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So lets talk about storage. We all love our safety razors, bowls and brushes there is no doubt about that. It’s pretty safe to say that if you are into wet shaving then you probably have more than one of everything. More razors, more brushes and more bowls means one thing, MORE STORAGE!! If you’re collecting more shaving equipment than you are definitely going to need more space and believe me when I say that your extra space disappears quickly when you start buying stuff. If you have a growing number of safety razors you are going to need some kind of a storage rack for you razors. How big and how many razors it will hold is always a good question and it really depends on how much space you have available and were this extra space is located. I personally don’t have a lot of space so I have very few choices to make.

When deciding which storage capacity works best for you the next hurdle is what you want it to look like and where to buy it from. You don’t want to store your precious razors in any old stand do you? Do you want a stand that’s all metal or wood. Do you want to hang your stand on the wall or will it sit next to your sink in the bathroom or will it sit inside of your shave den waiting until the next time you shave. After you decide were and how you are going to store your razors the next step is deciding were you will buy your storage from. There are plenty of websites out there that sell a lot of storage solutions for all of your shaving equipment. I found Richter Customs on a popular social media platform and followed his link to his website and was impressed with what I found.

Richard Richter the founder and owner of Richter Customs designs and makes custom storage solutions for all of your wet shaving needs. Richard Richter custom makes each piece with precision while making each piece as functional as possible. If you look on his website you will see several storage pieces for your shaving equipment in different shapes and sizes with a variety of storage capacity. Whether you are just looking for a storage solution for your razors, or, for both your razors and brushes that rest on your counter or hang on the wall. Richard hand crafts all of his storage pieces out of wood such as Cherry, Birdseye Maple and Black Walnut. Me personally I love hand crafted wood stands, there’s something about the shininess of a safety razor against wood, the color contrast always looks good especially when the wood is stained.

I visited Richter Customs on and picked the Cherry Wood 5 Razors Safety Razor stand right away. I love Cherry Wood it’s a strong and stable wood that is great for making furniture and other hand crafted items as well. This custom Cherry Wood safety razor stand will fit up to 5 safety razors. The number of razors it will hold is customizable, Richard gives you the option at check out of how many razors you want your stand to hold. This Cherry Wood razor stand has 3/4 inch holes drilled through the top of the stand and half way through the bottom piece but not all the way through to serve as a resting point for your razor to help keep it in place. The 3/4 inch holes is wide enough to house a variety of long and large handled safety razors. The stand is a perfect rectangular shape with perfect square corners that are nice and tight. On the bottom of the stand on all four corners you will find little felt feet so your stand isn’t resting directly on your counter. These felt feet help protect the bottom of your stand from scratches and nicks or potential water damage. The whole stand measure in at 8 1/2″ long x 3″ Height x 2″ Wide making it a perfect addition to my shave den. I don’t have a lot of room for storage of razors so this small but very functional stand definitely serves it purpose in my shaving cabinet. The Cherry Wood also pretty closely matches my cabinet.

I have many safety razors in my collection, but with this stand holding up to 5 razors I can pick out the next 5 razors I want to shave with and store them in the stand stopping me from having to dig through all of my razors to find the right one. A functional stand that’s hand crafted and time saving at the same time, I’m loving this stand all ready and you will two if you decide that the Cherry Wood 5 razors safety razors stand from Richter Customs on is right for you. If you have not already checked out Richards hand crafted razor stand and other storage solutions I suggest you do. You might just find something you really like.

What are my final thoughts on the Cherry Wood 5 Razors Safety Razor Stand from Richter Customs on A quality product that’s hand crafted with functional value. The stand is made out of Cherry Wood with several coates of tung and oil for a superb finish. The Cherry Wood  is sturdy and stable perfect for making hand crafted items. The corners of the stand are nice and tight giving this stand a feeling of sturdiness and reliability. The stand measures in at 8 1/2″ long 3″Height 2″ wide with felt feet on the bottom of the stand. The 3/4″ holes located through the stand can house a variety of long and large handled safety razors. This stand will fit in most shaving cabinets and you can load it up with the next 5 safety razors you wish to include in your shaving routine. I was and still am very impressed with level of craftsmanship that Richard from Richter Customs put into when making this stand. Richard is a true craftsman and his work shows! Don’t just take my word for it. Visit his website on and take a look at some of his other storage solutions. You might just find your next treasure. The Cherry Wood 5 Razors Safety Razor Stand is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation all those with hair. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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