Nicole Made This

These Stubble Bubbles mean business



Sometimes you find a great shave soap when you least expect it. I found a great shave soap made from a company called Nicole Made This on  while searching for shave soap with a good cushion. What peaked my interest about this brand is that each order is handmade one at a time so each puck of soap or shaving product sold by Nicole Made This is one of a kind. let me explain it to you this way. If you order a couple of shave pucks from Nicole Made This she makes your shave soap order from start to finish before moving to the next order. Your shave soap puck is custom-made individually. She might make multiples  of the same kind of shave soap pucks in one day but each puck is different because she starts and finishes each order individually before moving on to the next order.

Not only does she do this with all the shave soap pucks that she sells, but, she also takes the same creativity and initiative with all of her products. After a couple of emails back and forth my shaving products made their way into my mailbox and ready for use. So what do you get in return? A small puck of soap with a big lather, that’s what you get, and if you try the shaving products from Nicole Made This you may want to make her custom-made shave products an everyday shave product from now on This custom-made shave puck from Nicole Made This might be small but it’s mighty in performance and lather. I had the chance to try three shave soap pucks from Nicole Made This. All three shave soap pucks were the same but I decided to try all three just for the sake of this review. The shave pucks from Nicole Made This came in a clear package with labeling on the front and back. The labeling had the name of the product on the front. The labeling on the back had the ingredients used and some additional information. I transferred the shave pucks to their own container for storage and for lathering capabilities.

The shave puck itself was a hardened shave puck with a softer side. I used my badger hair hard bristled shave brush to work up a lather in the storage container that I transferred it to. It didn’t take long to start working up a respectable pre-lather before I started the deep lather work up. The pre-lather soon turned into a rich and creamy lather that filled my bowl and loaded the bristles of my brush with a thick consistency of lather that transferred a generous application of lather that coated my dome and face. The thickened lather produced a smooth and comfortable shave every time. The thick creamy lather provided a nice cushion for every shave. All three shave pucks performed in the same manner of providing a smooth and comfortable shave every time. Aftershave gel, balm or splash is and always will be strictly an option for any shaver. Whether you should or should not use an aftershave product is your choice. I didn’t use an aftershave product for many years. I just didn’t see the reason for it. I viewed aftershave as a moisturizer only and didn’t know the benefits of using an aftershave product. In the beginning aftershave with alcohol was made to disinfect and tone  the skin after shaving to protect it from possible infection caused by shaving. This worked for a lot of people but what about the people with sensitive skin?

Aftershave balms were created for people with sensitive skin in hopes that the reaction would be better and less irritable. An aftershave product with alcohol helps disinfect and kill any infection you might get from minor cuts and scrapes you acquire from shaving. The Aloe Gel Aftershave from Nicole Made This feels light and smooth when applied to your dome and face after shaving. The Aloe Gel Aftershave from Nicole Made This has a great cooling sensation that leaves your dome and face fresh and comfortable after each use. The aloe in the aftershave not only helps to revitalize your skin but adds comfort to every application as well. The Aloe Gel Aftershave from Nicole Made This is non greasy and soaks into the skin quickly leaving room for applying your favorite moisturizer. Once you try any of the shaving products from Nicole Made This I’m sure you will agree that the Aloe Gel Aftershave is a perfect ending to the perfect shave you get when using the shaving soap from Nicole Made This. So what are my final thoughts on the shaving products from Nicole Made This? A great shave from a great line of shaving products! The minute you start working up what turns out to be a smooth, rich and creamy lather from the small but mighty shaves puck, you realize that you’re in for a great shave for the night. The only way the perfect shave you get from Nicole Made This can get any better is when you add the Aloe Gel Aftershave as an ending to help disinfect your dome and face from any cuts or scrapes you acquire from shaving for the night.

The Stubble Bubbles shave soap provide a smooth and comfortable shave with a great cushion and decrease the chances for any razor burn cuts and scrapes. The Aloe Gel Aftershave provide an ending that helps keep your dome and face clean and healthy. I’m very pleased with the results I got from using The Nicole Made This shaving products and would be more than happy to use the same products once again. The Stubble Bubbles shave soap and Aloe Gel Aftershave from Nicole Made This are approved by The BaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day!


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