Omega Brushes

Omega says a fantastic brush with a luxurious feel is our middle name!



Omega Brushes have been around for quite some time now. Omega Brush has been a leading brush maker since 1946 and leads the way with their full line of paint brushes, rollers and shave brushes. Their extensive line of shave brushes include pure bristle and badger hair, synthetic fiber along with accessories, novelties and novelties as well. Omega Brush doesn’t stop at shaving brushes and paint brushes. Omega also manufactures several models of make up brushes as well. When it comes to wet shaving Omega Brushes have become a standard shave brush to own or add to your collection of shave brushes. Omega has such a large variety of shave brushes to choose from their shave brushes can fit the need or want of any shaver no matter what kind of shaving they are practicing. Sometimes a lot of options can be overwhelming if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for in a shave brush. That’s the problem I had when deciding what shave brush i was looking for. That was not a problem for the fine folks over at Omega.

The staff was courteous and very help full. After several friendly emails and questions on what I was looking for and wanted in a brush, I am the proud owner of a variety of Omega shave brushes that range from hard to soft bristle, synthetic and pure badger hair including one accessory as well. This chromed ABS handled brush is 100% hog bristle from Omega with a height of 13,3 cm – 5,24″ This brush has long stiff bristles that are perfect for building a respectable thick, creamy and rich lather from the hardest of hard bodied shave soap. This brush is a soldier and gets the job done. The extra long hard bristles soak up the lather in abundance and transfer all the lather you want to your dome and face with a generous and even amount of lather. The chrome handle is light weight and on the larger side making maneuverability easy and smooth. You definitely can’t go wrong with this shave brush from Omega Brushes. This S-Brush Series, Synthetic fiber hair shave brush has a wooden handle made out Beech Wood, It’s height is 11 cm.

The bristles are a cross between hard and soft making this shave brush usable for either a hard bodied or soft cream soap. This brush is a great selection no matter what you are shaving with for the night. The handle is smaller in diameter compared to the chrome professional but still easy to maneuver and use for working up a decent lather for the night. The 100% badger hair shaving brush with a resin handle and a height of 9.9 cm – 3.89″ is perfect for creating a lather from soft shaving cream. The soft 100% pure badger hair bristles soak up as much lather as possible every time it enters your shave bowl. The soft bristles fan out evenly during your rotational direction on your Dome and face with this shaving brush from omega This 100% badger hair shaving brush with a black resin handle stands at a height of 10,9 cm – 4,29″ The soft 100% badger hair is perfect for lathering up a bowl of soft shaving cream. The soft bristles feel luxurious on your dome and face. The black resin handle is easy to use and feels comfortable in the palm of your hand. Clean up of this fine 100% pure badger hair shave brush is quick and easy. A quick rinse with hot water to get the left over lather out from between the bristles and your finished. You can hang this brush upside down with this brush stand to let it properly air dry.

Omega Brush makes quality shave brushes that if properly taken care of will last you a lifetime and possibly your children’s lifetime as well. Each one of these fine brushes functioned with great quality when lathering a bowl of thick and rich lather from either a hard bodied shave soap, or a soft bowl of shaving cream. The bristles whether synthetic or 100% pure felt luxurious with each shave. The bristles felt exfoliating on my Dome and face with each rotational movement of the Omega Brush I chose for my nightly or daily shave. A hard bodied soap requires a hard bristled shave brush to unlock the maximum potential of the soap itself regarding abundance of lather and its quality of lather produced. A soft shaving cream leaves the option open of either a hard or soft bristle brush to get the job done. It is possible to use a soft bristled shave brush on a hard bodied shave soap by first lathering the shave soap with a hard bristled shave brush. This will create the nice thick and rich lather you are looking for. From there you could always switch to a softer bristle brush to apply the robust lather you have already created to your dome and face.

I was and still am very impressed with the quality and feel of the Omega Brushes. Omega has become a cornerstone in the wet shaving community and their quality brushes are loved by many alike. Omega Brushes are only produced in Italy so beware of any imitation brushes. I look forward to a long time of usage with these finely crafted shave brushes. The Omega Shave Brushes are approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day!



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