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I used to be the kind of fella to just shave with whatever I bought from the store. It usually consisted of something from a can. I didn’t know any better at the time and really I didn’t care. Shaving was just a chore that I wanted to get done quickly. I was always dedicated to the Bald lifestyle but didn’t pay much attention to skin care. As the years went on my shaving routine evolved and I started using better products and soon I turned to wet shaving and the Artisan side of the shaving product spectrum. There is a big difference between big brands and Artisan. Big Brands like to use a lot of chemicals in their products because it’s cheaper for them and more expensive for you. The big brands also like to tell you that their products are better for you and your skin. My question for them is why is it when I look at the ingredients listed on the back of their packaging I can’t pronounce them? I can’t even begin to tell you what each ingredient is and what It does or better yet why it’s good for my skin?

Artisan style shaving products usually contain more natural oils and butters. They make their products in smaller batches so they can monitor and control they quality of their product. Artisan style shaving cream, soaps and croaps usually contain ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Tea Tree Oil and butters such as Shea Butter and Kokum butter. The list goes on and on. There are many combinations of natural ingredients that have many beneficial skin care qualities that Artisans can include in their products. Buffaloshave is one Artisan that uses essential oils and butters to handcraft a shaving product to the wet shaving circle that is good for your skin and for your daily or nightly shave. After trying their soaps It didn’t take long for me to realize that I wanted to get to know their soaps better and I’m glad I did.

I received in the mail the Barbershop Clean and the Original Formula shave soap from Buffaloshave.com both soaps came in a heavy duty aluminum 4.5 oz round tin with a lid that screws on and off. Both the Original Formula and Barbershop Clean shave soap created a thick and creamy lather that was robust in texture and consistency. The lather contained both a nice cushion for a comfortable shave and a slickness that helped my razor glide across my skin without leaving irritation. The lather clung to the bristles of my shave brush and spread evenly across the skin of my Dome and face. Some lather starts off thick and smooth but after a few moments starts to thin out and dissipate. This was not the case with the lather from both the Barbershop Clean and Original Formula, the lather stayed nice, creamy and robust for the whole shave.

In fact the only difference between the two shave soaps is the fragrance. The Barbershop Clean has an aroma that might remind you of an actual barbershop. Shaving is a time honored tradition that is passed down from father to son. I never visited a barber shop as a child but I would like to think that the Barbershop Clean is an aroma that I would have smelled if I had. It has a very clean smell about it, very pleasant and strong enough to make its presence known. Even after my nightly shave was completed the aroma was present but not overwhelming. The Original Formula is lovely and has an aroma that I can’t really compare to anything else. All I can say about the Original Formula is that you wont be disappointed with the fragrance.

If you are looking for shave soap that has ingredients that are good for your skin then you have come to the right place. The Barbershop Clean and Original Formula shave soap from Buffaloshave.com contains several ingredients that have many skin care benefits such as Castor Oil, Kokum Butter, Coconut Oil, Glycerin and essential oils for fragrances that Helps to regenerates skin cells, rejuvenates and softens while preventing drying of the skin,  A natural exfoliant, Helps the skin fight Acne, Eczema and psoriasis, Helps to dry up oily patches fighting black heads and pimples, Has anti-inflammatory properties helping to decrease redness and swelling from bug bites and stings, A natural sun block, Fades blemishes, Prevents stretch marks and reduces pigmentation of the skin, Keeps your skin soft and supple reducing the chances of razor burn, cuts and nicks and increases comfort level. A great shave from a soap with a lot of skin care benefits. Why not try it for your self and notice the difference the shave soap from Buffaloshave.com makes to your every day skin care regimen and shaving routine.

What are my final thoughts on the Barbershop Clean and Original Formula shave soap from Buffaloshave.com? A great shave from a great soap that produces a great lather with lots of skin care benefits. Buffaloshave.com hits the nail on the head right away.  Their soap produces a lot of lather with a lot of cushion and even more slickness. Both the Barbershop Clean and Original Formula shave soap have fantastic aroma’s that smell authentic they don’t have that chemical smell. That’s because Buffaloshave.com uses essential oils for fragrance not a chemical that’s irritable to your skin. Each head and face shave with Buffaloshave.com was comfortable making my time spent with these shave soaps very memorable leaving me wanting to shave once again with these fine Artisan style soaps. I would recommend Buffaloshave.com to any shaver as a must try product. This may just be your next perfect shave. The Barbershop Clean and Original Formula shave soap from Buffaloshave.com is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation and to anyone else who has hair! Love your product and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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