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Not only do I love shaving routines, but I love when the products of the shaving routine is all by the same company. can offer you that and so much more. Brickell not only offers  shaving products but rather a wider range of men’s products to fit just about any need you might have when it comes to hygiene. Brickell offers several routines for any man with just about any skin type. Brickell offers routines for your Face, shaving and beard care and last but not least Body and Hair as well. Brickell is a company that you could fill your bathroom with their products and have your daily routine covered from start to finish. Although I might not have tried all of their products I did have the chance to try their Men’s face scrub, Lather less Shave Cream and After Shave.

I actually found Brickell through a subscription shave box that had a range of products. The shave box contained a sample of the Men’s face scrub with the After Shave balm, and I  enjoyed using each sample. After I looked Brickell up on their website and read some additional information about what the company stands for and what ingredients they use to make their products I decided I wanted to try some more. I contacted Brickell and they responded almost right away. The customer service was great and they answered any questions I had in a very timely manner. The fine citizens at Brickell treated me right and when you are treated right by a company you want to buy more from that company to support them and their products.

There’s no lather but a fantastic shave with lots of moisturizing!


When I told brickell what I was looking for the first thing they informed me of was that their shaving cream was both brushless and latherless. I said that’s great, I’ve used this type of shaving cream before and I liked it. I thought that was mighty nice of them that they told me that up front. The directions on the round plastic jar that the shaving cream comes packaged in states to rub the shaving cream into the area intended for shaving like a moisturizer and shave. I unscrewed the lid and glanced at the shaving cream before diving in. The shaving cream from Brickell that is both brushless and latherless looks like a paste instead of a moisturizer. The shaving cream has a thickened consistency that I like because it stays on your fingers and doesn’t run over the sides dripping on to your counter top. Just dab your finger into the shaving cream and your on your way to shaving.

I put a small amount in the palm of my hand and rubbed my hands together warming the thickened shaving cream up before massaging it into my Dome and face. The brushless and lather less shaving cream from brickell applied nicely to my Dome and face spreading smoothly and evenly taking very little product to cover both my Dome and face. This latherless shaving cream from Brickell felt very light weight and smooth. After massaging it into my Dome and face the latherless shaving cream felt warm and pleasurable. Since this is a latherless shaving cream there was of course no lather and At first I felt a little outside of my comfort zone because I also use the lather as a measure of direction of what I have and have not shaved. What I quickly noticed was that my Dome and face had a nice glistened look. Even though their was no lather you could see were the shaving cream had been massaged into the skin. this gave me a good point of direction when I started to shave.

With each stroke of my safety razor I could see what was shaved and what was not. I could see the smooth skin left over after each stroke on my Dome and face and it was very easy for me to take up where I left off. I will say that one of the other purposes of lather is to transfer the shaved hair from your Dome and face to the sink with your razor. The shaved hair mixes in with the shaving cream making removal easier. With a latherless shaving cream you don’t have that option. This was only noticeable when I was shaving my head. I had some of the hair mixed with water from my razor trickle down the front of my forehead. I will also say that this was not a real issue with me and would not stop me from using Brickell shaving cream again.

The head shave with the Brickell latherless and brushless shaving cream was very comforting. My safety razor glided across my Dome and face with nice even strokes. I felt the razor shaving away the unwanted hair but I did not actually feel the blade across my skin. That’s the sign of a true comforting shave. I only felt the pressure of the safety razor across my skin and not the DE blade itself. There was no resistance or hesitancy with my safety razor during my head shave. I felt no irritation during or after my shave. The face shave felt the same very comforting and luxurious.

After I was done with my nightly shave I simply rinsed my Dome and face off at the sink and I was done. I noted two things about my skin right away that are big for me. The first thing I noticed was there was no greasy residue left over on my hands, face or Dome. That alone could be a game changer. If you are like me, I don’t want a greasy residue left over. My skin doesn’t feel clean if it’s greasy and it’s really frustrating to me if a product leaves my skin feeling greasy after I’m done with my nightly shave. The second thing I noticed which is also big to me is how soft and supple my skin felt. My skin felt moisturized already. The Brickell brushless and latherless shaving cream contains several ingredients that add value to each shave and skin care. The premium shaving cream from Brickell contains some key ingredients such as a Glycerin, Jojoba and Aloe-Vera to make each shave as pleasurable as the next. I knew right away that I made a good decision with trying the brushless and latherless shaving cream from Brickell. I will make sure that this shaving cream has a permanent spot in my shaving den.

Make you skin stand up and say hello with the After Shave from Brickell.


The other sample of brickell I received in my review box of wet shaving products was a small bottle of the After Shave from Brickell. It only took me one use to know that I wanted to use it more. I didn’t put much stock into After Shave before until I got a sample of some from a previous review that I did. I figured what could hurt just to try it. The After Shave was a balm style and I was hooked the first time I used it. After using it the first time I started to do more research on After Shave and decided that I wanted to make After Shave a regular part of my shaving regimen. After Shave offers a couple of important attributes for your skin. It tones the skin helping to prevent wrinkles. After Shave also helps to fight infection you might get from little nicks and cuts that shavers get from time to time during shaving. If you use the right After Shave it can also have long-term benefits and qualities for the longevity of your skin.

A lot of After Shave balms and splashes contain ingredients such as Grape Seed oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Aloe-Vera and Vitamin E. These are just a few ingredients that promotes hydration in the skin while soothing and protecting it as well. The extended use of an After Shave Balm or splash with some of these natural ingredients also promote suppleness and elasticity in the skin as well. This is beneficial to your skin by cutting down the risk of razor burn, cuts and nicks due to the fact of your skin being able to withstand the wear and tear a razor no matter how smooth the blade is or how nice the razor shave is. Lets face it shaving every day can be brutal to your skin. Why not take every opportunity to protect it. The After Shave Balm from Brickell contains some of these natural ingredients that protect and nourish you skin every day.

The After Shave from Brickell is alcohol free but still made the skin on your Dome and Face stand up and say hello. It felt good on my skin and had a pleasant aroma of peppermint, eucalyptus and Lemongrass. The After Shave from Brickell follows suite with the shaving cream with no leftover greasy residue. The After Shave soaks into the skin quickly leaving the skin on your Dome and face feeling rejuvenated and clean. The After Shave from Brickell is a great extension to the shaving cream and the two products together make a great addition to your shaving routine.

Don’t forget the face scrub for before and after each shave!


A shaving routine wouldn’t be complete without an exfoliation or face scrub and with the Men’s Face Scrub from Brickell it could be both. I actually used this Face Scrub before and after my shave for both my Dome and face. I’m a big believer in adding exfoliation to your shaving routine. Exfoliation clears all the dead skin away making room for new growth. Exfoliation also scrubs away all the dirt and old residue from previously used products. It just makes your skin feel fresh and new. Once you scrub away all of the old skin, dirt and products from the previous shave the fresh skin is softer and smoother giving your razor a pristine surface for shaving. Am I saying you wont get razor burn, cuts or nicks? No absolutely not. I am saying that it adds value to your shaving routine. The Men’s Face Scrub from Brickell is a great product for exfoliating the skin on your Dome and Face.

When you unscrew the lid from the round plastic jar you will notice the Men’s Face Scrub from Brickell comes in the form of a gel like substance. Just like the other shaving products from Brickell a little goes a long way. Scoop a small amount on to your fingers and vigorously scrub your Dome and face. The Face Scrub evens out and melts into your hands as you scrub away all the dirt and dead skin left over from the day before. The granules found in the Men’s Face Scrub from Brickell cleans the pores in your skin from excessive oils and leaves your Dome and face with a nice complexion that is noticeable. The Face Scrub not only cleans you skin but it also loosens your hair on your Dome and face helping to give you a closer shave. I exfoliate my Dome and face everyday before I shave and it increases the comfort level of my shave every time. Using an exfoliation on my Dome after my nightly shave before I apply AS splash and balm as well as moisturizer increases the softness of my skin. The Face Scrub from Brickell could be a very effective part of your shaving routine.

Final Thoughts


What are my final thoughts of the shaving routine from Brickell Men’s Products? A luxurious and premium shave with a fantastic pre and post prep routine. The brushless and latherless shaving cream from brickell is a pleasurable experience from start to finish. The moment you massage the shaving cream into your Dome and face it starts to moisturize your skin. The shaving cream from brickell adds hydration and increases the level of suppleness to your skin making each shave just as good as the last. The After Shave balm from Brickell contains Coconut Oil, Vitamin E and Aloe-Vera that helps promote hydration, soothing and protection to the skin while helping to stop any infection caused by nicks and cuts. The After Shave balm for Brickell tones the skin and adds a level of moisturization that improves the healthiness of your skin. The Men’s Face Scrub from Brickell makes an excellent addition to the shaving cream and After Shave balm scrubbing away all the unwanted oil, dirt and left over product from the night or day before. The Brickell shaving and skin care products make a positive contribution to your shaving routine and the healthiness of your skin. The Brickell products adds value to your shaving regimen on a daily basis. The Brickell shaving and skin care products are approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day. Thank you!


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