Cut Throat Club Guest Post

Here at TheBaldNation I like to promote all kinds of shaving. To each his own is my motto. Shaving is all about choices and what works best for you. Some guys just want to get the chore of shaving over with, some guys love the art of shaving and learning the tricks of the trade I guess you could say.

Some guys are strictly cartridge shavers and never plan on changing. Some guys love wet shaving and all its  glory. Then there’s the Cut throat gentlemen that are all about sharp blades with no guards. They love to feel the cold steel across their skin and take their lives into their own hands every time they shave with their straight razor.

I love the thought of shaving with a straight razor and one day I will join the ranks of the cut throats, but until that day I will gladly support guest posts talking about the ins and outs of cut throat shaving. Russ the owner of a new start-up club called Cut Throat Club is dedicated to serving your straight razor needs. Hi site promotes the art of shaving with a straight razor and also sells quality razors and kits to get you well on your way to shaving old school. He’s also taken time out of his busy schedule to guest blog here on TheBaldNation. I’m sure you find his post adds value to your shaving routine. Click on the link here or in the bottom paragraph to visit Cut Throat Club and check out his straight razors and razors sets.


Tips and Tricks of Shaving your head with a Cut Throat Razor

For most people getting started in wet shaving, using a straight edge razor can be tricky, but after some practice it becomes much easier. Using a straight razor to shave your head is even trickier – primarily because it is more difficult to view and the shape is curved as opposed to the two flat surface on the face of the cheek and the neck. However a few simple tips and more practice can make shaving your head with a straight razor just as easy and turn this chore into an enjoyable experience.

1. Focus on angles

Different to your face, your head is curved, which means that you will need to continually adjust your razor’s angle to achieve the closest shave. The best way to do this at first is to do a lot of small passes so that each pass has minimal requirements to change the angle. However after some practice you will be able to do long passes with small changes in angle throughout.

This will need a lot of concentration on your part, but like any skill practice makes perfect.

2. Get to know your head

Every head is different and can have imperfections, bumps, slopes, and loose skin. Get to know the changes in your head and recognize how this will impact on your shaving technique. Start by feeling with your fingers before every pass. This will take time but will result in a significant reduction in any cuts and nicks.

3. Learn to shave both sides

Shaving both sides of your head using only one hand means that you will be using a very different technique on the right side of your head compared to the left. Unless you are ambidextrous and can switch it up I suggest that you start slowly and use a sharp razor. The more passes you need to do the higher the likelihood of cutting yourself, and a blunt razor will force you to apply more pressure.

4. Get a shaving mirror and good lighting

Another difficulty in shaving your head is that you simply cannot see where you are shaving clearly with a normal mirror. An adjustable shaving mirror can eliminate this problem, and if you make sure that the lighting is bright you can help to shave those problem areas such as being your ears and the back of your neck.

5. Remember to strop and hone more often

If you consider the increased amount of surface area you need to shave when shaving both your face and head, then think of the increased work that your straight razor has to do. It could be as much as three times as much area to cover, and all of that means that your razor will lost its edge much more quickly.

Remembering that a straight razor’s primary benefit is that you can keep it sharp, so shaving your head as well means that you will need to strop and hone your razor much more often to keep it in prime condition. Cut Throat Club is an Australian based company specializing in building straight razor kits containing high quality European razors, strops, and soap all within an Australian varnished wooden box.

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