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Get a great Pre and Post Prep shave routine with the Mountaineer Brand!



If you follow me on social media then you know I’m a pretty big advocate for pre and post prep shave routines. No it’s not to make up for a shaving soap or creams short comings if there are any and it’s not to get you to buy more product. It’s simply because certain products can add value to your shave routine and skin care as well if used consistently over a period of time. Good pre and post prep items such as pre-shave oil, pre-shave soap, AS splash and balm and moisturizer that contain either some or all natural ingredients can have great attributes for your skin. These attributes can help protect your skin from such things as insect bites, burns and scrapes. These attributes also help to heal your skin from certain medical conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. These natural ingredients found in pre and post prep products also help with keeping your skin well hydrated and smooth by protecting the deep water content found in your skin while increasing the suppleness and elasticity as well. The list goes on and on. Once you start doing the research you will see why a good pre and post prep routine adds value to your shave and skin care regimen.

I found while searching for pre-shave oil and AS balm. I actually found them first on After reading more about their product I decided that I wanted to include their shave oil and  Post Shave balm in my cabinet of shaving supplies. The Mountaineer brand website sells more than just shave oil and post shave balm. For the bearded men in your life they sell a variety of beard balms and oils. The Mountaineer brand website also sells mustache wax and beard combs as well as branded T-Shirts so you can support their products even when you’re not using them, but once you use them you may want to make their product a daily part of your shaving routine.

The pre-shave oil & Post Shave Balm Combo from Mountaineer Brand is made from 100% natural oils and essential oils. The pre-shave oil contains Eucalyptus Oil and Aloe Vera that helps provide your Dome and face with a smooth and comfortable shave. The pre-shave oil from Mountaineer Brand comes packaged in a 2 OZ. round bottle with a dropper lid located in the neck of the round bottle at the top. Just turn the bottle upside down into your hand and give it a squeeze. This pre-shave oil from Mountaineer Brand has a thick and thin consistency that is the best of both worlds if you ask me. The thickness of the oil means that when you turn the bottle upside down the oil doesn’t just run out of the bottle. A couple of small squeezes is all you need to get the required amount of oil for a great nights shave. The thin consistency of the shave oil means it cotes the skin on your Dome and face with a nice layer of oil. This smooth layer of oil creates a slick barrier for your razor to glide across your Dome and face without razor burn, cuts and nicks.

After my shave was done for the night and after I used an After Shave splash and liquid balm I finished it off with the Mountaineer Brand Post- Shave Balm. The Post-Shave balm came in a 2 OZ. round tin with the Mountaineer Brand logo on the front. The directions read to put a little in the palm in your hand and warm it up and then rub it into your skin. That’s exactly what I did and it was a very pleasant experience for the first time using a harder Post-Shave balm. For being a hard balm it was very easy to use. I ran my finger over the top of it and it quickly built up on my index finger. The balm felt nice and smooth with the application to my Dome and face after shaving. The hard Post-Shave Balm soaked into my skin nicely and left behind no greasy residue. I really enjoyed it. After about five to ten minutes my Dome and face felt soft and smooth and had a nice glow. Not only did my Dome and face look good it felt good as well.

The Pre-Shave oil and Post-Shave Balm from the Mountaineer Brand are both 100% natural and contain Eucalyptus and Aloe-Vera that helps treat dandruff and Acne, helps control oily skin, helps cools sunburn and helps treats itchy scalp and relieves sunburn, helps treat eczema, psoriasis and  skin ulcers, protects the skin against infections. All this from a pre and post prep shave routine, why would you not want to use the Mountaineer Brand Eucalyptus pre-shave oil and Post-Shave Balm after every shave every time. The Mountaineer Brand also offers a monthly delivery service to restock your Balms and Oils so you never run out! How nice of them, always thinking about the needs of their customers!The Mountaineer Brand shaving products have added value to my shaving routine and my pre and post prep routine as well. Try the Mountaineer Brand products and I’m sure you will agree that their products are definitely worth trying. The Eucalyptus Pre-Shave oil & Post-Shave Balm from the Mountaineer Brand is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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