@Lamm1 guest post

TheBaldNation Welcomes @Lamm1

TheBaldNation welcomes Lammi @Lamm1 as the newest guest post. @Lamm1 is a newer Bald guy that has decided to learn the art of wet shaving fore head shaving. Lets give him a warm welcome as he shares his story!

Joining the best club in the best nation of them all… My journey to BaldNation!

Firstly to introduce myself. I am a mid/late 30’s guy from and living in the UK. I am a Social Worker and am passionate about supporting others, making a difference and being the difference. I have devoted many of my years to charity work and believe wholeheartedly in the good in our world. Life, for me, is about sharing. Giving. And living.

Its been two years now… Since I took that decision… And it was the BEST decision I ever took… So for anyone reading this and considering the bald lifestyle I have only one thing to say… What are you waiting for…? (OK, perhaps read this first!!).

My shave routine has changed a lot in the last two years. When I first started shaving my head it was a simple routine… My trusty Gillette Mach 3, a pressurised can of Gillette shaving gel and some moisturiser. Was it an enjoyable experience? No. At this stage it was shaving. Something that had to be done. The feedback from colleagues, friends and family alike was all positive. They loved it! And so did I! But there was no enjoyment from my side.

So what was all the fuss about? Where was this enjoyable experience fellow bald guys spoke about. I had to find out…

My first port of call was to do some research. I should add here, I like to read to inform my decisions. I read blogs, posts, views and reviews. I read far too much in truths. But I was determined to find this elusive ‘experience’. And start to enjoy my daily head shaves. My research led me to TheBaldnation where I shared some of my thoughts (all informed through research/reading) and I started to see what I had been missing. It wasn’t just about the shave. It really was about the experience. There is a whole bald community out there. People who are passionate about their domes. And what a great way of bringing people together with a shared interest to discuss not just all things bald but all things, well, anything!

After making friends (and a little more reading) I remembered why I was here in the first place… My head shaves. And adding some enjoyment. So the first thing I changed was my razor. It was time for a new approach. So DE shaving it was. I went for a Merkur 38c. Feather blades. And a Silvertip badger brush. It is true what you will read. There is a learning curve. Its frustrating. And slower. And you may feel like giving up and going back to that trusty cartridge razor. But persevere. Trust me. Persevere. And you will be rewarded. I now not only thoroughly enjoy my daily head shaves but I look forward to them!

I would like to share my full shave routine with you as this is something that took me a while to get right, including product choices, so that will be for my next blog. For now, cheers and wear that bald proud guys!

You can find @Lamm1 on twitter and read all of his tweets!

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