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So lets talk about one of my favorite topics of shaving, lets talk about post prep shave products. I understand that some people don’t believe in post shave products and I’m sure that there are a number of shavers out there that feel as though they just simply don’t either need to use post shave products or that they just don’t need them. I will admit that I used to be one of those shavers until a couple of years ago. So what changed my mind? I finally got tired of having a lot of irritation after I was done shaving. I did use lotion but that only helped for a while. I always saw online articles about Pre and post prep products to help sooth dry and irritated skin so I thought that would be a good starting point.

Truth be told in the beginning I did not want to keep adding more shaving products to my routine because it would increase the cost. After I started using more after shave, and the irritation from shaving decreased a lot I decided to keep using aftershave and keep researching products to make my shave routine even better with even less irritation. What I found was that I was missing out on not only great products but also on great products with great skin care qualities also. When I talk about products such as after shave splash and balm, shave oil and lotion
I don’t mean you should just pick something up at the store. You can do that if you want to, but I’m referring to products that have more natural oils and butters.

Oils such as Coconut, Avocado, Eucalyptus, Jojoba and Argan hold a lot of skin care qualities such as increasing moisture in the skin, Healing capabilities for some skin disorders such as Eczema, psoriasis and acne, and can help sooth irritated skin after shaving as well as bug bites and stings. Other ingredients such as Glycerin, Shea Butter, Bees Wax and Bentonite Clay serve as protection through building a protective barrier on the top layer of the skin while some of the other ingredients work on increasing  deep moisture content promoting soft and supple skin that can also help decrease razor burn, cuts and nicks after shaving and help stop the spread of bacteria and infection. Yep! pre and post prep routine shaving products can do all that and so much more it just really depends on what ingredients are contained in the product itself. Your skin will thank you for some added TLC before and after shaving I guarantee it!

One of my favorite post prep shave items is aftershave splash. When I think of aftershave splash I think of Thayers. Thayers has been around since the 1800’s, their brand of witch hazel is an Aloe Vera formulated astringent that’s alcohol free and a natural skin toner that’s soothes your skin after every shave. Thayers changed the container of their witch hazel to a more retro style looking bottle and I recently had the chance to try several of their pairings as a part of my post prep shave routine. I also had the chance to try a bottle of their dry and itchy skin relief lotion as well. I received three 12 oz. bottles of witch hazel in three different aromas consisting of Lemon, Cucumber and unscented. All three bottles came with a red flip top lid located at the top of the bottle. Flip open the lid and you will find a little spout located inside. This little spout is where the witch hazel comes out of. When you are ready for it, just turn the bottle upside down or on its side and give it a little squeeze. A small amount of witch hazel is dispersed into the palm of your hand.

I also received a 12 oz. bottle of witch hazel medicated topical pain reliever sold as a first aid product rather than an astringent or toner. The description on their website reads that it’s a medicated superhazel formula with Aloe Vera for soothing itches, rashes, burns, insect bites, razor burn and other irritations. I decided that it was close enough to aftershave so I included it in my post prep routine product line up along with the other bottles. The only difference between the three bottles of witch hazel was the aroma of each one. The ‘Cucumber’ and ‘Lemon’ scents are very light and only last for a short period which is fine by me. After I was done with shaving I rinsed my head and face, toweled off and then applied the witch hazel as an after shave splash. I turned the bottle side ways and gave it a couple of short squeezes into the palm of my hand applying the astringent/toner to my Dome and face. It felt cool and calming to my skin soothing any razor burn or irritation caused from shaving. The witch hazel soaked into my skin quickly leaving behind no greasy residue but a clean feeling instead. The skin on my Dome and face had a nice smooth and toned look.

Last but not least I received along with the 12 oz. bottles of medicated topical pain reliever and astringents and toners a 6 oz. bottle of Dry and Itchy Skin Relief soothing lotion. This 6 oz. bottle also came with a red flip top lid with a small spout located in the middle for optimal product dispersal. Tip the 6 oz. bottle on its side or all the way upside down and give it a small squeeze to disperse the lotion into the palm of your hand. This soothing lotion follows in the witch hazel foot steps in the aspect of a little goes a long way. after I applied the witch hazel and it dried into my skin I applied the soothing lotion next. I tipped the bottle upside down and gave it a small but ample squeeze and dispersed a small amount of lotion into the palm of my hand. I noticed when I applied it to my skin that it goes on a little thick but spreads evenly. The lotion also dries into the skin quickly without any greasy residue but a shine and a lot of smoothness left on my skin. The ‘Apple Cider Vinegar’ scent creates a very light aroma that’s very appealing and pleasant. All together the witch hazel and soothing lotion make a good combination for a great post shave routine that leaves your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Thayers ‘Witch Hazel’, ‘Medicated Superhazel Topical Pain Reliever’ along with the ‘Dry and Itchy Skin Relief Soothing Lotion’ contains Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Calendula Oil, Clove Oil, Peppermint Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Slippery Elm and Colloidal Oatmeal that have a lot of skin care benefits such as a natural skin toner, Cleanser, treats and can help prevent Acne and Black Heads, Soothes dry and cracked skin, Treats Wrinkles, Removes Scars, Can be used as a Sunscreen and sooth sun burn, Reduces inflammation and eliminate infection. The witch hazel is also Fragrance free, Paraben Free, Naturally Preserved and Hypoallergenic. If you have not tried the Thayers Natural Remedies I suggest you do so, I know your going to love them!

What are my final thoughts on the Thayers Natural Remedies Witch Hazel, Topical Pain Reliever and Soothing lotion? A great post prep routine that’s Fragrance-Free, Paraben-Free, Naturally Preserved, Hypoallergenic, Alcohol free and 100% fantastic. The witch hazel acts as both an astringent and toner helping to prevent infections and the growth of bacteria on the skin. The witch hazel soaks into the skin quickly leaving behind no greasy residue. The ‘Cucumber’ and ‘Lemon’ aroma was light and short lived. The soothing lotion has a thickened consistency that spreads evenly across your skin giving it a smooth shine. I really enjoyed reviewing the Thayers products and I look forward to using them in the future. The Thayers Natural Remedies products are approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day.


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