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I have been reviewing products for a little while now and I guess you could say I’ve used my fair share of products on my Dome and face. A product review is basically ones opinion of the product he or she is reviewing. If you read my reviews you will read mostly positive information about the product I’m testing. If I find something that I think is negative I will put it in my review but also explain why it could be viewed as negative but follow it up with a positive point. Why? because it’s merely an opinion and not a fact. That’s just what a product review is opinion and not fact. I would rather tell you more positive attributes about a product or products and not fill my reviews with negative opinions.

Sometimes you find a product that just hits the mark on every point, from packaging to functionality to the post shave feel after the shave, the products excels in every aspect. This is just what I found with shaving products. The fine folks over at sent a shaving package to me that consisted of shave soap, shave oil, aftershave tonic and balm. From The Holy Blacks great looking website, to the nice packaging the product came in, to the great shave and even better post shave feel. The Holy Black does it right and after you try their products you might consider making your next shave a Holy Black shave!

I was eager to try the whole shaving routine The Holy Black sent to me so I started my nightly shave off with The Holy Black Snake Oil. The Snake Oil comes in a 1 fl. oz brown squeezable bottle. In the neck of the bottle lies a dripper insert that allows you to  conserve product by letting it drip into the palm of your hand. If you are in a hurry a couple of quick squeezes will release more product, the choice is yours. The snake oil is thin in consistency and a little goes a long way. 3-4 drops of snake oil covered my Dome, while 1-3 drops covered my face with a nice coat of snake oil that helps with providing my razor with an even smoother surface to glide over my skin decreasing the risk of cuts and nicks as well as razor burn. The Snake Oil from The Holy Black adds value to your shave routine through the protective layer it provides between your skin and shave soap.

The Snake Oil from The Holy Black has more than one purpose. Not only can you use this Snake Oil as a pre-shave lubricant you can also use it for a beard oil, scalp tonic,  Anti-dandruff for your scalp and beard, Leave in conditioner, and anti-frizz. The Gunpowder Spice aroma of the Snake oil was strong but mild in strength. I’m a firm believer in pre-shave oil and the Snake Oil strengthens my belief for need of a shave oil every time I shave. Once I applied the Snake Oil to my Dome and face I waited a few minutes to let it soak in and moisturize my skin. I then focused my attention on the shave soap from The Holy Black.

The Holy Black shave soap came wrapped in brown paper and was branded with The Holy Black right on the front of the wrapper. The shave soap was a 3″ diameter jet black puck of formulated glycerin shave soap. I decided right away to bloom the jet black soap puck to soften it up and get to the good stuff right away. After blooming the shave puck I poured the excess water into a different container for later use if I needed to add more water to the lather. I started rotating my hard bristled shave brush into circles creating a lather that immediately stuck to the bristles of my shave brush. The lather was robust and dense but yet felt creamy and smooth on my Dome and face. The lather was overabundant and filled my shave bowl quickly. I was sparingly with the lather when applying it to my skin not because I had to be, but because I wanted to go the distance with this shave soap from The Holy Black and see what it could do. I found that even a small amount of lather spread evenly and abundantly across my Dome and face.

The head shave with the shave soap from The Holy Black was smooth and comfortable. My razor glided across my head with ease and simplicity with short fluid strokes that felt smooth and comfortable. The face shave was as comfortable as the head shave was. The lather was dense and creamy. The more water I added to my shave bowl full of this robust lather the creamier it became. I contribute this to the Glycerin the shave soap is formulated with. Glycerin has many benefits for the skin such as, helps to fight acne, eczema and psoriasis, helps heal burns, cuts and scrapes. Glycerin also helps heal bug bites and stings. Glycerin also helps maintain moisture in the skin. Glycerin applied to the skin helps seal in moisture increasing the skins level of suppleness. The increased suppleness helps decrease razor burn, cuts and scrapes. After my nightly shave was done I finished with The Holy Black aftershave tonic and moisturizer to end my nightly shave with a bang!

I love aftershave tonic and moisturizer. Aftershave is an astringent that helps protect the skin from bacteria. Lets accept the facts. All shavers get razor burn, cuts and nicks sometimes. It’s just life. You can take the necessary precautions to reduce the risk of these uncomfortable attributes through use of aftershave and lotions to keep your skin well hydrated and moisturized increasing the suppleness level in your skin. Aftershave whether it’s a tonic or splash also acts as a skin toner tightening up the skin reducing wrinkles and the signs of aging.

Before using the aftershave moisturizer from The Holy Black I applied the aftershave tonic that came packaged in a 250 ml brown bottle with a dripper insert located in the neck of the bottle. I tipped the bottle sideways and allowed 3-4 drops to drip into the palm of my hand. I then rubbed it into my dome. The aftershave tonic felt nice and comfortable with a slight cooling effect as well. The skin on my Dome quickly soaked up the aftershave tonic leaving behind no greasy residue. I applied 1-3 drops to my face and had the same outcome. The aftershave tonic from The Holy Black is made from real American whisky and fortified with essential and fragrant oils to make the aftershave tonic from The Holy Black a definite must have for every shave routine.

After the shave tonic soaked into the skin I next applied the moisturizing aftershave lotion infused with Aloe Vera to add an extra layer of protection to my Dome and face through moisturization. The Aloe Vera found in the aftershave lotion has many benefits for the skin. Aloe Vera helps treat certain skin conditions such as flaky or dry skin, Aloe Vera also helps treat wounds and burns, minor skin infections and cysts, Aloe Vera is also known to help the skin treat eczema, psoriasis and dandruff and last but not least helps to soothe your skin after your nightly shave. The moisturizing after shave lotion from The Holy Black comes in a dark brown 100 mL squeezable plastic bottle with a screw on cap. There is a dropper insert located in the neck of the bottle. One quick squeeze is all you need to generously coat your dome and face.

The after shave moisturizer has a thick consistency that upon application leaves a thick white film that quickly dries into the skin without leaving a greasy residue. The moisturizing after shave from The Holy Black felt cool and refreshing on my Dome and face. My skin had  a nice glow and a softened feel after application of the aftershave. My skin looked and felt moisturized. I’ve used this moisturizing aftershave many times after the this review and have had the same results every time. The moisturizing aftershave from The Holy Black really is a great product to use. The moisturizing aftershave from The Holy Black has many other uses such as a moisturizer for your face, hands, knuckles and elbows. That’s a lot of options for one moisturizer.

What are my final thoughts on The Holy Black shaving company shaving soap, pre-shave oil and aftershave splash and balm? A top notch shave from a company that gets it right from the beginning to the end. I really like what The Holy Black has done with the packaging and the shaving product. The product packaging is easy on the eyes but catchy to draw your attention in. The shaving oil is thin in consistency but helps to provide a comfortable shave when applied before the shave soap. The shave soap provides a thick and dense creamy lather that also provides a generous slickness that helps with preventing cuts, nicks and razor burn. The aftershave splash and balm help moisturize your Dome and face long after your nightly shave is over with. The shaving product from The Holy Black is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your product and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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