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Mess with the Bull and you get the horns!



Have you ever tried something and after the first time trying it you say WOW! I should have tried that sooner. That’s exactly what I said after trying the shave soap and shave brush combo from Bull City Soap Worx. Bull City Soap Worx is a husband and wife Durham, North Carolina based business. The husband and wife team started their business after giving birth to their son and paying attention to the list of ingredients found on the products they were buying from the store. They soon realized that they could make a product that is more healthier for you and the environment. After years of research Bull City Soap Worx was born and I’m here to tell you that because of Bull City Soap Worx my shaving routine and skin care regimen has improved.

I was searching around the internet one day for shaving soaps and among the many soaps that I found on certain social media outlets Bull City was one of them. I saw a picture of their product and the lather it produced and I said to myself ‘I have to try that soap’ so I contacted Bull City Soap Worx and had a very friendly conversation with the owner. Approachability goes a long way, if the owner is approachable and friendly that usually means he/she is a people person. Generally speaking if the owner of a company is a people person than they probably make a quality product. They want their product to make a positive impact on their customer’s life in some way shape or form. This is what Bull City Soap Worx wants to accomplish with their soaps. A quality product that brings quality to their customer’s life.

If you are looking for more than just shave soap than Bull City Soap Worx is for you. They sell HandCrafted and HandMade products as well as shaving soaps. I’ve only tried their shave soap but if their other products perform as well as their shaving products than is doing it right and in a big way. The shave soap I received in the mail came packaged in a deep aluminum 3oz. tin that can be used as a shaving bowl and re-used for something else after the shaving soap is long gone. The shaving soap from Bull City contains several natural ingredients that have many skin care benefits. Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil and Babassu Oil have many skin care benefits such as a natural skin softner and exfoliant, soothes and helps heal dry and cracked skin, natural detoxifier, helps fight skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis and acne, helps clear dark spots under your eyes, helps the skin to generate collagen. Collagen helps your skin stay firm, smooth and rejuvenated fighting the signs of aging. These natural ingredients also help with retaining water found in the skin increasing suppleness and tissue softness. So many positive contributions to your skin found in this 3oz. tin why would you not want to try it for yourself.

The shave soap from Bull City Soap Worx also contains Bentonite Clay. Bentonite clay carries a strong negative charge when hydrated with fluids that will bond with the positive charge that is carried by the toxins found in your skin. The Bentonite Clay absorbs the toxins releasing its minerals that the body in turn uses. I’m a big fan of Bentonite clay and have noticed more companies using this clay with their shaving products. The shave soap from Bull City Soap Worx is a hard bodied soap that produced an abundant lather after several rotations of the hard bristled shave brush that came with this sample. The lather had a thick consistency that was creamy and robust in texture and applied evenly to my Dome and face. The head shave was smooth with a nice slickness that left a great post shave feel. I was and still am impressed with the shave soap from Bull City Soap Worx and have used their product several times since my review. It’s a great shave every time!

What are my final thoughts on the shave brush and shave soap combo from Bull City Soap Worx? A quality shave with a quality lather. The shave soap is a hard bodied soap that comes in an aluminum tin that’s just big enough to build your shave ready lather. The lather is smooth and creamy containing natural ingredients that add value to your shaving routine as well as your skin care regimen. The lather feels soft, smooth and relaxing while rejuvenating your Dome and face at the same time as you are shaving. The brush that came with the shave soap was a hard bristled brush that helped build the robust shave ready lather for a shave that will make you want to come back for more every time. So much great lather from a small tin. The shave brush and shave soap combo from Bull City Soap Worx is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


You can find Bull City Soap Worx on these other social media platforms.

(1.) Facebook
(2.) BullCitySoapWorx.webs.com


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