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There are different reasons why I choose a product to review. Sometimes the name of a brand just jumps out and grabs me and I take a lot of interest in their products. This is one of the reasons why I chose the products from Through the Fire Fine Craft to review and to see just how great their products really are. I found out very quickly that I agreed with the others in saying that Through the Fire Fine Craft makes some fine shaving products. Through the Fire Fine Craft not only sells shaving soap, beard oils, shave oils and aftershave. Their website also sells shaving bowls and scuttles as well as hand ground straight razors, handcrafted knives and cologne. If you haven’t gotten a chance to view their website, or, try their shaving products, you should do both by first visiting the website and go from there.

I had the pleasure of trying the beard oil, shaving soap and aftershave splash from Through the Fire Fine Craft and I really liked the whole shaving routine and how my skin felt after each use. Their shaving products are just as great as their customer service. I can see why so many shavers enjoy using their products. I picked the Cut Throat scent products from Through the Fire Fine Craft. I first started with the beard oil. I don’t have a beard but I love beard oil as a pre-shave oil for shaving. Shaving oil is primarily used as an aid for your razor to increase the glide across the surface of your skin. Some shaving oils have natural ingredients that benefit your skin and some don’t. A beard oil contains a lot of natural ingredients that are fantastic for your beard and skin because that’s what it is mainly used for. Beard oil just so happens to provide a glide for your razor as well.  For the purpose of this review I used the beard oil from Through the Fire Fine Craft as a pre-shave oil.

The beard oil came packaged in a 2 OZ. amber colored bottle with an eye dropper for product dispersal. I like eye droppers with shave oil because you can be more exact with how much you use and make your product go the extra mile.  It’s more bang for your buck! The Beard oil from Through the Fire Fine Craft contains Avocado Oil and Apricot Kernal Oil. These natural ingredients have many benefits for the skin that add value to your skin care regimen and shaving routine on an every day basis. These natural ingredients help the skin to make collagen, collagen helps your skin stay firm and reduces the aging effect of your skin, Avocado and Apricot Kernal oil also helps the skin retain water increasing the suppleness, moisturizes the skin and helps treat exzema, psoriasis and other skin disorders. The mix of Avocado and Apricot Kernal oil gives the oil a light weight, non sticky feeling.

The Cut Throat scent of the shave soap is modeled after the old barbershop scent with a twist. The powdery Lavender, Lemon, Clary Sage and Cedarwood mixed with Vanilla, Musk and Oak Moss aroma of this shave soap is pleasant and very tolerable. One sniff and you would think your back in the old barbershop that your grandfather visited. The natural ingredients listed such as Lavender, Lemon, Clary Sage and Cedarwood,Vanilla, Musk and Oak Moss have many skin benefits such as helping to fight Acne, eczema and psoriasis. These ingredients also act as an astringent, anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial. They help detoxify the skin, heal burns, heal insect bites and increase the luster of dry skin. These natural oils also help balance and regulate the natural oils in the skin reducing both oily and dry skin at the same time. Some of these natural oils are also used as a calming agent, to help treat Leucoderma and cystic formations while keeping the skin well hydrated preventing Dehydration and treating skin blemishes.

The Cut Throat shaving soap from Through the Fire Fine Craft not only has a lot of skin healing benefits, but it also comes in a 4 OZ. plastic tub with more than enough room to build a respectable lather in. After you daily or nightly shave is over with leave the lid off over night and your left over lather will dry back into the hard consistency soap for use once again. I finished my nightly shave off with the after shave splash that contains alcohol. I know many shavers don’t like to use aftershave splashes with alcohol. Aftershave splashes with alcohol can dry the skin out if used in large amounts. The aftershave splashes can especially be hard on sensitive skin. If you use an aftershave splash that contains alcohol make sure to moisturize afterwards to protect the hydration of your skin.

The Head shave with the shaving products from Through the Fire Fine Craft was comfortable and pleasant. I used the dropper that came with the beard oil and dispersed 10 drops of oil into the palm of my hand. I then mixed a couple of drops of water in with the oil to increase the amount but not to much water to change the consistency and applied it to my Dome. The oil felt lightweight and non greasy. The beard oil spread evenly on to my skin and felt very comfortable after applied. I let the oil soak into my Dome and face increasing the level of slickness for my razor before applying the shave soap.

I soaked my hard bristled shave brush in hot water for fifteen minutes softening the bristles and blooming my brush like a flower. I squeezed the excess water out of the bristles of my brush to stop from watering down the consistency of my lather. I started to rotate the bristles of my brush against the hardened shave soap creating a respectable pre lather that quickly turned into a thick and creamy shave ready lather. I added a small amount of water to the lather and continued the rotations for two minutes. The end result was a thick lather that clung to the bristles of my shave brush and applied in a thickened substance on to my dome and face. The lather was abundantly smooth and creamy adding more slickness for my safety razor. My razor glided across my Dome with grace in small fluid strokes without skipping or sliding. These small fluid strokes was reinsurance of a great head shave without worry of cuts, nicks or razor burn. The face shave was just as great as the head shave. Two passes on the face and it was baby butt smooth all the way.

After my shave was done I rinsed my Dome and face off noticing a great post shave feel that left my skin feeling moisturized and non irritated. I then added 3-4 drops of the after shave splash to my dome. The alcohol based after shave splash tightened and toned the skin killing any risk of bacteria and infection caused by shaving. The after shave from Through the Fire Fine Craft dried up my oily scalp and provided my dome with a smooth finish. I followed the after shave splash up with one of my favorite after shave balms and lotion to moisturize my skin even more.

What are my final thoughts on the beard oil, shave soap and after shave splash from Through the Fire Fine Craft. A fantastic shave with Fantastic shaving products. The beard oil that I used as a pre-shave oil has a nice consistency that won’t clog up your razor during shaving. A little goes a long way so a couple of drops will do you. The beard oil provides a nice slick for your razor to glide across your Dome and face with ease. The shave soap comes in a plastic container with plenty of room to build an abundant creamy and thick lather that is both robust and smooth. The after shave splash feels cool and calming while toning the skin at the same time. All together the shaving products from Through the Fire Fine Craft make a fine shaving routine for a great nights shave. I feel fortunate to have their products in my den of shaving products for future use. Through the Fire Fine Craft is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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