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A great pre-shave from a beard oil



I guess you could say that I’m a big fan of shave oil. I have been for a long time now. I can never get enough of it. I search the internet for hours looking at different pre-shave oils and researching all the ingredients that are used to make pre-shave oils. I especially like the pre-shave oils that are made with all natural ingredients that add value to your skin care routine. After a while I started looking more closely at Beard oil to use as a pre-shave oil. There are some differences between shave oil and beard oil. The biggest difference is that shave oil is mainly used to add glide to your razor during your shave. There are some shave oils that have natural ingredients but the main purpose is glide.

Beard oil also provides a nice glide and the consistencies between shave oil and beard oil are both different and the same, however beard oil uses more vitamins and natural ingredients. Beard oil is mainly used to add nutrients to your skin and facial hair. Beard oil is used to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin and facial hair. After researching beard oil a little further I decided I wanted to start adding beard oil to my pre shave routine to add even more value to my nightly shaving.

I found Pinky & the Beard on a popular social media outlet and researched their website and decided that I wanted to try their product. I emailed them and they answered right away, that says good customer service to me. Their website was founded upon the idea of creating organic and natural men’s personal care products. Their Pinky & the Beard line carry scents inspired through nature while they were hiking, climbing and camping. The Pinky & the Beard line of Personal Care Products contain no man-made chemicals, dyes or perfumes. Rest assured when using their products that you are using all natural and Organic ingredients that add value to your skin care regimen and are friendly to our environment .

I don’t put a lot of initial stock into packaging with a product when deciding if I want to try it. Packaging does not make a product better or worse. I always research the product first. I will say this, how a product is packaged can say a lot about that product, what it stands for, and how the individual feels about the product he or she is producing. I had the luxury of trying three different kinds of beard oil. The Sunrise, Fragrance free and Barefoot. Even though each beard oil had a different name and aroma there is one thing all three have in common. All three beard oils are handcrafted with natural and organic ingredients.

The Fragrance free blend is 100%  Handcrafted full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. This fragrance free oil won’t clog the pores of your skin and wont leave a greasy residue behind as well. The Fragrance free 100% organic beard oil also contains  Omega 6 & 9 Essential Fatty Acids along with Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, D and vitamin E. This vitamin and fatty acid packed beard oil helps give relief from dry and itchy skin, cleanses and fights the aging process of the skin and moisturizes at the same time. The fragrance free is a plus if you are sensitive to aromas.

The Sunrise beard oil has a pleasant and mild Lemon-Herb aroma. The Sunrise beard oil has many great Organic and all natural ingredients such as Organic Grapeseed Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Castor Oil, Organic Hemp Seed Oil and last but not least Essential Oils for fragrance. The Organic Castor Oil wont clog up the pores in your skin or your razor.  All these Organic and all natural ingredients have many benefits for your skin. Increasing and protecting the skin hydration, helping to heal bug bites and stings, Helping to heal rashes and sunburn. The healing properties of the Sunrise Beard oil also include eczema , Acne and psoriasis. All of this healing while increasing the suppleness level of the skin through increased moisturizing are just some of the positive attributes you will find with this oil.

The Barefoot Beard oil also contains the same Organic and all natural ingredients that have the same positive attributes for your skin care regimen and shaving routine. The only difference between the Sunrise beard oil and the Barefoot oil is the aroma. The Barefoot beard oil has a sweet and earthy vanilla scent. In fact the only difference between the three different beard oils is the aroma. The functionality of all three beard oils is the same. All three oils have the same positive attributes for your skin. All three oils coat your skin evenly and provide a smooth surface for your razor to glide across your skin safely without worrying about cuts and nicks. The only big decision you have to make with the beard oil from Pinky and the Beard is what fragrance you want.

There were several points on the packaging that I liked right away. The dropper top helps you conserve product and be more precise to how many drops you need to coat your dome and face. I use 10-15 drops to cover both my Dome and face with a generous amount of oil letting it soak in before adding the lather over top of the oil. The small thick glass dark blue bottles the oil from Pinky and the Beard comes packaged in helps protect the consistency of the oil. To much heat and sunlight can weaken the consistency of the oil changing the outcome of each shave. Think of the dark blue bottles as sun screen for oil. The thickness of the glass makes each bottle of oil feel substantial in the palm of your hands. I also really like the labeling on the bottle. All the ingredients are labeled on the back of the bottle with numbered steps for the best use of the oil. The dark label with light-colored lettering wraps around the dark blue-bottle. The light-colored lettering is very easy to see since the label and bottle both are of a darker color. A nice thick oil with Organic and natural ingredients with a faint but pleasant aroma that’s packaged in a bottle that has positive attributes for the skin. Pinky and the Beard has hit the mark big time. I really think they have a great product that has a lot of positive points that adds value to each shave as well as skin care management.

All three oils performed with the same functionality during each Head shave. The consistency of the Fragrance free, Sunrise and Barefoot beard oil from Pinky and the Beard made each application across my Dome and face smooth and comfortable. All three oils helped my safety razor glide across my skin effortlessly shaving away unwanted hair without feeling the blade across my skin. I felt the pressure from the razor on my head but I did not at any time feel the blade. The consistency of the oil helped defeat the chances of razor burn, cuts and nicks. Each of the three Beard oils that I tried left the skin on my Dome feeling soft and smooth after each use. The skin on my Dome had a nice glow as well. The face shaves were just as good as the head shaves were.

My face is clean-shaven so I cannot compare this beard oil to other beard oils in terms of over all beard care. What I can do is review this product in terms of a pre-shave oil for your Dome and face and relay to you my experiences with this product. In relation to facial care all three beard oils from Pinky and the Beard left my face feeling refreshed and smooth after each shave. I usually do two passes on my face with my safety razor and the beard oil from Pinky and the Beard added comfort to each pass. What are my final thoughts on the Pinky and the Beard Fragrance free, Sunrise and Barefoot beard oil used as a pre-shave oil from InspiredNaturals? A great pre-shave oil from a beard oil! I love beard oils used as pre-shave oil. So many vitamins and nutrients packed into each bottle and so many positive attributes for your skin as well. Each bottle of beard oil from Pinky and the Beard has all natural ingredients and some bottles have Organic ingredients.

No matter which bottle you chose to use for your nightly or daily shave your adding value to each shave and skin care regimen every time. Each bottle of oil from Pinky and the Beard adds slickness to your shave and decreases the chances of razor burn, cuts and nicks. Each bottle of beard oil from Pinky and the Beard leaves the skin on your dome and face feeling refreshed and smooth after each use as well as rehydrated and comfortable. I can’t say enough good things about this beard oil. The Pinky and the Beard,  Beard oil used as a pre-shave oil is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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