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I published a review a while back on the White Tea pre-shave oil, shaving cream and aftershave products from Eshave. I really enjoyed shaving with their products on a daily basis. So I thought to myself why not revisit Eshave again and try a new scent from their fantastic line of shaving products. Eshave was founded in 1996 with the goal of providing men with quality shaving products that they will want to use every day. Today Eshave shaving products is available in selected stores in 22 countries and their products regularly make appearances on the pages of men’s magazines. Eshave shaving products are quickly becoming a staple in men’s shaving routines. As an Eshave shaving product user I will tell you that once you use their products you will be happy you did. Eshave is all about promoting the Baby Butt Smooth (BBS) feel and they provide a product that will achieve that status for you and also provide a close comfortable shave at the same time.

Eshave formulates different shaving creams for different skin types and is available in eight different scents. For sensitive to normal skin there’s You can certainly use any scent you want to. Eshave just thought they would have your best interest at heart and design special scents to fit your skin care needs. Eshave also believes not only in providing a shaving product for you that is good for your skin but also good for the environment. They use minimal biodegradable packaging for their products, and, their products are Vegetal based with gentle cleansing ingredients. Eshave products are paraben free and also do not include SLES (sodium Lauryl Either Sulfate) or SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate). Eshave uses Amino acids as gentle agents in all of their products. The Eshave products are also animal ingredient free and they do not include any synthetic colors to their products.

I had a chance to review their Orange Sandalwood pre shave oil and aftershave balm along with their DE razor. Eshave has products that win awards year after year and their Orange Sandalwood is one of the products that once you use it you will understand why. The Orange Sandalwood pre shave oil comes in a 2oz bottle with a pump style top. A couple of pumps is all you need to generously coat your Dome and face with this pre shave oil that has a nice thick consistency helping to prevent razor burn, cuts or nicks. The pre shave oil from Eshave has a strong aroma that falls more on the orange side. The Sandalwood element is still there just not as strong as the Orange. With just a couple of pumps the palm of your hand is full with Orange Sandalwood pre shave oil from Eshave. The oil itself feels a little heavy resting in the palm of your hand but when applied to your Dome and face evens out feeling soft and smooth providing a slickened surface for your razor to glide across the surface of your Dome and face during each shave.

The Orange Sandalwood after shave balm comes packaged in a 6oz bottle that is soft and squeezable. A couple of small squeezes is all you need for an adequate amount of after shave balm to coat your dome and face. The Orange Sandlewood after shave balm from Eshave is nice and thick. A little goes a long way with . The aftershave rubs into the skin smoothly and leaves behind no greasy residue. Once the Orange Sandalwood after shave balm from Eshave soaks into the skin you can add your favorite moisturizer without feeling like you’ve added to much product to your pre and post prep shave routine. The aroma of the after shave balm follows suite with the pre shave oil in both strength and presence during and after your nightly shave is complete. The Orange Sandalwood aftershave balm is a great addition to add to your pre and post prep shave routine along with the Orange Sandalwood pre shave oil.

Eshave sells more than just shaving creams and oils. Eshave also carry’s their own DE razor. Each razor is hand made in their shop and has fantastic written all over it. What I like most about the DE razor from Eshave is that it has a long hefty handle on it. The longer the handle the easier maneuverability becomes. The longer the handle means more heft to the razor as well and Eshave has that covered. This DE razor is well balanced and easy to use. The head of the DE razor is the standard two piece head that unscrews at the top separating through the middle. This is were you can replace the DE blade at as well. The long part of the handle is green and the top portion is nickel platted ensuring a long and lasting life with general maintenance included. The head shave with this DE razor was smooth and comfortable. The long handle made it easy to reach those hard to reach places with ease and a comfortable reach. The well-balanced razor with heft about it prevents the razor from skipping across your Dome and face making the strokes solid and smooth. The entire shave from my Dome to my face felt classy every step of the way. I would recommend a DE head shave with the DE razor from Eshave any day of the week.

So what are my final thoughts on the Orange Sandalwood pre shave oil and after shave balm? a great pre and post prep shave routine especially when you add the Eshave DE razor to add classy to your already fantastic shave. The pre shave oil has a thick consistency that feels robust in the palm of your hand, but feels light when applied to your Dome and face. The pre shave oil from Eshave provides a slick barrier that aides your razor in providing a flawless shave with good results. A little goes a long way with The Orange Sandalwood aftershave balm from Eshave. The thick aftershave soaks into your skin without a greasy residue providing room for your favorite moisturizer while adding suppleness to your skin. The DE razor is well-balanced giving a classy shave in small smooth strokes without the worry of your razor jumping and skipping across your dome and face due to the heftiness of the DE razor from Eshave itself. The handle has a nice green color to it and the rest of the razor is nickel-plated to add a generous life span while resting next to your sink waiting for its next shave. The fact that each DE razor is hand-made by the Artisans at Eshave gives the DE razor a higher quality of class within itself. I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to add more Eshave products to my shave den. Every shave with Eshave makes me wonder why I waited so long to try their products the first time. The Orange Sandlewood pre shave oil and after shave balm form Eshave along with the DE razor is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day.


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