FIEND is a fantastic product!


Sometimes you just stumble upon shaving products that you know right away if you are going to like them or not. Sometimes you hear from a friend whose opinion you trust very much talking about a product and you just know you’re going to love what the product has to offer and how it feels on your Dome and face. This is how I felt after reading @BaldFatGuy great review of FIEND from SKINourishment, a scent of shave soap and aftershave Balm as well as pre-shave oil from the brand SKINourishment. SKINourishment is a brand among several brand names from one company, you can find that information here on the SKINourishment website. Even though there are several brand names that offer different products, SKINourishment along with the other brand names are all apart of a bigger company that has a mission to offer you quality products for healthier skin and to decrease the amount of harmful chemicals from entering your body.

Some of SKINourishments fantastic goals for their products and you are as follows:

These are just a few goals found in their mission statement and about us section of their website. . After reading them and looking around a bit on their website you will notice how much emphasis they put on making products of a higher quality and purity to help provide your body and mind with a healthier and calming product. Once you try the SKINourishment shaving products I think you will agree that they are products that feel not only fantastic on your skin before during and after your shave but how much better these products are for your skin.

The Pre-Shave oil feels great and smells great on your skin!


I’m a big fan of pre-shave oil. Pre-shave oil helps lubricate the skin on your Dome and face for an even closer shave. Pre-Shave oil also helps reduce the risk of razor burn, cuts and nicks through providing an increased glide across your Dome and face reducing drag and friction. I couldn’t imagine my shaving routine without pre-shave oil. The Fiend silky pre-shave oil comes packed with great ingredients such as Organic coconut oil(coco nucifera),organic pumpkin seed oil(Curcurbita pepo),cucumber oil ( Cucumis sativus), pomegranate oil (Punica granatum), meadowfoam oil, organic essential oils of Cedrus Atlantica (cedarwood), Citrus aurantifolia (lime) to just name a few. The silky pre-shave oil from SKINourishment feels great on your Dome and face. This pre-shave oil has a nice consistency that rests heavy on your Dome and face but not to heavy to leave a greasy feeling after your done shaving for the night. The Silky pre-shave oil from SKINourishment definitely helps leave the skin on your Dome and face silky smooth after every shave.

The Silky pre-shave oil comes in a dark glass 1 oz bottle with a pump style lid with a cap to protect the pump from damage and dust. You don’t need a lot of this Silky Pre-Shave Oil from SKINourishment to get the job done and add a higher level of slickness for your razor to achieve the perfect shave for the night 4-5 pumps is all you need. The pump is easy to work and doesn’t give out half way through the life span of your 1 oz bottle of Silky Pre-Shave Oil from SKINourishment. This pre-shave oil from SKINourishment is truly Silky from start to finish.

The Smooth shave soap is SMOOTH!!!


The Smooth shave soap from SKINourishment is exactly what it says, SMOOTH!!! The shave soap comes as a liquid form in a squeezable bottle with a spout style lid. The product is very easily obtained through the squeezable bottle. Just turn the bottle of smooth shave soap upside down and squeeze. The bottle is black with a white label that wraps around the entire bottle. The logo and ingredients are displayed in red lettering that stands out from the white label and is easy to read. Right smack Dab in the middle of the label in big black lettering is official name of the smooth shaving soap.

Fiend is the name of this truly smooth shave soap. Like I previously said, Fiend from SKINourishment comes in a liquid form and can be applied by either shave brush, or, by hand. I tried both methods and since I’m a brush guy I decided I liked this method better. I will say this, if you decide to rub it on by hand you just put a little in your hand and rub it in creating lather in a circular motion. I like the brush method, you squeeze the liquid into your shave bowl and work up a nice creamy lather. The lather doesn’t seem very abundant at first but you will notice when applying this smooth lather to your dome and face it explodes of your shave brush on to the area intended for shaving. A little goes a long way with this great product. There is not a large abundance of lather with this smooth shave soap, but the absence of lather makes way for an abundance of slickness with a great cushion as well. I’m perfectly fine with less lather but more slickness. I think that’s a perfect compromise.

Each shaving product you try will be different in some areas. What’s the point in trying new shave soaps if they all have the same great qualities. What one shave soap is lacking should be made up in another area. If there is less lather there should be more cushion and so on. The Fiend smooth shave soap from SKINourishment definitely makes up for the absence of lather. Even though the abundance of lather is not there the slickness is and in abundance. My razor glided over my Dome and face with total comfort and had no trace of razor burn, cuts or nicks. The smooth shave soap from SKINourishment definitely earns the name smooth for the smooth shave it provides.

Make the end of your shave just as good as the starting with this aftershave balm!


There’s no better way to top a great shave of from the SKINourishment products than to finish with the FIEND aftershave balm. The FIEND aftershave balm from SKINourishment comes in a 1oz round dark glass container that has a screw off lid. The round glass container is on the heavier side giving the whole container a substancial feeling. The label follows suite with the shave soap and pre-shave oil container when it comes to color of label and color of wording. The only difference is the round product label sits on top of the lid compared to the last two containers were the label wraps around the side. The aftershave comes in a hard consistency Balm that weights in at 1 oz. It only takes a small amount to cover your Dome and face with a nice coat of aftershave balm that helps sooth the skin after your nightly shave. A small amount on your finger is more than enough to coat your skin for a comfortable and soothing experience at the end of each shave. I think the aftershave balm is a perfect addition to any post prep shave routine whether It’s a part of the whole SKINourishment shave solution or just a part of any post and pre prep shave routine. Either way you look at it, it’s a great product to use every time.

Final thoughts


So what are my final thoughts on the. A total shave solution that’s both good for your Dome and face. The pre-shave oil has a nice consistency that provides each shave with a smoother surface for your razor to glide across preventing razor burn, cuts and scrapes. The liquid shave soap works well with or without a shave brush. The lather has an over abundance of slickness that provides a smooth and comfortable shave every time. The after shave balm that comes in a hard consistency takes very little product to cover your Dome and face. I’m now a big fan of the FIEND silky pre-shave oil, smooth shave soap and after shave balm from SKINourishment as a daily or every other day shave. The shaving solutions from SKINourishment is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day.


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