Dr. Jon’s Wet Shaving Kit

A wet shaving kit that has it all



Wet shaving is a time-honored tradition that requires both experience and patience to achieve the ultimate goal of a smooth shave every time. Wet shaving is one form of shaving that is still practiced today by a small niche of men that’s growing by the numbers every day. From the every day wet shavers to the weekend warriors that wet shave as a hobby when time permits, the techniques required to achieve a smooth shave also require some additional equipment to get the job done. The definition of wet shaving is simple. It’s shaving your face with lots of hot water keeping your skin hydrated at the same time. Wet shaving requires a double or single edge safety  razor. This type of razor can be an investment but will last a life time if well maintained. Wet shaving also requires a shave brush and shave bowl. There are many choices to choose from when deciding on a proper shave brush. Knot size, handle width, the type of material the brush handle is made of and the type of hair the brush has are all examples of different choices that need to be made when deciding on which brush would work for you. There are several options of shaving bowls and everyone has there own preference on which one is the best and why. There are literally thousands of options to choose from when picking out the proper equipment for your wet shaving experience.

Sometimes you run across a shaving soap company that decides to put together a wet shaving kit to sell or give away in a contest. These wet shaving kits can range from the full Monty of DE razor to shave soap or the wet shaving kits can be a brush and bowl, or, a DE razor and shave soap. Dr. Jon’s Hand Crafted Soaps is one shaving soap company that has put together an outstanding wet shaving  kit that not only provides you with quality wet shaving products, but also includes a rather large amount of razor blades for a double edge safety razor as well. I was fortunate to be one of the lucky individuals to try one of his wet shaving kits. I have to tell you that I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of products found in his kit along with the abundance of razor blades that came along with it.

The Merkur MK-33001 is a short-handled DE safety razor with a chrome finish. The head of this DE razor is the standard Merkur design. It’s a great razor. This DE safety razor is both light and a little on the shorter size but that does not change the functionality of this razor. This Merkur DE safety razor is easy to maneuver especially around those tight places on your dome and face. Every one has certain spots that are harder to shave. Some of those area are common among all wet shavers. Some areas are not. The areas that are the hardest for me are the back of the cheek and my jaw line. My jaw line is more defined so it’s easy for me to get cuts and nicks around this area. The other area that is the hardest and takes the longest to shave is around my Adam’s apple, that’s a very touchy spot for me. The gap on the head of this DE safety razor where the blade sticks out is wider so it’s a more aggressive razor but perfect for a beginner because of the ease of use and maneuverability this DE razor has. The Merkur MK-33001 found in the Dr. Jon’s Wet shaving kit accepts all DE razor blades. The Merkur brand DE razor is loved by many wet shavers and once you shave with one of these razors I’m sure you will see why as well.

The wet shaving kit from Dr. Jon’s Hand Crafted Soaps also comes with a wide variety of 15 different packages of razor blades to try. Each package of blades contain 5-10 razors for a whopping 75 blades. With that amount of razor blades you should no shortage of blades for up to 6 months depending on whether you are an everyday shaver or a every other day shaver. It also depends on if you shave your Dome with the Merkur MK-33001 or just your face. I can honestly say I have shaved my Dome several times with this razor and yes, it takes more time but is a great shave with a smooth finish. The shave on my face is just as smooth and comfortable. The best part of the abundance of DE razor blades that come with this kit of course is that, they all fit the Merkur MK-33001 that comes standard with the Dr. Jon’s Wet Shaving kit.

Not only does The wet shaving kit from Dr. Jon’s Hand Crafted Soaps come with a Merkur DE safety razor. It also comes with the other items needed for a true wet shave as well. Along with a DE safety razor, a bowl and brush are also items that are critical to your wet shaving routine and experience. The Progress Vulfix Bristle Shaving Brush is a great brush for any wet shaver. The soft pure badger hair bristles of this cream-colored handle brush helps exfoliate the skin and raise the hair on your dome and face for a closer and smoother shave. I have many shave brushes in my collection and this brush is turning into one of my favorites to shave with. The Apothecary style extra-large shave bowl has a handle on the side perfect for holding on to your shave bowl while whipping up your favorite bowl of lather. The Dr. Jon’s wet shaving kit also comes with a universal stand that holds any DE safety razor and most shaving brushes depending on the style of the brush handle. The universal stand is also on the taller side so if you chose a brush with longer bristles you still have enough room to hang your brush upside down to dry out after your nightly shave. If you should acquire razor burn, cuts or scrapes the Shavex Alum block that comes standard in the wet shaving kit from Dr. Jon’s Hand Crafted Soap helps rid your Dome and face of any bacteria or infection gained from these pesky imperfections. The Alum Blocks are cubes from naturally occurring Alum deposits. The antiseptic is used both as a toner for the skin and an aftershave. Last but not least a 4.0 OZ tin of your favorite Dr. Jon’s Hand Crafted Soap comes with every kit. It’s your choice to which ever scent is your favorite to shave with.

What are my final thoughts on the wet shaving kit from Dr. Jon’s Hand Crafted Soaps? A great kit from start to finish for any wet shaver. No matter if you’re a new wet shaver or an experienced wet shaver, the wet shaving kit from Dr. Jon’s has you covered from start to finish right out of the box. The wet shaving kit from Dr. Jon’s comes with everything you need to accomplish your wet shave for the evening. Whether you view wet shaving as a task, hobby or labor of love I’m sure we will all agree that wet shaving is an art form that takes time and patients to achieve the over all goal of a smooth comfortable shave for your Dome and face. With the amount of DE razor blades that comes standard in each kit you wont have to worry about buying blades for 6 months or more. The brush and extra-large shaving bowl along with the weighted stand makes this kit feel substantial and well worth the money spent on this fantastic kit. The Merkur DE safety razor is an added treat for any wet shavers collection. The wet shaving kit from Dr. Jon’s Hand Crafted Soaps is definitely an addition to my collection of wet shaving equipment that I look forward to using on a daily basis. The wet shaving kit from Dr. Jon’s is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day.


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