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I think we all can agree that there are many options for shaving products. From shave soap to shave cream, Pre-shave oil to pre-shave soap the options seem endless. Some shaving products are vegan and some contain all natural ingredients. Choosing a product to start with or choosing a better product to switch to can be frustrating especially once you start paying attention to what you are putting on your skin. It’s always important to do some kind of research on the product before you use it. I have always been a fan of the shaving soap that comes in a tin. The biggest reason is for storage purposes. Usually the soap tin is round for the shape of the soap puck. The lid on the tin snaps closed over the top of the bottom section of the tin. most tins are the same in circumference and stack on top of each other nicely. If you have more than one tin than stacking is a great storage option.

I found Cindy’s soap cottage on during a search for shave soap in a tin. Cindy was very kind and courteous and has great customer service. If you want to feel like your valued as a customer, and you want to use a quality shave soap, Cindy’s Soap Cottage can give you all of that and more. from the first time I used the shave soap from Cindy’s Soap Cottage I knew I found a quality shave soap that I could get excited about using. I’m sure if you tried the shave soap from Cindy’s Soap Cottage you too would be excited about using her soap. The 3 oz shave soap puck from Cindy’s soap cottage comes in a silver color round tin with a snap on lid. The Shave soap inside the tin  is wrapped in paper for protection. The shave soap puck itself is 3 oz but the tin  is slightly bigger making access to the soap puck easier to add and remove from the tin. The larger tin gives you a couple of options. You can remove the soap easily and store it in another container if you would like, or, you can leave it in the tin and build your lather right there inside the tin. The choice is yours.

I like to  move the soap puck into a different bowl to build my lather up and then place it back into the tin after I’m done. I tried all three shave soaps, there wasn’t any difference in performance and all had an everlasting feeling of smoothness. Once the shave soap puck from Cindy’s Soap Cottage  was transferred from the tin to my shave bowl it did not take long to work up a lather. The more rotations my hard bristled shave brush made the more creamier the lather became. After several rotations the lather  thickened and filled my shave bowl with a deep richness that loaded onto, and, clung to the bristles of my shave brush. The full bodied lather transferred from my shave bowl to my dome and face  providing with an even application of  both a slickened surface for my razor to glide across my skin, and, a nice cushion that provided a smooth and comfortable shave that maintained its stay until the next night when I once again shaved with the shave soap from Cindy’s Soap Cottage. The smooth and comfortable shave was present with each night spent shaving with the shave soap from Cindy’s Soap Cottage.

The only difference between each soap puck from Cindy’s Soap Cottage is not the great performance or abundance of lather. The only differences between the three shaving soaps that I tried is the fragrance and aroma level each soap puck had. All Three fragranced soaps has a mild aroma and is very tolerable in strength. The friendly and warm aroma of each soap puck from Cindy’s Soap Cottage proves that Cindy’s Soap Cottage knows how to make great shave soaps that will leave you wanting to shave with the same soap every night. What are my final thoughts on the shave soap from Cindy’s Soap House? A smooth shave from each soap. The only difference between all three soaps is the name and fragrance. From the abundance of thick creamy lather with a great cushion to the slickened surface provided for your razor to glide across the surface of your dome and face. The shave soaps from Cindy’s Soap Cottage aims to accomplish a smooth and comfortable shave every time and every time you shave no matter if you’re an #Everydayshaver or an every other day shaver, the shave soaps from Cindy’s Soap Cottage will leave you wanting to shave more often. The shave soap from Cindy’s Soap Cottage is nicely stacked in its tin and has a spot amongst all my shaving products in my shave den. The shave soap from Cindy’s Soap Cottage is approved by The BaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day!


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