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This kit is for all Bald guys



Sometimes you meet people along the way that enrich your life and make you feel like you’re on the right path. This is exactly what happened when I met Mike Costello from The BaldHeadStore. Mike and I connected through social media and had plenty of discussions about living the Bald lifestyle. I respect Mike and what he stands for, which is strengthening the bonds of our Bald community and bringing it closer together, and what his store has to offer our Bald community. Mike’s store The Bald Head Store Head Gear For Men & Women sell’s all bald related products from shaving creams and soaps to beanies and Doo rags. The Bald Head Store also sells other products such as razor blade cartridges and blade oil for your razor to keep your blades in tip-top shape for peak performance during all your daily or every other day shaves. Mike’s store carries products that fit any need you may have. Whether it’s just shaving cream or soap, or a moisturizer and aftershave as well. The Bald Head Store also carries larger items if you’re in need of a total head care solution. The Bald Head Store also carries starter kits for both a new and experienced shaver. One of the starter kits you can find on The Bald Head Store is the collection starter kit picked by yours truly. Mike honored with a starter kit filled with premium products chosen by to help new Bald guys achieve that perfect shave day after day. Even though it’s labeled as a starter kit the premium products that come with the kit would fill any Bald guys need for a perfect shave.

The starter kit comes filled with many different products from creams to moisturizers with nick relief and blade oil. The starter kit contains a product with SPF for protection from the sun. The kit also contains a Schampa to keep your Dome warm on those not so sunny days. This kit also comes with two ball point pens with The Bald Head Store logo on the side for every day use to help remind your self of the great decision you’ve made by selecting this great starter kit. It really is a total dome care solution from start to finish.

HeadBlades head slick and ClearHead make a great combo for your nightly shave. The HeadSlick shaving cream provides a smooth slick surface to aid your razor in gliding across your dome in an effortless motion leaving behind razor burn cuts and nicks. The ClearHead is an exfoliant that helps rid your dome of any unwanted dead skin that keeps your razor from gliding across your dome giving you the superior shave that you deserve and want. The BeeBald Scrub is also an exfoliant that helps clear away any unwanted dead skin you may have. While you’re at it why not use the HeadBlade ATX razor that comes standard with the starter kit.

The HeadBlade ATX truly is the Cadillac of razors for Bald men. The front of the ATX is where the front wheels are located to help the ATX to roll across the top of your Dome effortlessly in a smooth gliding motion. The razor cartridge is located on the back of the ATX with a substantial shock absorber between the cartridge and the ATX itself. This shock absorber helps the razor contour and move along all of the bumps and crevices on your Dome with ease and comfort.

Even the most experienced shaver with premium products sometimes battle against razor burn cuts and nicks. The starter kit has got that covered as well with the Pacific shaving company nick relief stick that helps prevent possible infection and redness from any unwanted wounds you might get during your nightly shave. The starter kit goes one step further by providing the Pacific shaving company blade oil for lubrication of your razor blade applied at the end of the night after your shave. just one quick application to the blades of your ATX that comes standard with your shaving kit and that’s all you need to keep your blades nice and sharp.

Another step in the direction of the perfect shave that the starter kit helps to offer is a post shave balm from DreadNought. The DreadNought post shave balm offers healing and comfort to your Dome after your nightly or every other night shave if you should accumulate any small cuts or nicks or perhaps even both. The DreadNought post shave balm comes in a gel substance that rubs into your dome in an ungreasy finish that leaves your Dome feeling cool, clean and refreshed. The DreadNought post shave balm soaks into your dome quickly leaving room for your favorite moisturizer to finish the job of right. The starter kit also comes with Domecare solutions anti-aging serum as a moisturizing solution. The DomeCare anti-aging serum does a perfect job with adding that smooth finish and shine to your dome that you were looking for from the very start. The starter kit also comes stocked with some great after care items that help keep your Dome healthy and feeling great. After all, you know as well as I do that A healthy Dome is a happy Dome. The Bald Guyz  fragrance free refreshing head wipes are made with a green tea formula that are excellent for that mid afternoon refreshment that gives you that quick wake me up and turns your mid day afternoon into a high karate afternoon with just one swipe. I’m impressed with The Bald Guyz Head Wipes. They really are refreshing. The starter kit  from Mike Costellos The Bald Head Store also carry’s a Schampa. What’s a Schampa you ask? A Schampa is a stretchable beanie made out of light weight material that is thin and keeps your head warm. The Schampa fits snuggly across your head for a nice comfortable fit. An important area that needs to be addressed for all Bald guys is sunscreen for your dome. It’s important to protect your Dome from excessive sunlight. A sunburn on your dome is uncomfortable and prevents you from shaving and living the Bald lifestyle. The YouVees spf 30 Sunscreen Swipes are water-resistant and keeps your dome protected on those sun shine filled days. The starter kit comes jam-packed with premium products for a total shave solution from start to finish with a couple of other items to help any Bald guy whether he’s a new or seasoned shaver. The starter kit is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald nation. Love your products and you will love the results and have a #Baldtastic day.


You can find starter kit on Mike Costello’s The Bald Head Store here.





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