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A great shave from start to finish!



Sometimes you go looking for something in one place but find it somewhere else unexpectedly. That’s exactly what happened when I found the shave soap and beard oil combo from I found Body Love Potions on while searching for shaving supplies. I saw the Beard oil in a clear bottle with a dropper and was hooked right away. Now I don’t suggest just buying products because you like the way the product looks. Looks can be a part of why you would buy a certain product, but, it should not be the sole reason why. After a couple of friendly emails my package containing shave soap and beard oil for a pre-shave oil was shipped to me in a nice package and ready to go for my first out of several shaves with these fine products. I like trying new shave soap, but when I get more than one shave product from a brand its even more exciting to me. Trying more than one shave product from the same company is important. You get to see and feel how the products interact with each other. I’m pretty positive that once you try the shaving products from  Body Love Potions you will want to make a permanent home in your shave den for their products .

I’ve come to appreciate Beard oil as a pre-shave oil to add to my pre and post prep shave routine. Pre-shave oil works with your razor to provide a smooth surface on your Dome and face to help prevent razor burn, cuts and scrapes. Pre-shave oil is  great addition to any shave routine. Beard oil is more for the skin underneath your beard to help prevent it from drying out. Beard oil contains more vitamins and nutrients to help keep your skin hydrated and supple. Beard oil has more of a thicker consistency than regular pre-shave oil because of the vitamins and nutrients it contains. You can certainly use beard oil as a pre-shave oil. The Beard oil serves some what of the same purpose as a pre-shave oil. To help protect the skin and keep it looking soft and smooth. The beard oil will provide your razor with a smooth surface for shaving decreasing the risk of razor burn cuts and scrapes just like regular pre-shave oil does. The Beard oil from Body Love Potions comes in a clear bottle with a dropper lid for portion control. All you need is 5-10 drops of this thicker consistency beard oil and your on your way to a soft smooth shave. The clear bottle the Beard oil comes in tells you right away when you look at it whether or not it’s time to order more. Trust me, once you start using this Beard oil from Body Love Potions you will want to start using it more on a consistent basis.

has a nice aroma about it that permeates the air with a toneful fragrance. The shave soap comes in a softer bar that fits right in your shave bowl. After several rotations of my hard bristled silver tipped badger hair shave brush I began to see a pre-lather that soon was worked into a respectable abundance of lather. The lather produced from this shave soap was both creamy and rich. The lather clung to the bristles of my shave brush and transferred well from the bowl with a smooth even application to my Dome and Face. Overall provided a close, smooth and comfortable shave that leaves me wanting to make these shaving products a permanent routine every time I shave no matter if its daily or every other day. So what are my final thoughts on the Shave soap Beard oil combo from Body Love Potions? A smooth and comfortable shave from start to finish that adds closeness to the mix. The beard oil gives your razor a smooth surface for shaving to decrease the risk of razor burn, cuts and nicks. The shave soap has an aroma with a pleasing fragrance that produces a nice thick and creamy lather with an abundant of lather that gives you a close and personable shave. I’m very pleased with the outcome of the beard oil shave soap combo from Body Love Potions. The Body Love Potions shave products are approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day!


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