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I think we all will agree that wet shaving has many benefits for your skin and your pocket as well. Wet shaving can be just a hobby or the only way you shave. That’s the beauty of wet shaving, you can practice the art a couple days a week, or, it can be your only means of shaving. It’s your choice. One of the many things about wet shaving that I like is the brother hood that comes along with it. No matter what race, creed or tax bracket you come from there is common ground found in the wet shaving community. From the hard-core wet shavers to the weekend warriors the wet shaving community flourish with brother hood all the time.

The fine art of wet shaving travels across the seas to other continents and countries as well. Wet shaving is world-wide and growing. More people male and female are ditching cartridge razors entirely or partially to experience wet shaving on a regular basis and learning the art form from other shavers as well. This is what lead me to my review with River Valley Trading. South Africa is known as the mother land to some, and is a country that I hope to visit one day. Until that day I can enjoy some of the fantastic artisan soaps that South Africa has to offer through River Valley Trading. I’ve had many conversations with the fellas from River Valley Trading and they have a lot of class and knowledge for the fine art of wet shaving. Their customer service is top-notch and friendly. If you have not visited the River Valley Trading website you should.

I had the chance to try three different artisan soaps from three different vendors and all three shaves were what I consider to be fantastic. The three soaps I had to try were the Wild Mountain Beard & Shave Handmade Soap with Wild Dagga & Cedar fragrance, RVT ‘Durban Bay Rum’ Artisan Shave Soap and the Vanilla Patchouli scented Wriggly Tin Goat Milk Shave Soap. All three soaps from different vendors but performed well. The Wild Mountain Beard & Handmade soap comes in a 130 mg bar of soap. The bar is packaged in a box nestled in a slide out insert. The soap is hand-made from within the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands with natural ingredients from local sustainable organic sources. The Wild Mountain soap contains natural ingredients such as Aloe Ferox Leaf Gel that has anti-inflammatory properties as well as aiding the skin in fighting redness and irritation. This soap also contains tallow which helps protect hydration levels in the skin, and Wild Dagga which is wildly known to have skin soothing properties. The Tallow found in this bar soap helps create a very creamy lather that feels good on the skin as well as provide an excellent post shave feel.

The RVT ‘Durban Bay Rum’ shave soap comes in a plastic 165 grams tub that has enough room to build your lather inside of the container. This formulated soap provides a slick, rich and creamy lather that is both long-lasting while providing a great cushion of protection. The Durban Bay Rum from RVT contains all natural ingredients without animal products, synthetic fragrances and artificial colors. The Durban Bay Rum shave soap is also free from preservatives and parabens. The natural ingredients found in this soap are Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Avocado Oil, Glycerin, French Clay and several essential oils consisting of bergamot, bay, patchouli and some cinnamon. This soap helps the skin fight redness, irritation and also has anti-inflammatory properties. These natural ingredients help protect and preserve the hydration levels in the skin along with help fight against eczema, psoriasis and other skin problems. This soap produces lather in abundance that’s rich and creamy as well as long-lasting with a great post shave feel.

The Vanilla-Patchouli scented Wriggly Tin goat milk shave soap is made in  Magaliesburg, South Africa. This 110 gram puck of shave soap has a sweet earthy scent that makes it very hard not to take a big bite out of it every time I smell it. Although, I don’t think the taste would match the Vanilla Patchouli aroma. The Wriggly Tin Shave Soap is hand-made from the Wriggly Tin Farm were all the goats there are raised naturally and not fed hormones or stimulants. The soaps from Wriggly Tin Farm do not contain preservatives or parabens. The fragrance for this soap comes from pure essential oils and the natural clays found in this goats milk shave soap give the 110 gram puck its dark earthy color. The natural ingredients found in this shave soap consist of fresh Goats Milk, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Essential Oils. All these natural ingredients combined together in one puck of shave soap help aid the skin in fighting eczema and psoriasis. These natural ingredients also help heal bug bites and stings, sun burn and rashes as well as treat dry skin. These natural ingredients help keep your skin feeling soft and smooth with every shave.

The Head shave with all three artisan soaps was fantastic. All three soaps produced an overabundance of lather that had a lot of the same attributes such as a rich and creamy lather. The rich and creamy lather from all three soaps also provided an over abundance of slickness that aided my razor in gliding across my Dome and face creating a smooth shave every time. I decided to bloom the wriggly Tin Handcrafted goats milk shave soap to unlock the full potential of this soap right away. After about fifteen minutes of soaking in a warm bowl of water, the goats milk shave soap was ready to go. After rotating my hard bristled shave brush on to the newly softened soap puck the lather exploded into my shave bowl right away. It didn’t take long to achieve a full bowl of lather that was both creamy and robust.
The lather clung to my shave brush blooming the bristles like a flower. The lather applied evenly across my Dome and face and stayed abundantly robust until it was time to shave. The goats milk provided an over the top creamy lather that allowed my razor to glide across my skin with comfort while shaving away all of that unwanted hair. The goats milk found in this artisan soap puck helps provide a post shave feel that lasts well into the night. I decided to bloom the Wild Mountain Beard & Shave Handmade soap to see what kind of lather It produced. The lather was consistent and felt extra creamy. I contribute this to the tallow used in making the soap. The lather felt light and comforting on my skin. The head shave with the Wild Mountain Beard & Shave Handmade soap was just as comforting and pleasurable as the head shave with the Wriggly Tins Goat’s Milk Shaving Soap. The post shave feel was slick and moisturizing and there was no problems with razor burn, cuts or nicks. That was the second shave with an Artisan soap from South Africa that hit the mark every time.
The third and final shave with the RVT Durban Bay Rum Artisan style shave soap was a perfect third choice for a third shave with a great soap from South Africa. I was able to build the lather in the same plastic container that the soap came packaged in. The lather was also creamy and smooth. The long-lasting lather was robust right up to the end of the shave with a slickness that was both comforting and smooth providing a smooth surface for my razor to glide across my Dome and face with ease. The bay rum scented shave soap filled the air with a pleasant aroma that was not overwhelming but also made a statement during the whole shave. After my nightly shave was completed I left my lather that was left over inside of the container to dry back into the soap overnight for reuse. What a fantastic way to save money!

So what are my final thoughts on all three South African Artisan style shave soaps? The RVT Durban Bay Rum, Wild Mountain Beard & Shave Handmade Soap and the Vanilla Patchouli scented Wriggly Tin natural handcrafted Goat’s Milk shave soap might be made by different Artian’s but they all have one thing in common. The lather produced from all three of these soaps were all in over abundance with a nice creamy and robust consistency. The consistency of the lather also added slickness that aided my razor in each shave with a comfortable outcome and decreased the chances of razor burn, cuts and nicks. I’m definitely pleased with all three shave soaps and what they bring to the table of wet shaving. South Africa definitely has some great Artisans making some great soaps. The Artisan soaps from River Valley Trading are approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day. Thank you!


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