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Every one has their own opinion of what makes a perfect shave. Is it the razor? or the shaving cream? Is what you consider to be a perfect shave a direct result of quality skin care products used before and after each shave? Or maybe It’s all the above. In my opinion, I think that a perfect shave consist of the right combination of products at the right time for before, during and after your shaving ritual is completed. Lets talk specifically about one of my favorite topics, lets talk about pre-shave oil. Do you use Pre-shave oil? Is it  a part of your shaving routine? If it’s not then it should be, pre-shave oil is what I consider to be an essential part of your shaving routine.

Pre-shave oil has several purposes that are important to your shaving routine and skin care regimen. First and foremost pre-shave oil protects your skin by providing a thin layer of lubrication preventing friction between your skin and razor during shaving with your favorite creams or soaps. The shave oil helps your razor glide across your skin requiring less pressure with less chances of irritation. Shave oil not only provides a comforting platform for your razor to glide across your skin, but it also can posses benefits through natural ingredients and essential oils for great skin care. The list of natural ingredients and essential oils that are used in pre-shave oil to help with keeping your skin healthy is very long. A good starting point would be to run a search online for pre-shave oil that contains ingredients such as Castor Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Avocado Oil and Witch Hazel. This small list will get you started and on the road to healthier skin that looks and feels great.

Last but not least pre-shave oil is also used to help keep your skin soft, supple and smooth. This has a lot to do with the natural ingredients found in the oil itself and the properties these natural ingredients posses. Soft, supple and smooth skin is an essential part to not only one great shave but great shaving as a whole. Well moisturized skin can help take the blunt out of the trauma to your skin caused by shaving. Anytime you run a razor across your skin it causes trauma. Well moisturized skin has increased elasticity that helps prevent irritation, cuts, scrapes and nicks caused by your razor increasing comfort with each shave. Alpha Shaving is one brand of pre-shave oil that embodies all of the right reasons to use pre-shave oil and it’s just plain fantastic as well. The ‘Morning Glory’ pre-shave oil from Alpha Shaving does exactly what the name implies. It brings glory to your morning shave to start the day off on the right path. If you have not tried the ‘Morning Glory’ pre-shave oil from Alpha Shaving I suggest you do so to add glory to your morning shave, and start shaving the way an Alpha is intended to shave.

Truth be told I jumped at the chance of trying the ‘Morning Glory’ pre-shave oil from Alpha Shaving. Sometimes products just grab your attention right away and you know you just have to try them. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you do your research along the way. The Alpha Shaving pre-shave oil comes in a 2 FL. OZ brown tinted glass bottle with a cap that screws on/off. The tinted brown glass helps protect the consistency of the oil contained inside of the bottle. To much light over a period of time will cause the consistency of the oil to break down preventing it from doing what it’s meant to do. You can still see how much oil is still in the bottle so when you are running low you know it’s time to re-order more and trust me, after you try this shave oil for the first time you’re not going to want to run out.

The label on the front of the bottle has the brands logo and name in plain sight with a statement that reads, Shave Like an Alpha, be an Alpha. I love this saying, it shows that the fellas over at Alpha Shaving know that they have a great product and their not afraid to show it. Being confident that you have a great product is important. Being confident means you’re willing to go the extra mile with blood, sweat and tears to sell your product and make your mark on the shaving table. The bottom of the label located on the front of the bottle has the ingredients listed in plain site. I also like this strategy since the main ingredients consist of Castor Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Avocado Oil and Witch Hazel. Remember I previously stated that these ingredients have a lot of skin care benefits that keep your skin soft, healthy and smooth. Some of these benefits are healing inflamed skin, Fights the signs of aging, Reduces acne and moisturizes the skin, Helps heal scars and heal wounds, helps to soften your skin and fight infections, A good source of antioxidants that can help with skin damage caused by radiation and can help eliminate the viruses that lead to colds, sores and shingles, Helps relieve and heal dry, scaly skin and itchy scalp, Helps to heal certain skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, Helps relieve sun burn, tightens and tones the skin, Heals cuts and nicks while relieving irritation from razor burn. These are just a few out of the many benefits for your skin that these natural ingredients found in the ‘Morning Glory’ pre-shave oil from Alpha Shaving have.

To prevent pouring too much oil at one time into the palm of your hands, there is a droplet spout located in the opening of the neck of the bottle. This droplet spout also prevents spillage if the bottle is knocked over without the lid on it. This droplet spout also helps with product disbursement control. Just turn the bottle upside down and the oil drips out in small droplets. If this feature is not for you no problem at all the droplet spout is easy to remove from the neck of the bottle. I turned the bottle upside down and dripped 5-7 drops of the ‘Morning Glory’ pre-shave oil into the palm of my hand and massaged the oil into the skin of my head. The oil felt light and thick at the same time. The medium thick consistency oil coated the skin on my head evenly. I waited a few minutes letting the oil soak in making my Dome glisten in the light.

The aroma of the oil was strong and not overwhelming, but calming and pleasant. When I started to apply the shave soap with my brush I noticed the application felt very smooth and comfortable The rich and creamy soap complimented the oil as it layered over the top of it. The head shave was very smooth and the pre shave oil aided my razor in gliding across the skin of my Dome and face with small fluid strokes with minimal irritation. The face shave with the ‘Morning Glory’ pre-shave oil was just as complimentary as the head shave was. The pre-shave oil left no greasy residue behind on my Dome and face at the end of my nightly shave. I look forward to using the pre-shave oil from Alpha Shaving on a more regular basis.

What are my final thoughts on the ‘Morning Glory’ pre-shave oil from Alpha Shaving? The term “Shaving like an Alpha, Be an Alpha” means your shaving like  BOSS! every time. The pre-shave oil comes in a 2 FL. OZ brown glass tinted bottle to protect the oils integrity and the consistency. located in the top of the bottle neck lies a droplet spout to help with product disbursement and to stop any oil spilling out of the bottle if it gets knocked over. The ‘Morning Glory’ pre-shave oil from Alpha Shaving contains several natural ingredients that have many skin care benefits and keeps your skin well moisturized, supple and smooth. Last but no least the pre-shave oil from Alpha Shaving provides your razor with the lubrication it needs to glide across your skin with fluid strokes with little to no irritation, razor burn, cuts or nicks. The ‘Morning Glory’ pre-shave oil from Alpha Shaving is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!



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