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I do a lot of online searching for new shaving products to try. Not only do I spend a lot of time searching for shaving products but I also read my fair share of reviews on shaving products as well. I started reading reviews on Labelle Soaps. Each review I read stated that Labelle Soaps has a great lather with an even better cushion and provides a great shave as well. After reading these reviews I decided that Lebelle Soaps would the next product to try in my never-ending quest for the perfect shave.

I contacted Labelle Soaps and we exchanged a couple of friendly emails. I received my product in a timely manner which is important in my book. Customer service is important. What good is it to have a quality product if you cant get it to your customers in a timely manner. No one is going to buy your product if your customer service is horrible. Fortunately Labelle soaps does not have this problem as I previously stated. Not only did I receive my product in a timely manner, but my product came nicely packaged and undamaged.

To say Labelle Soaps provides a smooth shave would be an understatement. Labelle Soaps is a hard bodied soap so I decided to use my hard bristled silver tipped badger hair shave brush. It only took a couple of rotations of my shave brush to start a good pre lather that in a matter of moments was worked into a nice thick lather that filled my shave bowl from top to bottom with a creamy substance that applied generously to my dome and face with every stroke of my silver tipped badger hair shave brush. Every time I put my shave brush down inside of my bowl the bristles of my silver tipped badger hair shave brush was filled once again with the thick and creamy lather from Labelle Soaps. The robust lather filled the bristles of my shave brush with a thickened consistency that provided a great cushion that added an increased level of comfort to every shave. This cushion also created a slickened surface that provided my razor with and added smooth surface for my razor to glide across my Dome and face with lack of razor burn, cuts and scrapes. Each shave from Labelle Soaps was above satisfactory and left me wanting to shave with Labelle Soaps the next night and every night or day after that.

The shave soap from Labelle Soaps comes packaged in plastic containers with a screw on/off lid. I like this feature, after you lather your shave soap several times in the container it came. The container can become misshaped especially if the container has a lid that pops on and off. with a container that has a lid that screws on and off it can be a little easier to keep the shape of the container. The round plastic container that the shave soap from Labelle Soaps comes packaged in is an off white color that’s partialy see through. You can see how much product is left by looking at the side of the container, so you know quicker when its time to order more shave soap from Labelle Soaps. The product sticker sits on top of the lid and is round with a black background. The lettering is white, the black background and white lettering make it very easy to read the product label. The round container the product is in is bigger than normal so the screw on lid is larger as well. The product sticker almost covers the entire lid. The part of the lid that’s left creates a white border around the black background of the sticker. This border and black background makes reading the simple yet informative label even easier than it already is. Labelle Soaps makes simplicity work both for their product and look fantastic all at the same time. Once you try Labelle Soaps I’m sure that you will agree with me on that.

If you ask people were they learned the art of shaving I’m sure you would hear a different story every time. Some guys learn how to shave from their fathers. Some guys learn how to shave on their own, and there are some guys that don’t shave at all. No matter how you learned how to shave the Barbershop scent from Labelle Soaps might help you to remember a time when that special someone in your life shaved or was teaching you how to shave. If that’s not the story from your youth the Barbershop scent from Labelle Soaps might help you remember the aroma of an actual barbershop. No matter how you learned the art of shaving the Barbershop scent from Labelle Soaps has an aroma that’s pleasing to your senses that’s not to strong but strong enough to make a statement.

So what are my final thoughts on Labelle Soaps? A fantastic shave that comes packaged in a great container with simple details. The shave soap from Labelle Soaps provides a thick creamy lather with a great cushion and slickness giving you a comfortable shave for your Dome and face. The thick lather sticks to the bristles of your shave brush and applies evenly to your Dome and face with an even consistency leaving you wanting to shave again and again with Labelle Soaps. The container the shave soap from Labelle Soaps comes packaged in is simple yet classy and easy to maneuver making it easy to get to your product for a great shave every day or every other day. The final results I achieved of my shave with Labelle Soaps are fantastic leaving me with wanting to make Labelle Soaps a permanent product inside my cupboard of shave products. The shave soap from Labelle Soaps are approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day.


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