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Lets talk for a minute regarding skin care. Proper skin care is important for everyone especially for Bald men. Why you ask? Bald men have more real estate to cover when it comes to shaving or just needs in general. That Bald head every Bald guy shows off needs to look good. When you think about it being Bald is a hair style just like any hair style but is very much different. If you have hair, you can have many different hair styles. You can grow your hair long, cut it short, color it, cut and style it or do nothing at all. The list goes on and on. Bald on the other hand is a hair style that has only one direction, no hair at all. That may seem limiting to some but to me it’s liberating. Some men loose their hair not by choice but mother nature says it’s time to go. Some men such as myself help mother nature out early by shaving it all off and keeping that way.

When you decide to live the Bald lifestyle and choose the Bald hairstyle there are a couple of things that are for certain. No more bad hair days and the cosmetics of the Bald hairstyle are important. Having a smooth Bald head with less nicks, cuts and redness from razor burn is something I’m sure every Bald guy shoots for. I don’t think any Bald guy wakes up in the morning and says lets make my head look beat up and sore today. Having made that statement I’ll say this again, proper skin care is important. A proper pre-post prep shave routine is vital to a great shave and after care for the skin on your Dome and face is just as important. Is it a lot of work? sure it can be, but so worth it as you will notice the more you practice good skin care.

I found YBF skin care when searching for a total skin care solution. I think that have a great looking Dome all the time is important especially since Bald is technically a hair style it’s not one you can change by combing your hair. Once you shave it off it’s gone, you can’t change that. That’s why great skin care is important, you want that Bald head of yours to look and feel great. One of the owners of YBF skin care also lives the Bald lifestyle so I had a good feeling about his product. We talked for a while about his product and living the Bald lifestyle and before I knew it, his amazing product was on my door step calling my name!

YBF Skin care is a total skin and shave solution from start to finish in every way. With the YBF products you can shave, exfoliate, moisturize and hydrate your skin. The YBF skin care products can accomplish all these goals and more while using all natural ingredients that are better for your skin and easier on the environment. The YBF skin care products is a total skin care solution within it self. You can say that these products are self-sustaining because of the fact that you wont need other products except for a razor for shaving. The exfoliant that YBF skin care has is a great exfoliant that is both aggressive and soothing at the same time. The granules are small so when applied it feels similar to sand. As you rotate the exfoliant into your dome and face the overall feeling is comfortable but make no mistake you also feel the microdermabrasion crystals hard at work polishing and cleansing your skin of any dead skin cells making room for fresh skin and a cleaner surface to work with when it’s time for shaving. The YBF skin care exfoliation prep uses vitamins, soothing extracts and moisture binding botanicals reducing such things as inflammation and also improving tone and suppleness of the skin I exfoliate before and after my shave for maximum benefit and it takes very little product to achieve a great exfoliation every time.

The Private Reserve Skin Care oil from YBF Skin Care is a multi functional Antioxidant infused nourishing oil that can be used as a pre-shave oil, a treatment for scalp conditions and an oil treatment to improve tone, suppleness and elasticity of the skin. The Private Reserve Skin Care Oil from YBF Skin Care is a great multifunctional oil that has a thick consistency and spreads on to the Dome and face evenly and leaves no trace of greasiness after your nightly shave is done. The Private Reserve Skin Care Oil comes in a dark colored glass bottle that helps protect the oils consistency level. The bottle comes with a pump style lid that has a cap on it for protection from dirt and dust. You only need 3-4 pumps of oil to coat your Dome and face with this fantastic oil. I always rub it into the tended area for shaving and add a couple of drops of water to add more lubrication. A good benefit to point out of this multifunctional oil is you can use it for a pre-shave oil and also as a moisturizer as well if you would like. A little goes a long way so using this oil from YBF Skin Care is always beneficial. It didn’t take long for me to like this oil from YBF Skin Care and once you use it you will like it as well.

The Luxury Shave Cream from YBF Skin Care is exactly what the label says, a luxury shave cream. This shave cream does more than just shave, it moisturizes as well. The Luxury Shave Cream from YBF Skin Care is non-lathering and meant to stay that way. There is absolutely no lather on your dome and face or in the sink. In fact, after your shave is completed your not to rinse off just towel dry. Then you can use the same Luxury Shave Cream as a moisturizer as well. The Luxury Shave Cream from YBF Skin Care also provides an ultra glide that helps with preventing razor burn, cuts and scrapes. there is no need for a brush to apply the Ultra-Glide and Non-Lathering Luxury Shave Cream from YBF Skin Care. You receive these reusable little black spatulas is what I call them. just dip the little spatula into the shave cream and apply it to your Dome and face then quickly rub it on with your hands. It’s non lathering so a small coat will do the trick. After the Ultra-Glide Shave Cream from YBF Skin Care is applied evenly all that’s left to do is start shaving.

Even though the non-lathering aspect of the shaving cream through me off a little bit, it didn’t take long to notice the fantastic glide it provided. This shaving cream from YBF truly is ultra gliding. My razor glided across my dome and face with ease shaving away all that unwanted hair with comfort and smoothness. There was no mess to clean up because the product from YBF Skin Care is non-lathering. There was no rinsing of my Dome and face because there was no need to, I towled off and added more of the non-lathering shaving cream for a moisturizer. The shave cream works well as a moisturizer. It soaked into the skin nicely leaving a solid shine on my Dome and face. I was and still am impressed with the multi-functional aspect of the Non-Lathering Ultra Glide shave cream from YBF Skin Care and the time it saved me while shaving with it.

YBF Skin Care has many products that enhance the healthiness of your skin by providing natural antioxidants and naturally hydrating ingredients in every product found on the YBF website. I’ve also used some of the facial creams in the morning as a quick wake me up that adds vitality to the skin in the more difficult areas of my Dome and face such as around the back of the ears, the chin and underneath the eyes. The skin care products from YBF Skin Care also helps with those dark circles you might obtain when you have a not so pleasant night sleep through toning of the skin with all natural ingredients. What are my final thoughts on the YBF Skin Care shaving line? A multifunctional shaving line that is both fantastic for your skin and shaving experience. do it all from start to finish. These products exfoliate, lubricate, sooth, moisturize, shave and add suppleness to your skin and shave routine as well as cut time out of your busy schedule with less mess to clean up. All that and you do this with a skin care product that uses natural ingredients and antioxidants that can only improve the life span and beauty of your skin while doing it. It’s a win-win situation when using the shaving and skin care products from YBF Skin Care. How could you go wrong? The YBF Skin Care Products are approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day!


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