Oscar’s Shave Oil

Man’s best shave!



I love shave oil! In fact I can’t get enough of it. Some people say it’s all the same but it’s really not. Shave oil can differ from each product as much as shaving cream or soap. Saying one shave oil is the same as the next is like saying one shave soap or cream is the same as the next. Generally speaking shave oil is viewed by some to be an optional product that really doesn’t make a difference. I strongly disagree with this rule of thought. Before I go any further I want to say that shave oil should not make up for any short comings of the soap or cream that you are using for your nightly or daily shave.

If your product isn’t working for you then you need to maybe try something different. Shave oil should add value to your shave routine and skin care regimen. Shave oil adds value to your shave routine by increasing the slickness of your lather through extra glide for your razor across the surface of your skin. Extra slickness and glide means less chances of razor burn, cuts and nicks, I’d definitely say that’s added value wouldnt you? Shave oils that contain therapeutic grade essential oil and other natural ingredients that help increase hydration level, moisture content and helps the skin fight certain skin problems also help increase the skins softness and suppleness adding value to your skin care regimen. Shave oil is definitely a product that can benefit your shaving routine and especially your skin care regimen at the same time.

I found Oscar’s Shave Oil while cruising around social media. I looked around on their website for a while and after reading their about us section decided that their product was something I wanted to try. The fine folks over at Oscar’s Shave Oil are doing it old school craftsman style. All of their product is produced in small batches to ensure that quality is their top priority. Small artisans that produce their product in small batches have more control over how their product is made and the quality that product produces. Oscar’s Shave Oil cares about the world and the environment we live in when handcrafting their product in small batches. All of their shave oil comes in recyclable glass and they buy all of their raw material and handcraft their shave oil right here in the USA. Just one more reason why I had to try their shave oil and I’m glad I did and so will you once you try their product for yourself.

I received a bottle of the Signature blend shave oil from Oscar’s Shave Oil in the mail. The shave oil comes packaged in a 1 fl. oz. blue bottle with an eye dropper lid. I like the blue bottles, for one they just look cool!, and secondly the blue color protects the oil inside of the bottle from the sunlight. To much sunlight will decrease the quality and consistency of the oil inside the bottle. The eye dropper lid helps you control the amount of product used for every shave. The white label with dark lettering makes reading the label easy. The Oscar’s Shave Oil logo of Oscar himself is right on the front of the bottle. I’m a huge dog lover so I liked that right away. The overall packaging says to me that the folks over at Oscar’s care about their product and the quality it provides matters to them because it matters to you. The shave oil is made from all Organic oils infused with some other therapeutic grade essential oils such as Vanilla, Clove and orange. The aroma of this oil is faint but very pleasant perfect for someone who is sensitive to strong smells and fragrances.

The Signature blend from Oscar’s shave oil has a nice consistency that rest on the thicker side but not to thick that it gunks up your razor. It only took 9-11 drops of oil to coat the skin on my Dome and face with a nice layer of oil that provided a smooth surface between my skin and razor cream or soap for a comfortable shave. Each shave with Oscar’s shave oil resulted in a fantastic shave without razor burn, cuts or nicks. The Oscar’s Shave Oil added value to my shaving routine and skin care regimen every time I used it. If you have not tried the Signature blend shave oil from Oscar’s Shave Oil you should you’re going to love it. The Oscar’s Shave Oil is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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