Wood and Badger shave brush

Todd Darling Handcrafted Brushes


IMG_4288A shave brush is an important piece of equipment in wet shaving. Shave brushes build lather and help apply the shave lather to your dome and face. Shave brushes also help exfoliate the skin while applying lather to your skin. There are many shave brushes to choose from along with many aspects of the shave brush itself. From the handle of the shave brush to the different size knots providing either a hard bristle or soft bristle shave brush.

A hard bristle shave brush works well with hard bodied shave soapIMG_3833 and soft shaving cream as well. A soft bristled shave brush works well with the soft shaving cream but not so well with the hard bodied shave soap. There are many craftsman that have practiced the art of brush making and make a fine shave brush. Todd Darling is one of those craftsman that has mastered the art of wood working with turning handles for shave brushes.

I found Todd Darling founder of Wood and Badger on Etsy.com. Wood and Badger makes shaving brushes, ink pens and other turned IMG_4232wood products. Todd is a true craftsman and doesn’t use a pattern he truly goes were the wood takes him and turns by feel. This lack of pattern makes each piece he turns truly unique and one of a kind. Todd and I exchanged several emails regarding shave brushes and shaving. I quickly had a Wood and Badger shave brush in my hands ready to soak up some thick and rich lather during my nightly shave.

This shave brush from Todd Darling the founder of Wood and BadgerIMG_3833 is handcrafted and one of a kind. This brush features grade A mixed badger hair and features Redheart  wood. The finish on the handle contains Linseed oil for a durable finish. The after care of this shave brush is very simple. Just wash it off and be done with it. The soft bristles on this shave brush are perfect for soaking up a lot of lather for an even application to your Dome and face with a smooth and comfortable finish.

The shave brush from Wood and Badger is truly handcrafted and one of a kind. The shave brush from Wood and Badger is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day.



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