Get a luxury shave with the  Muehle shaving culture!



There are literally thousands of shaving products out there on the consumer market to try and each one of those products are different. There are soaps and creams, shaving brushes, shaving bowls, and, a whole gambit of razors to choose from whether you like cartridge razors or DE safety razors. The choices you have are almost limitless. Each piece of shaving equipment and product has its good points and bad points. There is not a perfect product nor every product will be for you or the next shaver alike. There are however products that shine an extra bright light over all the other products you can choose from. MUHLE products are one brand of shaving products that do just that and so much more.

The MUHLE branded shaving products has been owner managed in Germany since 1945. Now in its third generation the MUHLE shaving products are still manufacturing and distributing high quality shaving products and distributing them worldwide. If you have never experienced a shave with the MUHLE products any shaver that has will tell you that it’s a luxury shave with great products. MUHLE also goes one step further and produces an organic line of shaving creams and soaps proving that MUHLE loves their fans and wants to provide them with great products that are better for the environment and your skin.

I found MUHLE through one of my favorite social media sites and quickly striked up a conversation with one of the reps. He was and is very friendly and very knowledgeable about the MUHLE products that he sells. It was very easy to see that his passion for shaving and the MUHLE products that he sells makes a strong  presence in the shaving community. His passion and commitment to other shavers as well to the MUHLE brand gets you excited all over again about shaving and shaving products. After every conversation we had about shaving with MUHLE products I felt the need to shave again. That’s the kind of positive attitude you are looking for in a brand of products to stand behind and promote. My first package of products were on my door step before I could say MUHLE!

There is a difference between shaving soap and cream. Shaving soap comes either in a puck or shaped in a bar form. The shaving puck or bar usually comes packed in its own container or it’s wrapped in plastic and contained in a box. The shaving soap is usually a hard bodied soap that requires a brush to create a lather by circular rotations on the soap itself. If your shaving soap is a hard bodied soap then a hard bristled brush works best to create this lather. If you decide you want to use a soft bristled brush the choice is definitely yours but you will have a harder time accomplishing your goal of a good lather unless you use a hard bristled shave brush.

A shaving cream is much different. Shaving cream comes packed in different ways, either in a soft squeezable tube or a container with a lid. The cream is soft and requires less time to build a respectable lather. In this case you can use a soft bristled brush or still use a hard bristled brush. The choice is still yours. I got the chance to try both the shaving cream and shaving soap from MUHLE and even though there is a difference between the two kinds of shaving product they both have one thing in common. The shave was smooth and comfortable with a great cushion and slickness providing a luxury shave from start to finish. The shaving cream was packaged in a squeezable flip top tube making access to the product a snap. The flip top tube easily sits upright in your cabinet until your ready for the next shave. It takes a little amount of this soft cream to produce a nice thick lather that is both robust and creamy. The thickened consistency makes the application of the shaving cream to your Dome and face a pleasurable experience. The cream sits heavy within the bristles of your brush and applies evenly with every stroke of your shaving brush. Like I said, a truly pleasurable experience.

The shaving pucks came in three fragrances Aloe vera, Sandalwood and Sea Buckthorn. Each sample of shaving soap performed in the same manner and had the same results. Each shave soap produced and abundance of rich and thick lather that exploded off of my hard bristled shaving brush onto my Dome and face. Each sample took little product to produce an abundance of lather that covered the bristles of my shaving brush each time I pulled the brush out of my bowl to lather another area for shaving. The three samples of shaving soap from MUHLE shaving products were the same size in diameter and all had the MUHLE brand stamped into the top of the shaving puck. They came wrapped and sealed in plastic inside a small cardboard box branded with MUHLE graphics and color.

The MUHLE shaving brushes feel great on your skin



There are a multitude of brushes available on the MUHLE website. These soft bristled shave brushes work well with lathering a bowl of soft shaving cream into a bowl of thick lather for a great nights shave that only MUHLE can produce with their shaving creams and soaps. This MUHLE 21 P 8 S/GR Synthetic fibre shaving brush has a black and grey partial plastic and rubber handle that is 54 x 42 x 22 mm. The knot at base is 20 mm, and the loft is 52 mm. This brush has a great feel when in the palm of your hands accredited to the plastic and rubber handle. The soft bristles soak up the lather and each stroke of this shaving brush feels soft and comfortable. This soft bristled synthetic fiber shaving brush from MUHLE is a perfect choice for any soft shaving cream especially the soft shaving cream from MUHLE. You can’t go wrong with this soft bristled shaving brush from MUHLE. It is one step in the right direction for a luxurious shave for the night.

This MUHLE Classic Shaving Brush with Silver tip Badger Hair comes with many choices from hair quality of either silver tip badger or fibre hair. The handle material has several options consisting of a High grade black resin, High grade Horn brown resin, High grade Ivory resin, Olive wood and buffalo horn. There are also several different knot specifications of 19, 21, 23, 25 mm. Many different options to choose from when purchasing a brush from MUHLE. This soft bristled brush with the Silver tipped badger hair is a great choice for a soft shaving soap, or, team it up with a hard bristled brush for your nightly shave for the best of both ends of the spectrum. The choice is always yours to make. Whether you are a well seasoned shaver or a new shaver the shaving brushes from MUHLE shaving products could definitely be some of your favorite brushes to use whether your shaving your face or dome on an everyday or every other day basis.

A luxury shave with a classic feel from the R89 closed comb traditional DE safety razor!


I was a cartridge razor guy till the bitter end. For years I was a faithful Gillette and Schick guy until one day I was gifted a DE razor from who know is I consider to be a friend. To tell you the truth I was always a little intimidated by the thought of DE shaving. I always read or heard the horror stories of gentlemen slicing their face up when using a safety razor. That scared me away  from trying wet shaving for a long time. I always admired the different brands of safety razor and knew how much money it would save me but that was about it. Once I took the plunge and tried wet shaving for the first time I enjoyed it tremendously and all my fears melted away.

I still get little knicks, but the big difference is how my skin feels after a DE shave compared to using a cartridge razor. A DE razor doesn’t pull or tug the hair out of your dome and face like a cartridge razor does. There is a lot less irritation and razor burn as well because it takes less pressure to cut the hair on your dome and face because of the razor and angle you hold the razor. If you have a DE razor that is more heavily weighted you let the weight of the razor be the only pressure you need when wet shaving for the night. If your DE razor is of the lighter weight then you will need more pressure.

The R89 closed comb Classic DE razor from MUHLE shaving products gives you classic DE razor shave with precision and comfort. The handle on the R89 is wider in diameter with a heavier weight giving you more control and precision during each shave. The handle has grooved striations for a more comfortable grip. I didn’t have a problem holding onto the razor even when the handle got wet after rinsing it off. The bottom of the razor is branded with the MUHLE name which is a nice touch. The head of the razor is bigger in comparison to some other DE razors with a wider blade gap. This means that it’s a more aggressive razor. The bigger the blade gap the more the blade is exposed. This also means it takes less strokes to get a closer shave. Men with thicker and coarser hair generally prefer a more aggressive razor for the closeness with less strokes. However it can also cause more skin irritation in the more delicate areas of the neck. I enjoy shaving with the R89 DE razor from MUHLE. It’s a great shave with a comfortable feel.

Start and finish your luxury shave with MUHLE products off with a great pre and post prep shave routine.


In my opinion, I think its vital to a great shave to have a good pre and post prep shave routine. The benefits are noticeable in short-term but really shine in long-term. The body looses around 30-40,000 skin cells each hour! WHOA!!, Oh yes I said every hour. Over a period of 24 hours that number reaches close to a million. That’s a lot of skin cells every day. So where does all of that dead skin go? Well, the dust floating around your house or the dust that’s collecting on your dining room table is mostly made up of all those dead skin cells. The skin you have today will be different than the skin you have next month.

The body does a fair job with shedding all those skin cells but an exfoliant on your dome and face before and after shaving will help with all that unwanted dead skin as well. An exfoliant clears the dead skin away making room for new skin. Once you scrub that dead skin away you will notice a much smoother surface for your daily shave. Exfoliation before and after you shave will help reduce razor burn, cuts and knicks. Exfoliation also helps unclog the pores in your skin and allow your skin to breathe. If you are the type of shaver to use a lot of product than it also helps clear the old product from the last shave away causing less build up in the pores of your skin.

The Argan pre-shave oil and aftershave balm from MUHLE are two products that provide a great addition to your pre and post prep routine to let that shine out on your Dome and face. Argan oil has many benefits for your skin. Argan oil dries into the skin quickly without a greasy residue making a great night-time moisturizer for you Dome and face. Argan oil also make a great skin toner and can be the main ingredient for a home-made exfoliant. Argan oil also helps with acne, stretch marks and can be a soothing agent for those nasty shaving bumps or razor burn you might get after shaving. Argan oil has so many benefits for your skin and that’s why the Argan oil as a pre-shave oil from MUHLE shaving products is a great product to add to your pre and post prep routine. The Argan Oil comes in a bottle that has a dropper type lid. the dropper sits inside of the bottle and allows a lot of portion control each time you use it. You can control how many drops of oil you use for each shave. I usually use between 10-15 drops for my Dome and face together for a great pre and post prep routine accompanied by my nightly shave.

Last but definitely not least lets visit the other side of the shaving routine spectrum and talk about post prep items. I’m now a believer in after shave products as a great finishing aspect to every shave. Some aftershaves come in a liquid form called a splash. You can buy the splash either containing alcohol or alcohol free as well. The downfall of an alcohol based aftershave splash is that alcohol dries out the skin. The aftershave splash can also slightly burn on razor burn or cuts and scrapes you may get along the way of shaving. The burning part is the alcohol killing bacteria in those little cuts and scrapes keeping you free from infection. I like both alcohol and non alcohol Aftershave.

My skin is on the oily side so a little alcohol based aftershave splash on my Dome and face helps dry up my skin a little bit. I always follow with an aftershave balm for moisturizing and also finish with my one of my favorite moisturizers to keep the skin on my Dome and face nicely hydrated and healthy. The aftershave balm from MUHLE is an organic aftershave  that is alcohol free. The aftershave balm feels soft and gentle on the skin and helps free your body of potential infection from shaving on more of the all natural way. The aftershave balm from MUHLE comes in a round canister that has a pump style lid. One to two pumps is all you need for this aftershave to work its magic on your skin and provide a great shine at the end of your shaving routine. One of the best parts of the Argan pre-shave oil and the aftershave balm is that they are both Organic so that means less harmful chemicals on your skin and in your body. How can you complain about that?

So what are my final thoughts on the MUHLE shaving products? A luxurious shave that provides a smooth and comfortable feeling. The MUHLE shaving products is a brand that shines a bright light on the shaving community. If you visit the MUHLE website you can’t help but notice the craftsmanship that shows with each piece of shaving equipment they manufacture. Their products as well as shaving equipment is sheek and high quality yet so modern looking that the MUHLE products would make a great addition in any bathroom. The shaving soaps and creams provide a high quality lather that is easily created in abundance. The Argan oil and aftershave balm make an outstanding addition to any pre and post prep shave routine, and the brushes and classic DE razor pay a tribute to the german craftsmanship that would impress any one. My overall impression of MUHLE shaving products is that I can see why they have been in business for 45 years and still going strong. The MUHLE shaving products are approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day!


You can find MUHLE shaving products on these other social media platforms.

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(3.) MUHLEshaving

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