert’s Finest makes each shave a fine shave every time.

Once your daily or nightly shave is over with follow it up with the matching aftershave splash to help tighten and tone your skin. The aftershave splash helps decrease inflammation caused by razor burn, cuts and nicks. The natural and essential oils used in both the Frostbite and Bay Rum increases moisturization keeping your skin feeling healthy, smooth and more supple. The cooling sensation of the FrostBite aftershave will last well into the night and the Bay Rum aftershave feels calming on your skin. Both aftershave splashes have a strong but light aroma that’s not overwhelming to you or your loved ones around you. I’m a big fine of the shaving products from Krampert’s Finest and you would be to if you tried them for yourself. The Frostbite and Bay Rum shaving soap and aftershave splash from Krampert’s Finest are approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation and everyone else that has hair. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


You can find Krampert’s finest here





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