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A couple of months ago I had the privilege of reviewing some shaving products from the product review will be published shortly but I must say that I think their products are fantastic. TrueFitt & Hill is what I consider to be everything a company should be. Sophisticated, classy and world-class is just a couple of defining terms that I’m pretty sure fits their company to a tee. TrueFitt & Hill established in 1805 and stated in the guinness book of world records as the worlds oldest barbershop has a lot of class and sophistication. TrueFitt & Hill has had an extensive and distinguished long list of clientele as well as patrons of society who have helped shape the world. From royalty to actors and all those in between TrueFitt & Hill has served our shaving community with fine shaving products all carefully crafted in England. Once you try their products I’m sure you will understand why TrueFitt & Hill has such a great reputation of class and sophistication.

I recently had a chance to try TrueFitt & Hill’s beard products consisting of their beard oil and balm. It’s no big secret that I don’t have a beard. It’s also not a big secret that I love beard products used as pre and post prep shaving routine items. I jumped at the chance to try the beard products from TrueFitt & Hill especially after previously reviewing some other shaving products from the same company. I’ve had the chance to speak with TrueFitt & Hill several times and each time they have been polite, courteous and kind. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with TrueFitt & Hill so far and I’m sure their products are just as classy as their customer service is.

I received a couple of beard products in the mail for review. The natural conditioning Beard Oil from TrueFitt & Hill came in a  2 fl. oz hard plastic bottle with a screw on/off cap. Located in the neck at the top of the bottle is a dripper insert that helps with product disbursement. The hard plastic bottle was somewhat squeezable and when turned upside down the beard oil dripped slowly out of the bottle into the palm of my hand one drip at a time. The natural conditioning beard oil from TrueFitt & Hill has a thinner consistency that spread evenly across the skin of my Dome and face. The natural conditioning beard oil absorbed into my skin quickly without any greasy residue. The beard oil left my skin glistening, supple and well moisturized. The beard oil provided a smooth and slick surface between my skin and shave soap for my razor that helped prevent razor burn, cuts and nicks. The Green Tea and Cucumber fragrance is light but pleasant with a crisp aroma.

The TrueFitt & Hill natural conditioning beard oil contains a blend of  Coconut, Avocado, Sesame, Jojoba and Argan Oil. This natural blend of oils have many skin care benefits such as a skin softner, helps heal certain skin disorders such as acne, eczema and psoriasis, helps to  avoid and treat sunburn, enhances the skins ability to generate collagen, helps the skin heal burns, rashes and wounds, works as an antioxidant, helps heal dry and cracked skin, helps regulate your circulatory system, helps prevent bacterial infection, helps repair damaged skin cells, slows down the aging process of the skin, to help treat skin infections and bug bites, a natural skin toner and exfoliation, to help control and prevent razor bumps and razor burn. All theses positive attributes and the natural conditioning Beard Oil from TrueFitt & Hill wont clog the pores in your skin or clog up your razor. The natural conditioning beard oil form TrueFitt & Hill definitely adds value to your shave routine and skin care regimen every time you use it.

Along with the Beard Oil from TrueFitt & Hill I also received a jar of Styling & Conditioning Beard Balm in a 50ml glass Jar with a screw on/off lid. Beard Balm is used to keep your beard nice and soft. Beard Balm is also used to keep the skin underneath and around the hair of your beard supple and moisturized. I might not have a beard but I can still use beard balm as a moisturizer. The TrueFitt & Hill beard balm is made from 100% natural  non-synthetic ingredients that is both alcohol and paraben free with some natural ingredients such as Jojoba, Kukui Nut, Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Shea Butter and Bees Wax.

These natural ingredients help moisturize the skin, control oily skin, help control Acne, psoriasis and eczema, help reduce the effects of sunburn and help heal wounds and scars,  skin blemishes and discolorations, helps heal skin infections and insect bites, is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, helps strengthen and regenerate skin cells and last but not least all of these natural ingredients help keep your skin nice, smooth and supple. After my nightly shave was over with I finished it off with the beard balm from TrueFitt & Hill. I ran my index finger over the surface of the balm and collected a small amount on the tip of my finger. The balm comes in a solid form but is softer in consistency. I placed the balm in the palms of my hands and squeezed my hands together allowing my body heat to warm the balm up. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way and less is more once the balm is heated up. I then proceeded to rub it into the skin on my Dome and face. The balm felt warm and smooth quickly absorbing into my skin and left no greasy residue behind. What was left behind was a nice glistening shine that left my skin feeling supple and moisturized. A perfect balm for a perfect end to a perfect shave. Once you try the beard balm from TrueFitt & Hill for yourself I’m sure that you will agree with me as well.

What are my final thoughts on the beard oil and balm from TrueFitt & Hill? Great products even for men who don’t have a beard. Even though these beard products are marketed to men who sport beards they work well as shaving tools as well. The beard oil has a thinner consistency that feels good on the skin and provides a nice smooth surface for your razor to glide across the surface of your skin during shaving. The beard balm moisturizes and increases the softness of your skin while maintaining a suppleness level that leaves your skin glistening after each use. The natural ingredients found in both the beard oil and balm have many benefits for your skin. After you try the beard oil and balm from TrueFitt & Hill you may ask your self why am I not using these products with each shave? The beard oil and balm from TrueFitt & Hill are approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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