SomerSets Shave Oil

A smooth glide with every shave with SomerSets Shave oil!



I consider my self to be a passionate shaver. Passionate about the products I try and passionate about sharing my love of shaving to who ever wants to listen. Even if no one listened I would still do what I do on social media because I love shaving. I really don’t believe in labeling myself as one kind of shaver. I like all modes of shaving and pretty soon I’m venturing into straight razor shaving as well. Being a passionate shaver also means that I can be a little sentimental. No, I’m not sentimental to the point were I save everything because it reminds me of something. I’m talking about remembering certain benchmarks in my shaving experiences whether it be a large benchmark or a very small benchmark. Certain ones mark the beginning of a phase of

Somersets shaving oil is one of those benchmarks that I’m choosing to remember for this review. Why Somersets? because Somersets was the very first shave oil that I used and the only shaving oil I used for a long time before I started reviewing shave products. At one point in time I remember asking myself, how many different shave oils could there be? WOW! That’s a big question. I currently have around 40 different oils right now and that number is steadily climbing.  My point being there are many shave oils and products to try, but you always remember some of your first products that you used.

I originally remember seeing several product pictures of Somersets on a very popular social media platform and decided to try it. I never tried shaving oil before because I really didn’t see the need for it. My shaving routine seemed to suite me well. However I did struggle with some razor burn several times a week and wanted to find a cure for that. After doing some research it led me to Somersets shave oil. One of the good things about Somersets is that I can buy it at some of my local retail stores which is always a plus in my book. The next time I went shopping I picked some up and I’ve used shaving oil for every shave. Somersets improved the quality of my shave right away and I knew that shaving oil would be a constant staple in my shaving routine. Once you try Somersets I’m sure you will agree on the quality of the shaving oil and the quality it brings to your shaving routine every time.

Even though I have many shaving oils right now, I know that I can always depend on Somersets to deliver a quality glide to my nightly shave every time I use it. Somersets is not like some other shaving oils that use mostly chemicals to get the smooth glide that you are looking for. Somersets uses only 100% all natural oils from plants such as Rosemary and Lavender, Tea Tree and Sweet Almond Oil. These all natural oils provide many positive contributions to the overall health of your skin. These all natural oils help fight eczema, Dermatitis, Oily skin and Acne, toning the skin while removing dryness, To Cleanse cuts, bruises and other skin irritations, to fight infections, Acne, To treat Psoriasis, boils and skin rashes, Reducing fine lines and other signs of aging. All these positive attributes and still providing a smooth comfortable shave at the same time. Why would you not want to add Somerset’s shave oil to your daily shave regimen.

Somerset’s maximum glide shaving oil provides my razor with a smooth slickened surface for gliding across my Dome and face shaving all that unwanted hair away in small smooth strokes. The heftiness of my razor applies extra pressure to my Dome and face but all that I feel is the razor moving across my skin. The Somersets maximum shave oil tones down the feeling of the DE blade moving across my Dome and face decreasing the risk of razor burn, cuts and nicks. The head shave with Somersets shave oil was pleasurable and comforting as well as smooth with a great post shave feel. Somersets maximum glide shave oil adds value to each shave with every shave.

Somersets not only makes shave oil to help provide your razor with a smooth slick surface for shaving. Somersets also makes a variety of other skin care products for before and after your daily or nightly shave. start your daily routine off right with the Somersets refreshing and gentle face wash. Somersets face wash with organic Aloe Vera and American Witch Hazel washing away dirt and oil from your skin that can lead to Acne leaving your skin feeling fresh and smooth.

After my refreshing Somersets Face Wash was over, I then tried the Somersets Pre-Shave Purifying Face Scrub for my Dome and face. The Somersets exfoliation is made up of Jojoba beads that actually melt into smoothness not rough and scratchy like other products that use unnatural ingredients. The Somersets Purifying Face Scrub has a blend of B5, C and E Vitamins that have many benefits for the skin such as, anti aging properties, soothing and moisturizing dry and cracked skin, To reduce inflammation and irritation, To reduce different types of sun damage and also act as a cleansing agent. The Somersets Face Scrub felt great on my Dome and face. As I scrubbed away all of the dirt and grease after a long day my skin felt refreshed. The Jojoba beads melted away leaving behind a smooth but vigorous scrub that left my the skin on my Dome and face feeling fresh and new. I used the SomerSets Purifying Face Scrub before and after my nightly shave for an even better outcome.

After I used the Purifying Face Scrub from Somersets I tried the Post Shave Razor Repair Face Balm. The Somersets Face Balm consists of some all natural ingredients such as Rose Hip Seed Oil, Chamomile and Aloe Vera. These all natural ingredients have great healing properties for the skin that helps provide a great post prep shave feel. These natural ingredients corrects UV damage from the sun, Reduce the appearance of scars and burns as well as stretch marks, they hydrate dry skin, Soothes skin rashes, minor burns and sunburn,  ease the itching of eczema and other rashes and reduces skin inflammation. The Post Shave Balm helped cool my skin after my nightly shave was over.

I finally ended my nightly skin care routine with the Somersets Replenishing moisturizer. The Somersets Moisturizer is packed full of Shea Butter, Japanese Green Tea and  Vitamins A and B. The Somersets Replenishing Moisturizer helps control and restore the skins natural balance of hydration and smoothness. The Somersets moisturizer is also combined with sunscreens to protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. The Somersets moisturizer soaks into and leaves the skin on your Dome and face feeling soft and smooth. A perfect end to a perfect skin care routine.

I also received a Somersets T-Shirt along with my Somersets review box of skin care products. On the back it reads “I’D Take A Bullet For A Close Shave” Now I don’t think I would take a bullet for a close shave but I do appreciate one. This orange T-Shirt also has the Somersets logo on the front of the T-Shirt. What a nice touch! The orange color Somersets T-Shirt is nice and comfortable making it an easy choice to wear after your nightly shave. The skin care products from Somersets is approved by TheBaldNation for our BaldNation. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day.


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