Wickham Soap

1912 Is A Great Year For Shaving!



I think it’s safe to say that shave soap is now a general term. It’s a general term not because I think shave soap is trivial when you look  at wet shaving as a whole. It’s a general term because there are several categories of shave soap to choose from. There is shave soap with or without tallow, Organic/non Organic shave soap or Natural and commercial shave soap. These are just a few categories you can choose from. Whatever list or category you decide to choose your going to find soap that you love and of course love less. The anticipation of whether or not the next selection of soap you make will be the perfect shave is part of the big adventure in shaving. Am I a soap addict? You better believe it, I’m also a Lather Junkie through and through. A good soap with a good lather can and will make my day even brighter than it already is.

You have to have a hobby or an obsession and I think my love of soap, lather and everything shaving related walks the fine line in between the two. I have lots of soaps, creams, oils and aftershaves in my collection and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon. I’m always looking for that perfect shave and all of its glory. Having said that I will also say that what is a perfect shave to me, may not be to you because the art of wet shaving or shaving in general is mostly made up of opinion and choices. There are components in shaving that are fact. A safety razor will always be a safety razor and soap will always be soap and so on. The rest is all opinion and choices. You have basic guidelines to follow but all else is gray area. That’s one of the reasons why I love wet shaving so much, it’s all about my choices and what I like to shave with. My product reviews are my passion for shaving poured out to share with other shavers and spreading the word of all the great products to choose from.

There is a group of soaps that I have been following through social media that I’ve been wanting to try. I see a lot of reviews, likes, favorites and mentions revolving around these products and after doing research on these soaps I’ve decided that my wishing I could try them has turned into I have to try them. Wickham Soap Co. is one of those soaps that has been on this list for a while and I finally had the chance to try the Cashmere and Parma Violet shave soap from his 1912 line and once I tried it two things happened right away. My passion and adventure for shave soap grew even stronger and my love for Wickham Soaps was born. Will you feel this strongly about his soap once you try it? Maybe or maybe not but I can guarantee you will love trying it to find out for your self!

I was very excited to pull in my driveway and see my package of Wickham Soaps sitting there. It’s just like Christmas day for this bald guy. I opened the package to see if my new soap had arrived unharmed and to curve my excitement until it was time for my nightly shave which at that point couldn’t come any sooner. I received a large tub weighing in at 140 g/4.93 oz. of the Cashmere and Parma Violet shave soap. Both tubs are white and made out of a heavy plastic that feels very substantial in your hands. The company logo and graphics are located on the top of the lid on a sticker that is almost as big in diameter as the lid itself. I want to point something out, The sticker is water resistant so when you get the tub saturated with water the label doesn’t smear. This may seem like a small detail to some but to me it says that Wickham loves his  products so much that he pays special attention to even the minor details.

When examining the white plastic tub the soap comes packaged in, what I like most about it is its very simple yet elegant and classy. The company brand and logo with graphics is only located on the top of the lid. The whole container isn’t busy with lots of graphics or colors to make It hard to look at. You should never judge a product solely by the packaging but if you buy a product that is really busy it may stop you from making future purchases. That’s strictly my own opinion. After the quick examination of the packaging was over with it was time to get to what I was interested in the most which was the soap located inside of the plastic tub. The soap is a harder consistency soap so I decided to use my favorite hard bristled brush for my first shave with the Wickham Soaps. The first night I tried the Cashmere and the second night the Parma Violet.

The two soaps performed in the same manner. I used my hard bristled shave brush for both shaves. I soaked the bristles for 15 minutes to open them up and get ready to fill with lather. After rotating my brush in a circular motion for two minutes the pre-shave lather that formed in the beginning turned into a thick and creamy  shave ready lather filling the bristles of my brush ready for application to the skin on my dome and face. The large tub both soaps came in left plenty of room for building lather, no bowl needed. The robust lather spread evenly across my dome and face providing an increased slickness and a generous cushion that enabled my razor in providing nice fluid strokes. The head and face shave with the Cashmere and Parma Violet shave soap was pleasurable and very comfortable at the same time. The two soaps both complimented the pre-shave oil I used decreasing the risk of irritation, razor burn, cuts and nicks. The post shave feel was fantastic and left my skin feeling soft, smooth and supple with an above average slickness. The post shave feel was and still is one of my favorites. I was very satisfied with the Wickham Soaps and I’m positive you would be as well.

The Parma Violet and Cashmere shave soap from Wickham Soap also contain a lot of the same natural ingredients such as Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil, White Kaolin, Allantoin and Glycerine.
These ingredients can act as a natural moisturizer preventing skin dryness and peeling helping to heal dry and cracked feet, fights the signs of aging through better collagen production, increases the skins hydration level, soothes burns, rashes and skin irritations, helps with wound healing, helps fight acne, psoriasis and eczema, fights fungi and infections, acts as a natural sunscreen and also soothes sunburn, helps tone and nourish the skin. These natural ingredients have a lot of skin care benefits that also will increase the quality of your shaving routine through moisturization, increased suppleness and elasticity of your skin. Just another reason why the Parma Violet and Cashmere shave soap from Wickham Soaps are a perfect match to fit your shaving routine.

The big difference is the aromas that each soap produces. The Parma Violet has notes of Dry Wood, Heliotrope, Rose, Jasmine, Lily of the valley and Hyacinth. Compared to the Cashmere with notes of Oak Moss, White Patchouli, Bergamot and Basil Leaf. Both soaps had an outstanding aroma that was pretty strong yet not overwhelming and still had a small presence throughout the rest of the night.

What are my final thoughts on the shave soap from Wickham Soap co.? A passionate shave for passionate soap lovers. The Cashmere and Parma Violet shave soap from Wickham Soap co. provides an abundance of thick and robust lather that has a lot of cushion and a fantastic post shave end feel that could easily turn into your favorite from now on. The rich and creamy lather applies evenly across the skin on your dome and face enabling your razor to provide small fluid strokes decreasing the risk of irritation, razor burn, cuts and nicks. The aroma of both soaps is strong but not overwhelming leaving behind a small presence through out the night. The natural ingredients found in both shave soaps have a lot of skin care and shaving routine benefits that make it very hard not to try these soaps. The Parma Violet and Cashmere shave soap from Wickham Soap co. is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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