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It’s becoming apparent to me the importance of subscription shaving kits. The importance compared to accessibility and the time-saving components are enough to make a monthly subscription shave box service make sense. A monthly shave box means several things. It means no more time spent visiting the shave isle at the grocery store. It also means a monthly shave box full of quality items at a cheaper price. Cheaper is always better as long as the products are of better quality. Razors are expensive especially when you buy them from the store. When you add all the extras the cost just keeps climbing.

There are many cartridge razor subscription shave plans available but only a select few offer wet shaving products on a monthly subscription plan. Chisel Shave Club is one of those monthly subscription shave plans that offer wet shaving products at a cheaper monthly cost. You can receive great products that differ every month with one of Chisel Shave Club shave boxes. Here is how it works. There are several options. A one month recurring plan is available. There is also a three-month, six month and twelve month recurring plan available as well. Each plan costs more money to get started but saves you money in the long run. I had a chance to review the contents of a Chisel Shave Club monthly box. The contents change each month but one thing is for sure. No matter what contents are in the box they are quality products that provide a great shave. I think that’s exciting to get a monthly box full of quality shaving products shipped right to your door.

Here is another reason why the Chisel shave club monthly shave box is a great solution for all of my wet shaving needs. In my neck of the woods there isn’t a shave shop close to me so I would have to order all of the contents that come shipped in a monthly box from Chisel Shave Club individually. That cost alone would be more than the monthly subscription plan. It would also take a lot of time out of my day to search for each item online and order them. Not only order them but do It all at once to make sure they arrive at the same time. Last but not least, I’m still new to wet shaving so there are a lot of quality products out there that I don’t know about. Chisel Shave Club takes care of that as well. They send new shaving products to your door so you gain a wealth of knowledge of what shaving products work for you and which ones you would pass on. Either way you look at it Chisel Shave Club has you covered and saving money at the same time, all you have to do is sign up.

The review box I received in the mail from Chisel Shave Club was full wet shaving products. When you first open the box you find two laminated pages. One page is a quick tutorial on how to wet shave. This tutorial may be quick but there is no way to cover how to wet shave on one page. There are to many variables to cover and every one has their own specific way to wet shave. The quick tutorial is a generous extra that Chisel Shave Club puts in your shave box. There is also a second laminated page containing information with pictures on the contents of your new shave box from Chisel Shave Club. Why? for one it’s just another way Chisel likes to inform you of the quality products they send you in the Shave box. The other reason is because when you open the lid of your shave box there is packing on the top to keep your products undamaged during shipping. We all know that sometimes how a box is mailed out is not how you receive it. Some damage in the mail has to be expected sometimes like a little bumping and bruising. The extra packaging is just one way of Chisel preventing too much damage to the contents of your monthly shave box.

I received a number of wet shaving items in my review box. If you sign up for a six month or one year plan than you receive a safety razor and shave brush in your first subscription box. Each month the contents change so you are not getting the same items each month. That’s just chisels way of keeping it fresh and exciting. I was fortunate enough for Chisel to include a safety razor and brush in my review box. This stainless steel hefty safety razor has a long handle with a great knurl for precise shaving around the hard to reach areas on my Dome and face. The head of the safety razor unscrews from the handle and separates into two pieces to replace the DE razor blade. The heft of the safety razor creates a smooth glide with small strokes. The heft of the safety razor also prevents any skipping across the skin a lighter weight safety razor may cause. The wet shaving monthly subscription box from Chisel Shave Club also came with two different brands of DE blades. The Astra and Shark DE blades both provided great shaves for my Dome and face, but in the end my favorite out of the two blades are the Astra. That’s just a personal choice between the two blades. I certainly would not turn down the Shark DE blades but would choose the Astra if given the choice.

The next two items that came in the wet shaving review box from Chisel Shave Club was the aftershave and Men’s Face Wash from The is a rich foaming gel that washes away oil from your skin. The Brickell face wash is a coconut based cleaner that contains aloe that renews the skin after cleansing all the unwanted oil away. The geranium that’s also found in the Brickell men’s face wash acts as an anti-septic cleanser that washes away facial impurities accumulated from day-to-day activities. The Brickell Men’s Face Wash does a great job with brightening and refreshing your skin with powerful ingredients such as Coconut oil, Aloe-Vera that prevents over drying of the skin and Geranium that provides a natural but powerful anti-septic agent to keep your skin feeling healthy and vibrant. The natural and organic Men’s Face Wash from Brickell is also scented with essential oils such as Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Lemon grass for a fantastic aroma that will leave you wanting to make the Men’s Face Wash from Brickell a part of your every day routine. I have oily skin and I can personally testify that the face wash from Brickell left the skin on my face feeling refreshed and new. I also tried it on my Dome and had the same results.

The After Shave from Brickell although different from the Men’s Face Wash is also a great product promoting healthy skin after every use. The After Shave from Brickell feels light and absorbs quickly into the skin leaving behind no greasy residue. The After Shave from Brickell is full of natural ingredients that do many things such as calm and hydrate your skin protecting the skin on your face and neck as well as your Dome from irritation after each shave. The After Shave from Brickell does these things without clogging the pores of your skin. The After Shave from Brickell contains Aloe Vera which is one of my favorite ingredients because it repairs your skin after any irritation you might get from shaving. Aloe Vera also is a great moisturizer for any skin type. The After Shave from Brickell also contains Coconut that helps strengthen deeper moisturization in the skin. The After Shave from Brickell is mostly natural and organic and comes in scented and unscented fragrances. The scented version of the Brickell After Shave contains a blended mixture of peppermint, eucalyptus and lemon grass creating a light but powerful aroma that’s pleasing to your senses. I’m quickly becoming a fan of the Brickell Men’s Face Wash and After Shave products and plan to make them part of my shaving routine more often.

Who said that shaving should be the only thing a man should focus on? I’m sure that’s what Chisel thought when they added the all natural Cedar Citrus bar soap from Dr. Squatch. I’m a big fan of natural soaps compared to commercial bar soaps for a couple of reasons but for the sake of this review I’m going to focus strictly on the difference between the bar soap from Dr. Squatch and commercial bar soaps. Dr. Squatch all natural soaps still contains glycerin and combines it with other natural ingredients such as coconut and olive oil that helps nourish the skin. Commercial soaps remove the glycerin from the soap and sell it in other products that cost more money. Since Dr. Squatch doesn’t remove the glycerin from their all natural soaps they don’t have to add chemicals to create a great lather. Since commercial soaps remove the glycerin from their soaps for higher profit in other products, they have to add unnatural chemicals to their soaps that can cause skin irritation to get the same lather that Dr. Squatch all natural soaps get.

The all natural bar soap from Dr. Squatch has a pleasant aroma of rustic Cedar Wood and zesty Orange oils that’s mild in comparison to the aromas of other soaps. The aroma hangs around for a bit but doesn’t overwhelm the other people around you. The Cedar Citrus all natural soap from Dr. Squatch has a great and overabundance of lather once you start using it to wash your hands or using it as a full body soap. Either way your skin will feel refreshed after each use. The Cedar Citrus bar soap from Dr. Squatch contains Saponified Oils of (Olive, Coconut, Hemp, and non-gmo Soybean), Shea Butter, Lye, Peppermint Leaves, Essential Oils of Orange, Cedarwood (Texas) and Rosemary. All these great ingredients means a fantastic experience every time you lather up with the bar soap from Dr. Squatch.

The Black Tea shave soap from is vegan men’s soap that’s cubed shaped for an easy to hold shave soap. The men’s shave soap from Red Leaf can be lathered either in the traditional wet shaving method of brush and bowl or in an entirely different hands on method. The Black Tea shave soap from Red Leaf can also lather up by rotating the chunky bar in your hands creating a thick lather and then applied by finger tips, or, you can directly apply the bar to your saturated skin creating a lather before shaving. I decided to go the traditional method of building lather through brush and shave bowl. I actually bloomed the sample size bar of Black Tea shave soap from Red Leaf Soap. The lather was robust and thick with a great slickness that aided my new safety razor in a pleasant and non irritating head shave and face shave as well. The Black Tea shave soap from Red Leaf soap contains certain ingredients that add value to every shave consisting of coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, castor oil, safflower oil, vegetable glycerin, purified water, sodium hydroxide, sorbitan, oleate soybean protein, wheat protein and fragrance. No wonder why my skin felt nice and smooth after shaving with Red Leaf Soap. The skin on my Dome and face felt moisturized and supple. The sample size bar of men’s shaving soap from Red Leaf Soap is good for more than one shave which is ideal until the next box of wet shaving goodies from the Chisel Shave Club arrives on your door step.

The last item that came in my review box of wet shaving items from Chisel Shave Club was an essential item that’s important to every wet shaver. The shave brush is a piece of equipment used to build lather. There are soap companies now that make soaps that do not require a brush for use. Even with those specific soaps I like to use a brush but that’s just my personal preference. There are so many different options when it comes time to picking out a shave brush that it can be overwhelming sometimes and your style and method changes so much with the more experience you gain that what might be the perfect shave brush for you know will probably change a little bit as time goes by. I have multiple shave brushes but my favorite brushes are those with stiff bristles. I like the stiff backboned shave brush because it helps to create a better lather. The black handled shave brush from Chisel Shave Club does exactly that.

After soaking the shave brush the bristles bloom like a flower allowing the bristles to soak up the lather to transfers to my Dome and face for a great application of rich and creamy lather. I’m a big fan of the shave brush that came in the review box full of wet shaving items from the Chisel Shave Club.

What are my final thoughts of the wet shaving review box from Chisel Shave Club? A box full of different fantastic items every month can’t be a bad way to shave. What I specifically like about the Chisel Shave Club monthly subscription box is that it’s full of various wet shaving items that I don’t have to order from different companies online at the same time to get them in the mail at the same time for my nightly shave. Each monthly shave box from Chisel Shave Club is full of different items each month. The Chisel Shave Club is an excellent way to gain experience and knowledge of other great products for wet shaving. Although I have only reviewed one shave box from Chisel Shave Club, each item was of good quality and all performed well, I know each item in the future boxes to come would be full of quality items as well. The Chisel Shave Club is a great source of monthly wet shaving items that puts quality in each shave as well as in your bathroom cabinet. The Chisel Shave Club takes all the hassle of finding quality products out of your busy lifestyle and delivers them to your door step every month for a low-cost monthly service. The Chisel Shave Club is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day. Thank you!


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