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The Doctor is in the house!


bc5f513b7d51fbb76aeba8791ab643e3Sometimes you’re in the rightaca21938aed23136dc6956ac425eb509 place at the right time. Sometimes you get to try certain shaving products that are not always available at your fingertips. I had the privilege and honor of reviewing a product not sold in the united states but sold all over the UK. Mark Sproston IMG_5808better known as The Shave Doctor has been selling products for quiet a while now and making a big name for himself over in the UK and in the United States. Unfortunately The Shave Doctors products can’t be purchased in stores yet here in the states but can be purchased online. I’m sure you will agree with me that after you try020a375b48b23a6ece68e2b214b3a57e The Shave Doctor products you will be happy you did.

c51c1e48dbf20eb750e29497314a5caeI found Mark Sproston or The Shave Doctor while searching for a new product try. After talking with The Shave Doctor himself he revealed to me that he was changing the packaging of his line of products and I had the exclusive review to introduce his new product look. Of course I said yes and eagerly awaited the arrival of his products with a new look. It’s the same great product with a new look, and the look is good!

Shave Doctors new look is elegant, eye catching and simply fantastic!


a87b73334e86adee63a248848a6a5bfdThe new product packaging is eye-catching but not over stimulatingimage. I received the facial scrub, pre-shave oil, shaving cream, aftershave cooling gel and the moisturizer. All the products came packaged in bright orange squeezable tubes with a flip top lid that screws on to the bottom of the tube for product disbursement. When you’re not squeezing these imagesoft tubes for product during your shaving routine the tube sits upright on the flattened round flip top lid. This positioning allows all the product to nestle at the bottom of the tube so you can get to your product quick with a small squeeze.

imageA small squeeze is all you need with these soft squeezable tubes to get to your product quickly. If you by chance happen to knock one of these tubes of the counter, no worries, the soft product tubes won’t break or crack. These robust tubes full of The Shave Doctor product are built to last. The front of each tube imagehas the brands logo and description of the product that is inside the soft tube, on the back of the tube you find more information listed including the ingredients. The lettering is in several different colors that stand out against the orange color of the tube which makes it easy to see. There is enough information listed to fill the front and back of the tube but not too much information that it’s overwhelming.

The Shave Doctor prescribes a smooth shave every time!


imageI’ve always said a good pre and post prep routine is important to add to your shaving routine. A good pre and post prep shave routine should never make up for any short comings your shaving cream or soap may have. A good pre and post prep shave routine should add additional support to your nightly shave by accomplishing several goals. The products you choose as your pre and post prep shave routine should clear all the dead skin away from your dome and face promoting clean and healthy skin and making room for new cleaner skin to shine. These imageproducts should also promote healthier skin and a more comfortable shave through a softer and more supple skin tone. This healthier supple skin makes a smoother shave on a daily basis.

The exfoliation scrub is the first in this line of shaving products from The Shave Doctor to begin your what could be perfect shave for the night. The exfoliation scrub cleans all the dead skin off of your dome and face leaving a smoother surface. I exfoliate twice a night. Once before I shave and then again after I imageshave. I’ve noticed a big difference in the overall smoothness of my dome and face after exfoliating twice a day. The pre-shave oil from The Shave Doctor has a consistency half way between thick and thin that coats your dome and face with a layer of protection that provides your razor with a smooth surface for shaving all that unwanted hair away one strand at a time.

The Shave Doctor shaving cream is either a brush or brushless application. I’ve tried both applications and both ways work very f36c4344e717a034c803c9d60906722663bb707ec127908914689af79b7e88bdwell, it just depends on your preference. No matter which way you apply the shave cream from The Shave Doctor one thing is for sure. You get a smooth shave every time. When using a brush the shaving cream from The Shave Doctor lathers well and 9d1d299f1226e51589be58d6bbbb300adeep creating a thick and rich lather. When applied by hand the lather is not as thick and creamy but does evenly coat your dome and face with little product needed. The shave with both applications has a great slickness leaving your dome feeling refreshed after every shave.

d30e6027a0fed5c75c7fa55c0371fa6cThe aftershave cooling gel from The Shave Doctor has a gel like clear but thickened consistency that soaks into the skin quickly cooling the skin up to 30 minutes after application. After the aftershave has soaked into your dome867da55b6152630514a3ecc9a5606ca4 and face, top it off with the moisturizer from The Shave Doctor. The moisturizer is non greasy and absorbs into the skin quickly. The moisturizer from The Shave Doctor replenishes the vital nutrients that keeps your skin on your dome and face supple for a better shave day after day. Once you try the total shave solution from The Shave Doctor I’m sure you will agree that it’s a top-notch shave from start to finish.

Final thoughts


312e68cd755521d568c034b51a2401e3What are my final thoughts on the shaving products from The shave Doctor? A top-notch shave from start to finish. From the face and dome scrub to the pre-shave oil and brush or brushless shaving cream The Shave Doctor has got the perfect shave for the night. What better to top your perfect shave for thee50ced20a0f50dccb9a9e5510ab9fffe night off than to finish with an even better aftershave and moisturizer. No matter if you use one shave product from The Shave Doctor or all the products from The Shave Doctor one thing is for sure. You get a top-notch shave from start to finish! The shaving products from The Shave Doctor have a permanent place in my shaving cabinet. The Shave Doctor products are approved By TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day!


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