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Sometimes you get the chance to try a great shaving product from a company that has been perfecting the art of shave soap for a long time. Confianca Soaps is a company that has been perfecting the art of soap making since 1894. Confianca Soaps makes more than just shave soap and cream, they also make a whole line of soaps that I’m sure are just as luxurious as their men’s shaving line. I read about Confianca Soaps in a product review regarding great lathering soaps. The packaging caught my eye so I decided to do more research on Confianca Soaps and decided that I wanted to try their shave soap and cream, or, crème de barber to be exact.

After a couple of friendly emails back and forth their product was on my doorstep and waiting to be used on a daily basis. Confianca Soaps is a company that has been in business for over 100 years. They built their legacy long before their was social media to help spread the word of Confianca Soaps. Their reputation has been achieved by the old-fashioned way of by word of mouth. In todays modern world social media can sure help word of mouth, but Confianca Soaps reputation has been established without social media and would still be as strong  with out the use of social media. Whether you hear or read about Confianca Soaps through word of mouth or social media I’m sure you will agree, if you tried the shaving products from Confianca Soaps, that their products live up to their reputation every time you use them whether your and every day shaver or an every other day shaver.

I was pleasantly surprised after unpackaging my new box of shaving products from Confianca soaps to see the whole shaving line consisting of their shave soap, shave cream and after shave. Just trying one product from a company is always great. When you add an after shave splash or balm and either a pre-shave oil or shaving cream you unlock the full potential of the shaving products you are using. To get the full potential of a certain shaving product also requires you to use it for more than one day and that’s just what I did with the shaving products from Confianca Soaps. I used their products for a couple of days, and no matter if I used the shaving cream or soap, it was a luxurious shave every time. I used the Crème de Barber for my first shave with this great line of shaving products from Confianca Soaps. The Crème de Barber is packaged in a soft squeezable but firm tube that is silver in color. The top of the tube has a spout that the product comes out of. The top of the tube that the product comes out of is protected by a screw on and off cap. The cap serves more than one purpose. The cap provides the tube a standing resting spot allowing the tube to sit upright on its end instead of it laying down on its side. This method prevents the tube from being accidentally squeezed by laying objects on top if it, and it also makes storage space more attainable with the tube sitting upright compared to it laying down on its side.

The cap seals and protects the squeezable tube and its creamy contents of shaving cream from being accidentally squeezed out of the tube. The cap also has a dip in the top  with a small post that sits inside of it. The post is used to break open the seal on the spout to access the soft and creamy shaving cream from Confianca soaps. The first use of this soft and creamy shaving cream requires you to break the seamless seal at the top of the tube with the post located on the top of the screw on cap. After the seal at the top of the tube is broken it’s a smooth shave every time you use the shave cream from Confianca soaps. It takes very little shave cream in your bowl to produce a soft and creamy lather. The lather loads your brush with a thick consistency cream that coats your dome and face providing a fantastic cushion and a comfortable shave. The benefit of using shaving cream rather than soap is you can use either a soft bristled brush or a hard bristled brush. It takes minimal effort to work up a deep and rich lather with The Confianca shaving cream leaving more options for what brush to use.

The shave soap from came packaged in a wax coating box that has a slide off cover. The bar was easily removed and although you wouldn’t want to put the bar of shave soap back in its form-fitting box wet, it takes very little time for the soap bar to dry up making it safe to put back in the box itself and easily stored along with the tube of soft shaving cream from Confianca Soaps, and the other products you may have in your shaving den. The shave soap lathered quickly in my shave bowl and provided a nice workable lather immediately. After a couple of minutes the lather turned deep and rich creating a creamy barrier and a fantastic cushion between my razor, dome and face. My razor glided across my dome with ease creating a soft comfortable shave from start to finish. The shave soap from Confianca Soaps is a thirsty soap meaning you have to occasionally apply a small amount of additional water to the creamy lather to keep it moist. To me this means an endless bowl of lather as long as you get the right amount of water added. It’s a technique that takes time and patience to achieve what you would consider to be the perfect lather every time. No matter how much or how little water you add to the rich, thick and creamy lather provided from Confianca Soaps your shave will be luxurious every time you use it. This luxurious shave provided by Confianca soaps will keep you wanting to shave more every time and possibly turning you into an everyday shaver if you’re not already.

After every shave completed with the Confianca shaving products I finished them off with the aftershave balm that came in the package with the rest of the shaving products. The aftershave from Confianca soaps has a strong but pleasant aroma that may be a little strong for some individuals. If you practice a good post shave routine that involves exfoliation the strong aroma of the products you used to shave for the night is less noticeable. The exfoliation used after you shave scrubs away a lot of the strong scent left over and leaves the remaining aroma more manageable. The aftershave from Confianca soaps has a cooling effect on your dome and face. The balm has a thicker consistency that quickly dries into you skin leaving room for further moisturizing from your favorite brand. The aftershave does contain alcohol so there might be a slight sting if you happen to attain any scrapes, cuts and nicks or razor burn after shaving. The shaving products from Confianca soaps help provide a smooth and comforting shave that helps prevent any of the unwanted cuts, nicks, scrapes and razor burn every time you use these great products. The shave products from Confianca soaps provide a close and comfortable shave every time or every other time depending on your shave routine. I’m sure that after you try these great shaving products from Confianca Soaps you are going to realize why they have been in business for well over one hundred years and hopefully will continue to be in business for over a hundred years more so we can all experience the luxurious shave that Confianca soaps can provide.

so what are my final thoughts on the shave soap and cream with aftershave balm from Confianca soaps? A truly luxurious shave from start to finish! The shaving products from Confianca soaps proves from the first to last shave why the have been in business for over one hundred years. Their shaving soap and shaving cream provide a soft and luxurious shave on your dome and face from start to finish.

The cushion that adds to the effortless shave with Confianca soaps is a cornerstone in every shave. The thick and rich lather that sits deep in your shave bowl loads your brush with a creamy lather that applies evenly and results in a comfortable shave every time. The aftershave tops of your shave with a cool classic feeling that leaves you wondering why you didn’t try these products before. The shave soap and cream with aftershave balm from Confianca soaps has a permanent spot amongst my favorite shaving products from now on. The shave products from Confianca soaps are approved by The BaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Have #Baldtastic day!


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