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Get a gentleman’s shave with Local Gent Shaving Co.

I read a lot of shaving product reviews and there are always a couple of products that come to light. Local Gent Shaving Co is a shaving product that has gotten a lot of great reviews. Local Gent Shaving Co was established in 2012 and has continued to offer small hand crafted batches of shaving product to the every day shaver. No matter if you’re an every day shaver or an every other day shaver, a wet shaver or a cartridge shaver, you’re going to love the shaving product from Local Gent Shaving Co. I found Local Gent Shaving Co on Instagram after reading several great reviews about their products. After several conversations about the art of shaving, the products arrived on my door step ready for shaving. Once you try Local Gents Shaving Co you’re going to see why their shaving products get such high regards amongst  other shavers alike.

It has a great consistency. It’s nice and thick but not to thick. With the ingredients of Castor Oil, Olive oil, Tea Tree Oil and Essential Oils the pre-shave oil from Local Gents has a great slickness that aides your razor in gliding across your Dome and face with a smoothness that decreases the risk of razor burn after every shave. The pre-shave oil also helps prevent any cuts, nicks or scrapes your daily or nightly shave may have caused. The Local Gents pre-shave oil has a nice Eucalyptus aroma that is neither to weak or to strong it’s just the right kind of perfect! The pre-shave oil from Local Gent Shaving Co has improved my shaving experience with their product as well as improved my pre and post prep shave routine. The Eucalyptus Mint pre-shave oil from Local Gent shaving Co comes in a 2.0 ounce blue colored bottle with a dropper lid. The dropper lid has a squeeze top to it that disperses the oil through a long tube that comes out in drops at the other end. I particularly like this style of bottle. I have heavy hands and I tend to use more product than I need to. This style of bottle helps me to conserve product and stretch my product as well as my dollar. It’s shaving for pennies at it’s best and Local Gent Shaving Co helps you to achieve that goal while providing a great product with a great shave from start to finish.

I’m a big fan of both shaving cream and shave soap. They are two shaving products that provide the same thing but are different in other ways. Shaving cream is soft and takes minimal effort to create a good lather. With shaving cream you can use either a soft bristled or hard bristled shave brush to get the job done. Loading your shaving brush is different as well when shaving with a soft shaving cream no matter what brand you are shaving with for the night. A soft shaving cream doesn’t require multiple rotations with your shave brush a quick 1-2 moderate rotations will do it. A soft shaving cream also does not require any force from your shaving brush during rotations to create a nice pre-lather it already has a soft consistency, you just have to transfer it from the container it came in to your shaving bowl to continue working the lather into your liking. When loading your shave brush with your desired soft shaving cream its important to turn the container of cream upside down during your short rotation of your shave brush. The cream is already soft and any water that gets into the container could possibly change the consistency of the shaving cream since the water wont dry out like it does with the shaving soap.

Shaving soap on the other hand is a harder and more dens shaving product that requires more work to obtain a nice lather for your daily or nightly shave. A shaving soap usually comes in a puck form that requires many rotations to start building a respectable lather. A hard bristled brush usually works the best with a hard shave soap since it requires more force to accomplish your goal of reaching a thick and creamy lather. There is not a defining number of rotations that it takes for your brush to create a robust lather that provides a smooth shave for both your Dome and face. Usually 15-20 good rotations creates a pre-lather to transfer to your shaving bowl. Once inside your shaving bowl a 1-2 minute rotation usually is what it takes to create your perfect lather for your perfect shave.

The Eucalyptus Mint shaving puck and shaving cream from Local Gent Shaving Co provides the same creamy and smooth lather with a fantastic shave even though they are two different shaving products with different consistencies. The lather is robust and thick with a pleasing Eucalyptus and mint aroma that gets stronger every time you re-work your lather in the shaving bowl. The Eucalyptus Mint creates a cooling sensation on your Dome and face that cools you off after each shave. The lather sits deep in the bristles of your shave brush and applies evenly with each stroke of your shave brush. The more you rotate your brush on your desired section for shaving the more it lathers into a thick creamy substance leaving behind a smooth finish until the next time you shave with Local Gent Shaving Co. You are going to love, and love shaving with the shaving products from Local Gent Shaving Co. once you try them for the first time it wont be the last time you use their products. The question is when will be the first time?

What are my final thoughts of the Eucalyptus Mint pre-shave oil, shaving cream and soap puck from Local Gent Shaving Co. A perfect shave for a gentleman! The Eucalyptus Mint shaving products from Local Gent provide a nice creamy lather for a great shave that leaves behind comfort and smoothness every time. The pre-shave oil has a nice consistency that provides a slickened surface for your razor to glide across your Dome and face without the worry or hassle of razor burn, cuts or scrapes. Overall I’m  impressed with the function and outcome of the Local Gents shaving products. I feel confident saying that the Eucalyptus Mint pre-shave oil, soap puck and shave cream products from Local Gent are approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results!Have a #Baldtastic day!


Look for Local Gents shaving products on these social media platforms.

(1.) Instagram
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(3.) Local Gent Shaving Co




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