A slick shave is what you get from Ecosage!



You don’t have to have a bowl full of rich thick lather to get a smooth shave. Some shave soaps have a great cushion and provide a slickened surface for your razor to glide across your dome and face. Some shave soaps don’t focus so much on an abundance of lather but focus more on comfort and smoothness. This was the case with Ecosage Soap Company. Ecosage Soap Company comes in a hardened round soap puck that sits inside its own round dish for lathering. I also received an additional soap puck and a Honey Almond Oats Organic handmade bar of soap. The Ecosage shave soap is a hardened soap, so a hard bristle shave brush works best when building an initial pre-lather that builds into a respectable finished lather for a smooth and comfortable shave. I decided to open the shave puck that did not come with its own dish for lathering. I put the shave puck in my large shave bowl to have enough room to build a nice lather for my nightly shave.

It didn’t take long to build a respectable lather that had a thickened consistency. The lather was not abundant and did not fill my bowl from top to bottom. The lather was creamy and smooth. Ecosage might no provide a thick heavy lather, but it does produce a lather that has a fantastic cushion with a lot of slickness that gives your razor more than enough support with every shave. The lather clung to the bristles of my shave brush and applied evenly to my dome and face  What Ecosage doesn’t offer in lather it offers in cushion and slickness. I shaved with Ecosage soap for several days and each shave was just as smooth as the last. What are my final thoughts on Ecosage Soap? A smooth shave with less lather but more cushion. Ecosage Soap may not be a lathering monster, but it is one smooth shave. The lather has a thickened consistency that holds tight within the bristles of your shave brush. The Ecosage Soap is definitely a shave soap I would use again. The Ecosage Soap is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic  day.


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