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Sometimes you take a chance on a product for several reasons. You either see a lot of information on that product in different areas and you get curious, or, you hear or read a lot of positive comments or information about a product and you decide that you want to try it. That’s exactly what led me to the shaving products found on I saw a lot of posts on several social media sites with the shaving product from The Soap Exchange and it made me want to research their products more. After more research on their website I knew without trying their product that it would be a great shave.

The Soap Exchange has many products to choose from that are all natural  hand-made and free of toxins. All the products from The Soap Exchange are free of  Detergents, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Artificial Preservatives, Petroleum Products or Derivatives, Triclosan, Sorbitol or Derivatives, Commercially bought Soap Base or Melt and Pour Soap Base, Artificial Colors, and Phthalates. Last but not least all of the products including their shaving products are made from natural ingredients and handmade. After some friendly conversation with the fine folks at my package of all natural soaps were waiting to be lathered and used to get rid of all that unwanted hair on my Dome and face. Both shaves were fantastic or should I say #Baldtastic! Whether you shave your face or Dome the important part is to just shave with it, you’ll be happy you did.

When the fine folks over at say all their products are made from natural ingredients they mean all of their products including the pre-shave oil. The Barber Shoppe pre-shave oil is made with some of the best natural ingredients such as Castor Oil, Liquid Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil and Fragrance. All these ingredients have great skin healing properties that also help in keeping the skin on your Dome and face supple and soft. These natural ingredients also help in creating a barrier deep within the skin providing assistance with hydration. The Barber Shoppe pre-shave oil has a thick consistency that reminds me a lot of honey but not as thick. The 30 mL/1 fl oz squeezable plastic bottle has a droplet tab located in the neck of the bottle. Small squeezes that allow 2-4 drops is all you need to generously coat your Dome and face with this thick shave oil from The Soap Exchange.

I was pleasantly pleased with the performance of the Barber Shoppe pre-shave oil from The Soap Exchange. The scent provided a great Barber Shoppe aroma that was faint but hinted its presence. The thickened almost honey consistent pre-shave oil provided my razor with enough cushion for a smooth and comfortable shave and left no signs of a greasy residue after my nightly shave was completed. Do you absolutely need shave oil added to your shave routine every night? No, I don’t feel that you do, but shave oil adds value to your shaving routine and to your skin care regimen especially when the pre-shave oil is made out of natural ingredients like the Barber Shoppe pre-shave oil from The Soap Exchange. Great  skin care as well as an exceptional shave is what The Soap Exchange targets for your every day shave and they definitely hit their target every time and with every shave. Once you try the Barber Shoppe pre-shave oil from I’m sure you will agree with me in saying that it’s a shave product worth using every day. has plenty of choices when it comes to shaving soap. I had the luxury of trying and both soaps performed the same way. The lather was just as creamy with the Barber Shoppe scent as it was with the Bay Rum scent. The lather was just as thick and rich with both scents and there was no lacking in robustness with either the Barber Shoppe or Bay Rum shave soap from The thick and creamy lather filled my shave bowl with just a couple of rotations from my hard bristled shave brush. A hard bristled shave brush works best with the Barber Shoppe and Bay Rum shave soap since the soap is harder in consistency. The thick lather loaded my brush and filled the bristles with a soft but dense lather that applied evenly and smoothly on my Dome and face. The aroma filled lather felt very comforting during lathering without worry of dissipation of product. The lather exploded on to my Dome and face and stayed there until it was time to shave. My DE  razor glided across my skin using the thick lather as a soothing cushion for shaving all that unwanted hair away. Every shave with the shaving products from The Soap Exchange left me wanting more and kept me coming back for more every day. Each shave was better than the last. I credit this to the all natural ingredients used in every tin and bottle of shaving products from The Soap Exchange.

The only difficult question I had while shaving with the shave soap from The Soap Exchange was which soap should I use next. The Barber Shoppe aroma of course is different from the Bay Rum aroma, but the level of intensity was the same. Faint but present is a great combination in my book. I have some shave soap that has a very strong aroma and I’m fine with that, however, the people that surrounds me may not be. If the people that you know and love take a step back from you because the aroma of your shave soap is to strong then you might want to consider what you use.

All of the shave soap from is made out of natural ingredients as well consisting of Grass-fed Tallow, Stearic Acid from Palm, Distilled Water, Lye, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Safflower Oil, Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter, White Kaolin Clay, and  Fragrance. Did you notice the first ingredient? Grass-fed Tallow? What is grass-fed tallow? There is a multitude of articles online explain what tallow is and what benefits tallow has for your skin. There is also a multitude of online articles explaining why tallow is bad. It’s all in your personal preference of what you want in your soap and on your skin. Personally, I have tried lots of shave soaps with and with out tallow and I like both. Tallow does come from animal fat. Grass-fed tallow is still from an animal, but from an animal that is free range. Grass-fed Tallow is from an animal that is allowed to graze on an open field and gets plenty of sunshine and air that in return is much healthier for the animal. The difference but not the only difference between Tallow and grass-fed Tallow is that bigger cattle ranches don’t allow their cattle to range outside. The cattle is stuck inside away from fresh air and sunlight and the grass-fed Tallow is the opposite. The cattle gets plenty of fresh air and sunlight. Better living conditions for the cattle means a better product for you and me! That’s so nice of The Soap Exchange to include such an ingredient! I’m a big fan already and now I’m even a bigger fan. After you try their shaving products I’m sure you will be too.

So what are my final thoughts of the Barber Shoppe pre-shave oil, Barber Shoppe and Bay Rum shave soap from Handmade and natural is always a step above the rest! There are so many harmful chemicals out there in products that when I get a chance to try the all natural route I gladly take it. The shaving products from The Soap Exchange is one of those chances that I’m fortunate to have tried. The shaving soap is thick and rich with a robust lather that is both all natural and provides a great cushion while shaving. The Barber Shoppe pre-shave oil adds value to your shave through a slickened barrier on your Dome and face that aides the glide of your razor every time you shave. The Barber Shoppe pre-shave oil and Barber Shoppe/Bay Rum shave soap combination makes a powerful combination for an every day shave. This grass-fed Tallow based shave soap and pre-shave oil from is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day!


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