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A smooth shave with a great Sandalwood scent!



I’m a big fan of shaving soaps and creams, and an even bigger fan of great pre and post prep shave routine products such as pre-shave oil, After Shaves and moisturizers. What I like most of all is when I find a product that provides a great shave as well as a great pre and post shave routine as well. This is what I found with the shaving products from HandsomeRob.com. A great pre and post prep shave routine is not meant to make up for your shaving cream or soaps short comings whatever they may be.

A great pre and post prep shave routine is meant to add value and short-term as well as long-term benefits to your skin. Most pre and post prep shave products contain natural ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Glycerin, Witch hazel and a wide variety of essential oils that help protect the skins hydration level while increasing the suppleness and elasticity of the skin on your Dome and face. The Handsome Rob pre and post shave routine products along with the shaving cream contains some natural ingredients that do just that and so much more. Once you try the Handsome Rob products for your self I’m sure you will feel the same way. I found HandSome Rob on Etsy.com and on their website Handsomerob.com were they sell shaving kits and other shaving related items. I received the SandalWood scent in the mail. Handsome Rob offers other scents such as Lemon Zest and Lavender. I’ve only tried the SandalWood but am sure the other scents are just as good as the SandalWood.

I started of my nightly shave routine with the SandalWood pre-shave oil from HandSome Rob. It comes packaged in a 4 FL. OZ bottle with a pump style top. I knew right away that I was going to like the Pre-shave oil from HandSome Rob’s because the consistency was thick but felt very lightweight when applied to my Dome and face. The SandalWood pre shave oil felt comfortable providing a smooth barrier for my razor to glide across the skin on my Dome and face providing a very close shave. The pre-shave oil from HandSome Rob did not leave a greasy residue either on my hands or skin at the end of my nightly shave, and the SandalWood aroma was strong but not overwhelming. What a great start to my nightly shave routine.

After applying the pre-shave oil to my Dome and face the next step in my shaving routine for the night was the SandalWood scented Shaving Cream from Handsome Rob. The SandalWood shaving cream comes packaged in a 4 OZ jar with a screw on/off lid. The SandalWood shaving cream is softer in consistency but looks more like a gel than a creamy shaving cream. You can still load your brush the traditional way but with a shaving cream you want to be careful as to how much water you get inside of the container during loading of your brush. To much water in your container of shaving cream and it will change the consistency and lathering capabilities before you even get started. With the SandalWood shaving cream from Handsome Rob a little dab is all you need either on your Dome and face, or, on your brush to work up a lather that provides you with an excellent shave.

I turned the 4 OZ. container upside down and loaded my brush with  small amount of shaving cream and then lathered it up starting on my Dome. It didn’t take long to achieve a full-bodied rich and robust lather that spread nicely across my skin. The lather felt smooth and my razor glided across the surface of my Dome and face effortlessly with no trace of razor burn, cuts or scrapes. The SandalWood aroma of the shaving cream followed suite with the pre-shave oil but did not intensify the overall strength of the aroma. My skin felt clean and soft after my nightly shave with the SandalWood shaving cream from HandSome Rob making the decision to shave with the HandSome Rob shaving products a great idea. I finished my nightly shave off with the SandalWood After-Shave Soother. The After-Shave Soother also comes packaged in a 4 FL. OZ round squeezable plastic container. The Sandalwood After-Shave Soother from HandSome Rob feels lightweight in the palm of your hand and on your skin. The After-Shave soother also quickly dries into your skin leaving room for your favorite moisturizer to add extra hydration and suppleness to your skin on a daily basis. Just like the pre-shave oil and shaving cream the After-Shave Soother has a great SandalWood aroma that does not intensify the already SandalWood presence but rather deepens the strength in a pleasant manner. At the end of the night and after my shaving routine with Handsome Rob’s SandalWood shaving products I felt positive about the quality of shave these products provided.

The SandalWood shaving products from HandSome Rob contain some natural ingredients that add value to the vitality and healthiness of your skin while you are shaving. Aloe Vera, Allantoin and Essential Oils, Peanut Oil ,Sweet Almond Oil , Castor Oil, Safflower Oil, Grape Seed Oil,  Vitamin E, Sandalwood Essential Oil, Coconut Oil, Bentonite Clay are just some of the ingredients found in the HandSome Rob shaving products that hydrate while protecting the deep water content found in the skin. These ingredients also help treat certain skin conditions such as Acne and  Psoriasis. These ingredients also help heal insect bites and burns as well as sooth Sun Burn and Razor Burn. Last but not least these ingredients increase the suppleness, plasticity and elasticity of your skin as well. My question is not are you going to try the shaving products from HandSome Rob but rather why haven’t you tried the shaving products from HandSome Rob.

What are my final thoughts on the SandalWood pre-shave oil, shaving cream and After-Shave Soother from HandSome Rob? A smooth and memorable shave with quality that adds value to your skins health and nightly shave. The pre-shave oil from HandSome Rob goes on light and feels light on your Dome and face without any left over greasy residue. A little dab will do you with the gel like soft shaving cream that lathers right away and provides both a close and smooth shave. The After-Shave Soother feels light weight both in the palms of your hands as well as on your Dome and face. The After-Shave Soother dries quickly into your skin leaving enough room for your favorite moisturizer to finish off your shave for the night. Overall I feel fortunate to have had the chance to try the SandalWood shaving products from HandSome Rob. the shaving Products from HandSome Rob are approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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