Storage made simple by 6ixWoodworks



I consider my self to be passionately Bald and a passionate shaver. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, I love all things Bald related and that of course includes shaving products as well. I love shaving products starting from the soaps and creams down to the brushes and bowls, I love it all. When you start collecting razors and brushes and other shaving products your cabinet tends to fill up quick. Before you know it you are over flowing with shaving gear and storage becomes an issue.

Lets talk about storage arrangements for those precious razors you started to collect whether it’s DE razors or cartridge razors they can start to take up a lot of space. One day after moving things around in my cabinet to get to the shaving products I needed before starting my daily shave, I decided that I needed a storage unit to try and keep most of my DE razors in one spot to clear up some of the clutter in my shaving cabinet. The first place online I searched was a site called Etsy.com. If you are not familiar with this site you should be, especially if you are looking for some new products to try. Etsy is a website for home based businesses. It’s a friendly place to shop and you will find great products there.

There on Etsy.com is were I found 6ixWoodworks and his glorious storage units for DE razors that also had a spot for your favorite bowl and brush.  Randy Paquette the shop owner was and is both professional and polite, not to mention he is also a fellow Bald guy so we instantly got along. His DE razor/straight razor stand comes in different selections to choose from. His stands range from 2-6 spaces to hold your razors and a spot to hang your brush upside down to dry with a wide open space to fit you favorite shaving bowl. I use a large ceramic shaving bowl perfect for a lot of lather. My shaving bowl fit three-quarters of the way on the stand which is perfect for me. I’ve had a difficult time finding a stand that would some what accommodate my extra large ceramic shaving bowl and the razor stand from 6ixWoodworks does a fine job with my accomodations. Along with the decision of whether you need 2-6 spots for razor you also have the choice of your stand being made out of Solid Cherry, Walnut or Ebony. For my selection I chose a walnut stand that is beautifully stained and came nicely packaged in a box. The stand was well padded so if the box it came in got tossed around the walnut stand from 6ixWoodworks was protected. The height of the stand is perfect for my cabinet. I can easily reach in there and grab whatever razor I decide to use for the night. Each stand has several spots for your razors to rest on the back of the stand and a spot on top for your razor to rest comfortably. The edges on the stand itself are rounded so you don’t have to worry about scratching your razor when your done with your daily shave. Putting it back on the stand is easy because the resting spots for your razors are slanted and on the larger side for your razor to roll into place instead of falling into place.

Randy Paquette the shop owner of 6ixWoodworks found on Etsy.com shows true craftsmanship and a love for what he does. His razor stands are sturdy and solid. His passion shows through his craftsmanship with each stand. The rounded edges along with the large openings for resting each razor on, and the fact that each stand accommodates both DE razors, and, or, straight razors at the same time tells me that Randy Paquette of 6ixWoodworks has put a lot of thought and detail into his razor stands before he even started. It will be interesting to see what Randy Paquette does next. The razor stand from 6ixWoodworks has a permanent spot in my shave cabinet. The razor stand from 6ixWoodworks is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day.


You can find Randy Paquette from 6ixWoodworks here on Etsy.com


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