Para Mi natural shave oil

Natural is always the way to go!



There are literally thousands of shaving products to choose from while searching for the perfect shave. From shaving soap to shaving cream there a lot of possibilities and choices. One of the choices I make everyday as an everyday shaver is pre-shave oil. Pre-shave oil used on a consistent basis hydrates your skin with essential nutrients and oils leaving your skin on your dome and face soft and smooth. One of the primary functions of pre-shave oil is to provide your razor with a smooth surface for shaving aiding in preventing razor burn, cuts and knicks while providing a closer than every time. I found Para Mi while searching for natural shaving oil online. Para Mi has all natural ingredients and All natural is always the way to go when making the decision on which shaving products to choose from. After a couple of friendly emails and discussing specifics about shaving oil, my bottle of all natural Para Mi pre-shave oil was in my hands ready to use for the first time.

Para Mi has all natural ingredients such as sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, macadamia oil and argan oil. All these natural ingredients packed into a bottle of Para Mi equals smoothness every time its applied as a pre-shave oil on a daily basis. The Para Mi pre-shave oil has a thinner consistency but still coats your dome and face with a nice layer of oil that adds a level of protection and slickness. The added level of slickness provides your razor an effortless glide shaving away all of that unwanted hair every time. The Para Mi pre-shave oil takes away razor burn, cuts and nicks leaving behind a comfortable shave no matter if its every day or every other day.

Para Mi pre-shave oil has a slight aroma that can only be described as the smell of the multiple oils inside each bottle of Para Mi pre-shave oil. I’m not big on aroma. I like a lite fragrance that’s not overpowering but makes its presence known. Whether your big on fragrance or you like a lighter aroma that makes its presence known, you’re going to want to make the Para Mi natural pre-shave oil a staple in your everyday shave or every other day shave no matter what shave routine you follow. Deciding whether or not you should buy or not buy a product should not depend on whether the packaging matches your other shaving products. That would be silly!, but if it happens by chance then its always a plus. Para Mia comes packaged in a silver bottle that matches in color with a lot of razor brands whether its a cartridge or DE razor. The Para Mi natural pre-shave oil comes with a pump squirter located on top of the bottle.

The squirter distributes the natural pre-shave oil into the palm of your hand with a great portion control through half squirtes. One full pump of the squirter delivers half a portion of natural pre-shave oil into the palm of your hand that’s ready to be applied to your dome and face creating a smooth and natural glide for your razor. The Para Mi natural pre-shave oil feels great on your skin no matter how much or how little you apply to your dome and face.

So what are my final thoughts on the Para Mi natural shave oil? All natural and smooth! The Para Mi natural pre-shave oil has a thinner consistency but still provides a slick and effortless shave with smoothness from start to finish. The all silver bottle that the Para Mi all natural pre-shave oil comes packaged in has a pump squirter on the top of the bottle that provides portion control so your product lasts that much longer. The Para Mi natural pre-shaving oil is a product that will have a place in my shave den and a staple in my shave routine. The Para Mi natural pre-shave oil is approved by The BaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day.


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