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5 Benefits to using a DE Safety Razor


Here at TheBaldNation we love Safety Razors and have a lot of interest with others that share our love for Safety Razors. Wesley Oaks of is one of those individuals that share our love of Safety Razors. He wrote an article for on the 5 Benefits to using a DE Safety Razor and I think it’s pretty #Baldtastic.

So without further ado, Wesley Oaks of and the 5 Benefits to using a DE Razor.

Wesley Oaks

5 Benefits to using a DE Safety Razor

If you’re thinking about using a Double Edge (DE) Safety Razor we’ve got a couple reasons that should make it a no brainer for you. These safety razors are a classic and have been used for years. You don’t need a razor with 5 different blades on it to shave your face. The only reason they keep adding more blades is so they can charge you more money! Which leads us to our first benefit of using a DE Safety Razor.

Safety Razors Save You Money

It’s a heck of a lot cheaper to buy replacement blades for a safety razor compared to the $15+ replacement blades of the modern razors. Where that $15 will you get around 5 replacement heads a safety razor will only cost you $10 for 100 replacement blades! See the difference?

I don’t know about you but, for me that’s a major reason to start using a DE Safety Razor if you’re not already. The actual razor itself is long lasting. Typically made out of a strong metal and crafted with a great engineered design. The razor will last you years.

Great for Sensitive Skin

Compared to the “modern” razors today a DE Safety Razor is a lot better for those with sensitive skin. The modern razors have many blades which means it’s going over the same section of skin more times. This causes irritation and it’s a dreaded pain if your skin is sensitive.

A DE Safety Razor with each swipe is only taking one blade across the skin. You have a lot more precision and control with one razor blade. That means no more irritated skin when you’re done shaving. Having this sort of control over your shave is important. You’ll have a much better experience with shaving when you swap over to a safety razor.

Lower Environmental Impact

Since a safety razor uses less material there’s less waste. The blade can even be recycled! The only type of waste you will have is excess shaving lather. Which isn’t much and still a LOT LESS than today’s modern shaving techniques. Not everyone cares about their environmental footprint but, either way it equates to even more saving costs. It’s a win-win either way you look at it.

Reduce Acne After Shaving

Acne comes from excess oil & dirt build up within your skin pores. Modern 5 blade razors do you no justice here. With there being 5 blades you’re actually causing yourself more harm when it comes to acne. When the 5 blades are going across the skin they are actually helping to fill up your pores.

A DE Safety Razor with one sharp blade requires a lot less swipes over the skin. Two or three swipes at the most and you have a very nice clean shave which didn’t fill your pores. Safety Razors don’t clog like modern razors either. This means less bacteria build up living on your blades which get into your pores as well.

So by using a safety razor you technically are able to reduce the amount of acne on your skin. It may not be your end all solution but, it will most definitely help.

Requires Less Shaving Cream

When using a safety razor you will mix up your own lather in a bowl. This requires a mixture of water and cream. It’s a lot cheaper because it requires a lot less cream to make your lather.

Another way the DE Safety Razor saves you money. It’s also better on your skin and gives you a better shave. When making your lather with warm water it helps loosen your hair follicles. In return this gives you a closer smoother shave!


Using a safety razor is a great method of shaving. You’ll save money, help the environment, and have clearer skin. Wet shaving will always be around and remain a classic shaving style and arguably the best way to shave your face.

About the Author

Wesley is a shaving and men’s hygiene expert. He’s also the owner of Where men, beards, and manscaping THRIVE!

You can find Wesley Oaks of on these other social media platforms.

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